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Monday, January 18, 2021

 Victim impact statements. I found an argument that it's like letting the vengeance drive the hearing or trial ruling of it

But here's the thing, if you back up before that in the loop of causality many conflicts of interest already existed somewhat case dependent but in almost all of them the prosecutor has decided what gets through the door. In States like Minnesota they've taken the ability to deny starting a case for some police reports

This seems to be done for the gender discriminatory crimes

And then you find out that the office of violence against women at the federal level offers States grant money for certain programs and certain arrests of men

so the police are the first filter to both the statistics and what might end up in court especially in cases where they allow like me everything not only taken from me once abuse attempted murder assault 3 felony-level thefts

in other words Invision human trafficking forced labor under threat to everything Maple Grove PD helped  stolen still being destroyed


envision being moved around and even if you bought a printer the people doing it to you with steal it meanwhile you can't eat most of the time a lot of the time it doesn't matter the time.

that's a pretty good filter to I'm probably not going to be able to file a criminal complaint.

With what Minnesota does in ofp land/civil you could pretty much let someone get served then shame them in the basement maybe let them go the day of the trial maybe it's the type that they would have had to sign up for the trial then if you want their arrested from your chains

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