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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Industry of slave made slaves

 The Minnesota special.

Narcissistic parents were first described by Freud around turn of 1900

I won't try to quote him or anything but in my personal experience what they do is absolutely corrosive absolutely disgusting it makes you want to curl inside out little ball curl up bucking slit your throat and not have to feel violated anymore

When there's no protection or no willingness to enforce laws that protect the ability of one person to be independent from another there's no hope for these people other than getting beat to a pulp so some f****** nasty perpetuating police officer can maintain his promotion or career path and some doctor can maybe rebuild you maybe just medicate you for life this is a f****** sick society

This is Minnesota saying you not only have  no protectionfrom people taking what you work for from people screwing over everything you strive to accomplish but we're going to give you labels that further destroy the rest of your life just for doing what you were supposed to well to people that had you without your choice you didn't ask to be born they get to violate you for the rest of your short pathetic slave life you don't like that well tough luck or blow something up I guess

I'm starting to doubt I'll live that long though I don't really even want to

We are pathetic civilization

Most people don't understand that when radio came out as the first broadcast medium studies were done. The disembodied voice had more trust with your average person then any of their family members or group members around them.

And imagine that's only more so for TV and since work hours have only increased you have less time to think about it even if you want to it's absorbed and consumed

then we see psychology start walking around definitions for things like delusion so as long as the group believes it it can't be delusional yep what's controlling that or setting that for the majority of people is one of two sides of media that they watch and half the stuff like ancient aliens or actually anything you say because there's no one really watching over the doctors you can get labeled delusional proclaiming that you have a nose and you couldn't do anything about it

Society of slaves conditioned not to allow us to recognize it

Conditioned to doubt each other's tails of hardship. Which also allows for the wicked among us 2 interject more uncertainty.

Creates a condition where you can run yourself to death with other people reaping the rewards well you suffer in poverty

Everybody is coming up with or programmed with arbitrary reasons to judge someone that means so little to nothing. Meanwhile the actual things that keep people down we're programmed to doubt each other to not stand up for each other.

All this does is help the powers-that-be in the wealth that is maintained that meanwhile it's sort of programs used to be the slave driver for your own family but everything is built on a pillar of sand

Unless you live entirely alone and even then police just decide off we're not doing anything for you no matter what anybody does and you still lost it

but somebody's always dangling a carrot and a stick if you just do this much more work I'll make sure to take this much more from you but I'm going to tell people that I gave it to you yeah just like you gave the violation of grabbing your child's dick. Literally or metaphorically because all anybody's looking for is a reason to demonize you while you're dying or while they f*** you over.

one of the ways to identify who is this f****** sick is just like Maple Grove Sergeant Hansen when they make claims that justify their harms to you do they allow you to show that it's other than what they claim the danger here is police are in a position where they can't allow that evidence destroyed. Or destroy it themselves a slave society that refuses to identify what it is

society of the damage to the point of brain damage praying on those who try to be otherwise

A society fixated on a concept or construct we usually develop shortly after or during infancy twisted in a way to harm enslave and kill. No I'm not killing you if I say I'm not doing it peekaboo(object permanence and the construct that there is a universal reality not dependent on just you as an observer in your own little bubble people do not exist in your head only you have an image of them if you have that you have a mental construct that stores information gleaned about who they are that doesn't mean they exist in your head and if we forget that we are in great peril because that sort of damage is how you damage the next generation

Any time someone is working for benefit taken by another as normal as it is it's not ok. If it's taken and used for children it might be justifable. We have otherwise enabled atrocities of sickness where the predatory enslave those who would otherwise benifit themselves and give back teach and or help others.

We are eliminating even individuality when doing so stay in line well the line isn't even defined and no evidence is required to justify saying you are out of it. Meanwhile you can have all the evidence in the world you did what was agreed and it doesn't matter this is a twisted sick society.

It's a cloak or abstraction layer over one person enforcing their will over who and what another is and may do.

F*** you Marlene Paul I don't deserve this you nasty ass holes

If you want to rob anybody of anything and everything including life in mm just tell the police they never worked . Once they act on it they will act to keep you from proving otherwise while incesting how great ful you should be for your own murder.

And yes I'm aware of how insist is spelled 

The micro to macro is the police end up wiping out family lines 

While the brain damaged parents participate and everyone Jack's off to the damage of being their own Jesus wowing with if I say it's not happening it's not while I do it. 

When we once knew better than to allow courts and or police ...gov to act on 0 tangible evidence in ways that endanger life.

It's one thing to wipe someone out once. To be able to continuously do so is slavery no matter what you want to call it.

Paul has said he bought me once and 2x that he owns me. 

VP of seiu local 284 for about 25 year. When leadership of an organization is like that really makes me wonder what they're about. As I've said other places he's been retired now for a while that doesn't change much.

In the image below I know exactly how to fix the problem I just can't stand kneeling on the floor to do it then I stand up I get a headrush or fall over risk passing out maybe stumble to my nasty bed blocks black should start all over until they steal something else

They've literally stolen vacuum cleaners three times. Well insisting that I can't keep clean anyting I'm always a pig extolled the remote to the garage door and make sure I go hungry to the point where I can't stand being outside because I start shivering right away I have no cold tolerance and blowing out the black ship because from their home f*** you if you're an officer that supports this you are or might as well be the f****** SS

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