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Friday, January 8, 2021

If freedom

 Is getting labeled an abuser while starving to death poisioned physically assulted, psychologically destroyed  and turning the other..

Might have been Dave Chappelle I don't remember but some comic who happened to be black once said if you want to call me that Nigga you're going to find that Nigga

Actually I want to say it was Chris Rock and the r might have been harder. It generally avoid either word but I also think we're all entitled to at very least communicate with another person has said or written.

I don't think it's going to be that way if we allowed Congress this f****** insanity

But I don't think I'm going to be around to find out. Want to hedge your bet if you're part of this. I mean if you want to find out there's one way that increases the odds you'll be here for it

It's not the way where I'm dead but 5 months from now you vomit blood and realize why is that extension cord to something on my windowsill

It's really not natural for me to use my intelligence for a way to kill.some very bright people are rumored to have once said that these controls are put in place on society it'll create one where to be yourself is to perish so I guess this is the option by their game plan. Often the converse is the harder to see

But it kind of makes sense.Narcissists and sociopaths think often that they are superior. Neurotypicals usually turn the other cheek. It's easy for that to leave to a position where it's then hard to maintain the power to keep it from slipping further. We might be at a point where we need to

kill before we are killed.

How many police have Geiger counters? That's what the ticking is in this video

Here's a bit of what I mean by why u might vomit blood. I was going to build a sheilded implementation of this for circuit board repairs. you might find that there's an eight layer sandwich of tiny little copper traces and something is broken some of the inner ones. An x-ray is ideal for figuring out where the breaks are. Or when certain large fruit companies won't allow Diagrams released..x-ray can produce them.

Or while enforcement allows murder to cover it's liability, they find radiation posioning 

And I the type of shit death They're giving me. 3 years isolation abuse stalking assult Mal nutrition and starvation 

Where is the type of x-rays produced here may be the worst for human tissue

it was a long time ago but I once read that slower or lower electron voltage values do more damage to DNA. Something along the lines of the higher-powered ones shoot straight through this is more like a bull in a China factory with tables knocking over tables

Anyone want to volunteer to find out

It doesn't take a power supply the size that he has it could easily be smaller than a laptop power brick

Funny thing is as i wrote this I sit in  the QuikTrip lot Good Samaritan noticed a bit of string hanging out of my trunk. Comes up to the non-existent window in the driver side and says hey you should put that back in your trunk I just don't want you to get pulled over you know any reason you give them.

I was hard not to laugh but I thanked her.because I was literally typing about the vacuum tubing radiation poisoning while this was happening

Yet another example whether they know it or not interactions with the police are associated with being hurt this is not okay for a free people

There should be a racial dispaity either but we can't eliminate it in a useful way or meaningful way unless we focus on the root problem

appropriate thing if I go this route either the radiation directly renders you sterile or the chemo will. 

Which doesn't mean I end a family..but

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