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If someone is murdering you

 Realize the police can enforce or not enforce most laws and have no legal obligation to the individual citizen.

How ever You have to obey any unlawful order and take it up in court later

So they have no obligation to protect you as an individual but you have to obey their orders

 do you see the problem here?

It's furthered by the point that some crimes or some things we can ask them with enforcing might have monetary reward for doing so.

So of the explicitly defined things which are usually stronger protecting you isn't one.

compliance kind of is they even go through training for maintaining dominance in a situation.

Not sure if it's written or otherwise but I have found some articles or rather PDFs written by the state talking about how the police will focus on federal funding...

But individual officer regardless of moral status or ability to compute empathy and sympathy on some level there's probably a which is better for my eventual promotion going on.

See the problem or not

Everyone is license to use their third digit

It was once said that a measure of a person's morality Is how often they do it to people they have power over

I paraphrased that a bit but it needed an updated. 

And not the knee version mpls PD went with 

But really in Minnesota as a citizen especially as a male citizen the middle finger is about all you can give when you're being stabbed shot otherwise murdered.

Which set up a system that oral threats are more likely to land you in jail or prison even when set against someone who wont stop stabbing you.

You see I kind of think that if someone is stabbing you after otherwise making it hard for you to flee 

if they're stabbing you and you're telling them if they don't stop you might disembowel them I tend to think that that's a very Noble reaction.

But in Minnesota not so much. They will determine the stabbing part ex parte to the case and be focused to a fetishistic extent on your words while you bleed to death

Or are poisioned starved robbed forced labor and watch your animals abused before their death.

Maple Grove PD is here to assist if you are into doing that to people.

Hennepin county district is there to clean up the mess and print out a Scarlet letter for the victim that happens to survive

but the odds of that are probably pretty low especially if you have to answer Minneapolis for that trial. The takeaway

Nonviolent offenders pined  2the ground

The words mean nothing

I can't breathe garners no appropriate response

You are starving me, they have hit me, they tried to kill me in Maple Grove oh, they have committed thefts of thousands of dollars from me doesn't even get allowed on reports nor the assault nor the attempted murder

But if you say something violent the cops will be up your ass like they have a fetish for it

And why that's really bad is you maybe get a gun for $600

You can build explosives for less than that

What does it cost assuming no one is repeatedly stealing from you what does it cost to pack up and leave immediately? To walk away?

The point I'm making is it's significantly more to do so with any any safety margin that's not going to put you starving on the street

If the other person has no laws enforced that they violate against you and they happen to have higher levels of disposable income Nothing stops them from following

But the point with the comparison to explosives or a gun is 

over a free society law was intended to protect individuality and create order by reducing the need for vigilante justice or providing an alternative route to something that appeases the harmed parties

Even if you don't want to go as far as slavery what I'm trying to do is explain we know damn well why people are shooting up strangers

and even the documents that corporate entities produce to give States on how to deal with it those will indicate most of the people doing it are not mentally ill

If this is you and the police have played a role I implore you to take it out only on the parties responsible

The average citizen in the street even if they judge you they know not what they do.

I know very well how much it hurts 

how easy it is to want to pass that on to everyone. 

problem is it's a bigger cycle than you see.

or maybe you do see it.

the thing is you can't make as good of case a case 4 furthering facism  with a pile of cops as you can with a pile of citizens.

Aka every time this happens those who play roles to cause it can seize it and worsen it

also there's probably some interdepartmental controls of police enforcing good or bad police behavior.

but the fact is most of the time they can take your life without a trial and won't so much his face a trial.

We were supposed to be adamantly against one person playing judge jury and executioner

And that's basically the ultimate mistake yet they don't even what I'm getting at is there's almost no relevant or stepwise appropriate controls

But doing something I described above would likely have a psychological impact especially if your story was out there

If you look at it in an overly simplified view like what happens if you encourage a bully instead of punisher explain why that's wrong?

What happens if the bully sees someone doing what they're doing gunned down?

the point is don't kill anyone just for killing anyone but if you're going to kill someone anyway Make It count

Shooting strangers isn't going to do that

And again if this is you if that's where you're at reading this you're worth something right? to yourself? Well at some level your human so part of what's good in you is part of what's good in others, where we're going at the moment might lead to No More humans

It's certainly leads to more of what put this notion in your head to do that.

So avoid the random guns on those who know not what they do so maybe the next person with some value like you have might have a chance


Anyone suggesting how dare I at such a dangerous job. It is. Electric lines person or lines men last I checked with two positions above police officer in the United States for deaths on the job

They fight really hard to make sure you electricity doesn't knock anyone on their ass. If it does it's usually them.

 Meanwhile draw that taser pull the trigger

I've watched it happen over someone toilet papering a house

Actually I wasn't watching but the probes trajectory was close enough to where I was standing that the wir of the wires was the only thing close to as loud as the sack of potatoes or sack of flour on the pavement.

If the party tased was over 18 I'd be surprised. I'd say 20 was probably the oldest they could have been. I had passed them in an alley going opposite directions. About the time I'd assume they reached the other end of the alley are we respively reached the opposite ends. Stop police followed by really fast footsteps back in my direction. Lucky for me I noticed people were playing beer pong in the garage as I rounded the corner I didn't know who it was I stepped in and pulled the garage door down as I was doing so is when I heard the wires go by my ears.

I guess someone told the owner person renting the house what happened because a few minutes later he was handing me a beer

Which might seem confusing but, ultimately I stopped the course of events from being : 

Police risk killing someone over toilet papper on some trees 

proceed to shut down a social function where people are joiously interacting .

But the Omni present message is we need to give them more leaway cause busting the bad guy is dangerous .

Granted the toilet paper isnt cool and a pain in the ass but all it takes for a fall to be lethal is head high or higher. Stun guns can cause cartiac arrest as well.

It's called less than lethal... It's still playing a lottery with someone else's life and should be done on consideration of if the prize fits the infringement

Also Risking a life over a roll of toilet paper is a pretty shitty thing to do and Not really compatible with also alluding to protecting life.

I'll put a link here at some point to a related article. Building a vest that detonates if and only if one is tazed. Cool thing about electricity and todays mcus .. paired with the correct compound projectiles are traveling back twoards who fired before what's left of the wearer hits pavement. If law makers are on mental vaycation or against us. If they won't step up... This might be a round about way to inpart at least hesitations in the mind of he or she that would reach for that stun gun and play life loto. Puts the shoe on both feet when it might be buying the loto ticket for their own end.

Stupid games, stupid prizes. With full circle enforcement

I think it could be done for $30 a unit.

Currently everything needed is legal for a civilian to buy.  

You might say well they might have reached for the gun. I don't think they would have in the situation above. Because they probably have to at least explain it and there's always the possibility the news covers it. I think a lot of people would have issue with events where teenager teepees house ends up shot to death by police.


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