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Saturday, January 9, 2021

If everything but real estate

 Everything but real estate is imaginary property and in Maple Grove despite Minnesota Criminal theft law covering imaginary property police might be quick to tell you that almost an entire year of their pay stolen is a civil offense not their problem. Tremendous what's happening during the same year they arrested a woman for stealing a bottle of wine from An arbor lakes establishment. 

What $20? Possibly three Buck Chuck?

 Does the police department deciding things are Criminal come with a handshake or membership fee? Little bit of a little bit of B? Little bit of see which one pays better next month?

I digress

If theft of any and all of that is civil despite the estimated $43,000 in value then clearly imaginary property of a squad car...

You think they'll find the theft of that imaginary property a civil offense? What about an officer's personal car? What if it's a $2,000 beater how about a $450 beater . What are the odds you don't have a gun in your face even for the 450? If I recall from the top of my head it's something like $1,000 the first time it's supposed to be felony levels and Below 5 00 we're talkin civil but it's been maybe six months since I've read it.doesn't really matter at all what it is when you can be arrested for $20 and Bill help someone steal 43000 plus a felony amount in services

With the way the cronyism appears to work here you can probably expect the mental ward after the taser if you survive the knee.

After trial you'll be in a mental ward with some doctor:

 now why did you think this squad car was imaginary? I'm going to have to get a kick back, I mean medicate you for that.

Are you feeling the freedom?I think Duluth tried to get rid of them before Minneapolis ever talked about it. If you have a  hired position for a civilian..aka vs elected yet they  are not held to the law. even if they murder without a trial are they likely to face one

you cant terminate any given member reliably, law has been set to prevent dissolving departments as a whole... Or even if you do it ends up any replacement under whatever name is staffed by the same people..

Is this protecting and serving or a hostile invasion? I think it starts to straddle a line, and enthusiastically refuse Joe citizen or Jill citizen probably gets bent over the line with no recourse

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