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Friday, January 29, 2021

Im tired, i cant sleep, its a mess i cant clean it, cant follow doc advice

 cant follow general health and well being. every attempt ive made to adapt to conditions forced by people commiting crimes and police backing them they have commited another crime to cancel out any progress and done things to terrorize inbetween. 

I do not accept that we can claim a society equal under law when two of the parties can repeatedly violate criminal law in ways that endangers life yet im labeld the abuser as they claim i made them feel threatened. 

in mn cowboy bill could file an ofp with the victim in the well then have them arrested. 

everything sci/med sci knows about health longevity etc is being violated as well as the notion one has any class mobility but down or a slave to something like the u of ms drug trial programs. these laws claim false pretenses. none of the conditions known to postively impact mental health of a neurotypical or mentally ill person are allowed, they are prevented with crime the police wont even allow on record but police will offer another detainment when wanting a confession added to a police report. 

you really cant financially compensate someone if due to police misconduct youve allowed someone claiming to own them to leave them disfigured and disabled to life long issue while taking directly age 29 to 33 and the value of every year they have been alive and or every dollar earned. their credit score and their ability to meet commitments. 

ive tried to ascertain from malice (marlene) if her dad (grandpa died before i was born ) was diabetic as i seem to remember family members have mentioned it in the past. The diet i was on and had taught myself to cook was low inflamation ritch in things like garlic, tumeric, dark greens etc. cant do that with only a pet ive had since 07 dead in the freezer and nothing else in the kitchen. 

marlene and paul have refused to acknowledge the question being asked let alone answer but she did mail a giant candy bar. 

I cant even get my bike back despite 2 summers of asking for it and 2x in person in maple grove with police present it was admited its my bike. police said i should have it back then police play this sick game of "but can he promise you get it tomorrow we have to run" no follow up. 

it looks like theres fed funding if they can pin anything related to dv and its man on woman. i wouldnt doubt behavior like above and other things ive seen are attempts to prime situations for worst case easiest to charge. 

mean while they allow 43k of property destroyed. 

I can think of a way to seperate an officer for a few hrs from everything theirs, possibly take out a bomb defusing robot while im at it. short of a shipped gps enabled battery powered ar15 century turret that uses object recognition and servero motors im pretty sure if I say maybe their SO paid me...pretty sure doing it in person "NO I SAID I PAID YOUR WIFE I GAVE HER ENOUGH GO AWAY FROM MY BHOUSE" ...pretty sure that earns me a bullet  but thats not far from what continues to happen /their justification for a year and a half pre ofp. 

auto turret i think would be interesting. how many police know how to deal with something that targets them but doesnt have a heart beat? utter halarity would be i bet it works with blanks. id anticipate the bomb squad is tasked with wtf do we do. including enough of a charge of some sort on the front and working with the opencv library one could conciveably make the blank firing turret actually destroy the expensive robot trying to destroy it. 

I wouldnt do this anticipating being alive after. even if it was done it wouldnt really matcfh the level of terror, insult, humiliation, injury, fear, anxiety, pain past where i can mourn the losses of my loved ones that i continue to endure. but real amo or otherwise, it could probably keep someone from their own house until the clip is depleted or the battery is dead. not much in subarbia is cover from an ar round and the neighbors probably wouldnt apreciate the new vent holes on both sides if one attempted to deplete the clip by faking out the targeting and say tossing balls across its line of sight. which is why i really dont see anything but the bomb squad trying to deal with such an odity. google paint ball gun century. that was a 2008 ish project of someone elses. the targeting accuracy was beyond sick. 

with a few wifi cameras set inconspicuously maybe the day before and a scheme of calibration to the other view angles you could conceivably wall hack real life. or continue aiming accurately through the smoke grenade idea. I know very little about guns other than check the chamber is clear, keep your finger off the trigger unless you intend to pull it and regardless of chamber status dont point it at people. so im not sure how easy or hard to come by something like a tracer is. auto calibration of other view points would be way easier if the phosphor is bright in the ir region.  employ two stacked cameras one has a visable light filter permissive of ir and the other standard or ir cut for if it needs to work at night. if the focal length is the same this should enable adhoc training by the turret as the tracer would paint its path on the ir permissive visible light region filtered camera and do so even during the day. 

throw on something like a memes gyro on the turret itself and even quicker movements while maintaining accuracy likely become possible. if you have the data for how the recoil has shifted the platform on a sub second level you can adjust for likely even oscillation let alone shifts

MN and especially maple grove police support animal abuse, incest slavery, human trafficking like conditions, forced under various threats labor and cover it by censoring whats allowed on reports if they are allowed at all. 

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