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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Inequality prejudice destruction of equality via protective demographics

 This isn't to suggest that the members of protected demographics destroy the equality.

Though part of the deviousness of this message is it speaks to The narcissist in all of us. Oh this laws to protect me or my group me what I identify with? I can't go against that can I? the same tactic is for telling you how bad you have it as a member of that group why would you question that and how likely is it that gains traction with that group?

the problem is it's like the hustle where there's a table in the street three shells are placed on it and a pea is placed under one of the shells

Now the Hustler running it uses his hands to mix it up and you guess with shell the pea is under.

Well if it's shell was a demographic of people in society the key is at one time under all the shells protected by law that forbids discrimination. Instead we decided to take it out carbon up call it the protected class or protected demographic and it's probably a lie it was placed  under any to begin with by the time the street Hustler has engaged you in the Shell game

It also allows distraction from basic facts of life in any society with a currency or a system of trade to acquire the basic necessities of life.

Gender and race sexuality none of that matters to someone not getting paid for work done

But let's focus on the what sometimes 25 cents on the dollar I think that's old now I think it's down to 20 but 25 is easy to do the math for. Rather I know I did it once in the past and it came out to something like $400 if you calculate minimum wage and 40 hours a week.that should be chock-full of ways that anyone with their brain switched on can see is a odd claim because there never very clear about whether they specify salary or not we're less hours fewer hours negotiated that created the lower salary? What percentage of women is this happening to in any given field are they salary or hourly what were the negotiations? They tell you just look women are paid less okay we have to solve this don't worry about anything else but what they're doing is promoting anamorphic non defined blob as the boogeyman to defeat

well if you can't define what you're defeating how do you know when it's defeated?

You don't it's much like the war on terror it's an endless war. The point is what you were distracted  while they took the pea.

and the ultimate irony is while you think you're looking out for you that's exactly the bit of your nature they are playing.

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