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If you are dead before civil court

 Then in Minnesota no harm no foul justice was served .

Even if the police contributed to the murder

Calling all Turpin esk parents. Mn wants you! 

The system is set so the police will help get ur little Human  Property force medicated while u beat the shit out of them and continue to Rob them.

Death isn't a concern property was never alive anyway

Me yesterday
3 or 4 years of poaion asssult forced labor and physical relocation 

Maple Grove police aid and embed human trafficking 

Clyde rabbit is in my freezer. 
I had a brief run in with a kitten and I'm glad even though he's not mine.

90 percent of my time has been alone for half a decade now due to Paul Marlene and maple Grove police 

In 2017 I had the biggest paid project of my life and Cosmos cat died. Named by me in 2001 after my facination with the heavens. Visiting my friend at my parents maple Grove residence resulted in their mold issue at my apt

I'm 2018 my parents were stealing keys to prevent me from going anywhere. Hiding and theowing away tools and parts others paid for for contracted work 

They paid to have house fixed 11mo after pro confirmed it. 3mo after 0 notice lock change keeping my property and live friends Bonnie and Clyde rabbit. Two creatures I had cared for since 2007

The little kitten I had for a day was closest to feeling purpose , companionship and love since clyde died. Closest to feeling calm.

Maple Grove and St cloud police enable former child molester and clone wife to own and absue assult and posiom son to death while censoring the contents of reports out outright not allowing them . Several fellony thefts since to leave me not even a functional vacuum with their mold issue and empty apt besides Clyde in the freezer.

If you are expecting a child and a complicated delivery

Maybe you should know Marlene dorthy Wuethrich cnnp children's St Paul might end up in charge of your human property or bundle of joy.

Neonatal certified nurse practitioner still works in the NICU last I checked. As a child I couldn't visit her . The patients are considered immuno compromised if I understand correctly

I hadn't had chicken pox. Eventually begrudgingly because I hate needles got the shot

Mold is the biggest threat to the immunocompromised. Although more recent research shows some molds emit toxins which may decrease the function of your immune system. Everything I've read that's recent research indicates mold pose a health hazard to people even normal people. It takes time for this information to disseminate through the healthcare system until the odds that you have a doctor that knows it are high. it's been known for a long time that Marlene driving for 19 years a black mold and aspergillus problem into the NICU everyday. Well let's just put it this way I'm going to be dead pretty soon more than likely but if I wasn't human property abused till death forced-labor I'm problems I could not have prevented that were not my decision to make, if there wasn't components of incest to this while they literally claim to own me if I was where I worked to be instead of where they're theft has put me

I wouldn't let Marlene within a mile of any child that I won't have the chance to have. Nor would I let most of Maple Grove Police or Paul


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