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How to use Minnesota ofp and police looking to make everything but ofp civil to terrorize and murder in Minnesota with police assistance

 Assume that if you have had any roommates, if you have had any romantic relations, if you have any living blood relatives,

You can be stripped of your guns and several circumstances that would normally require a warrant to arrest and may have six days notice might not even need to show up for it to happen

0 what do you have to do? I just described it.

Worse yet it in practice it would seemingly nullify criminal law for the party that files against filed on.

What you'll hear is the police will tell you everything is civil. I found it a bit odd because I've been trying to familiarize myself.not to be an expert but enough so maybe some idea. For this like moment it was maybe I just have to tell the police exactly what are the crime is. That's a dumb assumption on my part they know they know what's in their interest to pursue as well what's really grating is from what I've seen they refused to so much as follow through on statements that were made by them. About my stolen property one item being my bicycle

2 * it was discussed in front of Maple Grove Police. My dad agreed it was my bicycle everyone including the police agreed I should get it back but the police were long lines of well how about he gives it to you tomorrow we got it we got to get going you know it's always do us a favor.

Guess what I don't have it's been two summers now. First was spent largely working on there moldy car which also I would have greatly benefited from having a source of transportation that did not cause a nosebleed per meal or / time I get in the car now I'm blowing out black stringy crap. I still don't have my kitchen stuff I don't have anything I was essentially taken from a place that I moved into 8 months before shuffled around hotels for 6 months short notice or changing the booking just to throw me off when it was supposed to be I leave for two weeks and come back to that house.

In other words I essentially left on a three hour tour in Gilligan's terms or short stay at a hotel in the town that I was living so I didn't have much other than what was on my back and I have not had unfettered access to my things since and that was August 2018.

Ofps  were filed March 2020. they decided I lived in Stearns by threatening at the time Clyde was still alive. One of my pet rabbits and by my best estimate right now $43,000 worth of my things my personal property mostly tools much of which I have learned within the past well above minimum wage. Things I paid for with money I made. Maple Grove Police arrest woman in arbor lakes for stealing a bottle of wine but everything civil as they are literally creating text to life and assisting human trafficking forced labor felony-level theft theft of service. They created the deaths of both of my pets or largely contributed to them.

And what did I do in that time in between there were two times I had access to the house for 15 minutes. Otherwise it was usually get invited down by my parents show up sit in the driveway or in the cul-de-sac, find that Paul and Marlene won't answer the phone.

Maple Grove Police arrive

There was one incidence where I was sitting in the mold car mostly ripped apart with the door open I hadn't even taken my seat belt off my mom started telling me not to raise my voice because I don't want to sound crazy or look crazy or on hinge and this is after they've already used fraudulent police reports to get an emergency medical hold. This is as she's walking closer and closer to me and this is also a deflection tactic because that was rather than address anything I'm saying which is something I didn't said probably four or five times and it was nothing new it was a new twist on I selectively can't hear you if you talk too loud so I'm going to say that instead of addressing what you asked or what you stated about what I'm doing to you.

in that particular instance it was A veiled threat as well. But then on top of it her body language was approaching me sitting down while she's standing she keeps getting closer and closer when I asked her to back off she slammed the car door on my leg

Then goes and calls Maple Grove Police

Sargent notfacier Hanson was among those that arrived that day if I recall correctly and that started out with what are you doing here John? but said in the type of tone where you shouldn't be here John.

Basically Maple Grove Police have helped them poison someone rob them blind and Rob them two times since ensure that both of their animals are dead and try to paint the victim as a criminal.

So I jump all the hoops well being calm and I just end up with 200 FPS ofps on top of it.

then Paul and Marlene come and steal my MIG welder my compound miter saw and my desktop computer one of which I bought after departing the other two have been given back there is a $2,000 legally licensed software suite on that computer.

the computer is probably about 700 to replace it was a lot more than that when I built it years ago but it's that high-end that to replace the functionality that it has not to mention the irreplaceable memories that are on it. Part of the price or why it has functionality is to protect those butt I have not had control of my life Paul literally claims to own me. Mistakes they made cuz the mold problem in their house that's spread when cosmos cat got sick. inspect my apartment I have been going down to their house to visit my friend cosmos. Sleeping off and on the basement floor next to him.

as I moved back into their Maple Grove residents January 2018 after 8 months of bleeding in the apartment priora professional was hired confirmed there was a mold problem. Paul and Marlene shows to install gas light deny an attack to this day really. I have communications with the guy they hired to inspect it and to do the cleanup work the remediation. The professional mold remediation that happened 11 months later. Mold was confirmed January 2018 remediated November 2018. 3 months into hotels and during my stay in the mental ward. the doctor was refusing to see that initial communication I had that could have an extra testimony to what I was saying. I told him I had email communications with the mold pro on my Gmail on my cell phone dr. Boris tells me patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. Precedes to label that delusional. And then the day I get out Paul sends me a picture of the 11-month lake cleanup job they had done literally while they raped the emergency medical hold

That should be enough to destabilize most people

Bonnie rabbit died right after. I believe I have the calls and recording from the car ride to the vet before she died. They did everything they could to make it seemed as if they caused this. And in many ways they did regardless. Bonnie died of fright. It was also the first time she had been to a vet without Clyde in probably a decade .

I can't right now go into hell Converse that was or afterwards just the level of I'm going to be in your face from my mistakes well you can't even mourn your loss Paul OuiDick it doesn't matter if you can cent enthusiastically or otherwise Paul and Marlene for that matter literally say we get what we want when we want

Shortly after this Paul threatened to put Clyde in the clothes washing machine

which one would hope is encouraged first citizens I can't see anything good coming from esoteric la w.


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