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isonomy is dead in Minnesota , police may ensure you're next

 Speakaa da anglais? 



The principle of equality before the law of all the subjects or citizens of the state. It was first stated by ancient Greek writers and is considered to lie at the root of the Western legal tradition. 

Trees do well with dead roots right? Only time I saw that work was when kunta kinte lost his ability to see but lived long enough to become cheif engineer of the starship enterprise. Reading rainbow gig in between 😂

I say it's dead largely due to hearsay first come first serve based civil charges stripping rights. Possibly  based on rumor and creating criminal cases based on alleged violation of civil order possibly based on purgery.

Mean while police use the civil order  to excuse allowing fellony level crimes that endanger life and ability to exit a situation.

The state claims things like ofp are now open to everyone but that is most of the issue. They feature burden on the defense. Little standard of evidence for the accusation.

I would bet if we looked at who they are granted for and who gets arrested based on them the numbers show it's men getting arrested.

Because there's possibly fedral funding In doing so.

The real issue is abuser has become a Scarlet letter or a star of David.

At least under the legal definitiom. While at the same time money exists in States arresting men but not women for it.

The site above is what I found just now. About 10 years ago I stumbled onto fbi stats that indicated that 1% of what gets labeled as domestic violence features victims needing or seeking medical attention. With in that the gender split was 10% from equal. There was a * on the 40 for men as well. Well constructed studies seek to identify sources of error (sci method) . This one had done just that and indicated: cultural norms make it far less likely men seek medical attention for the same level of injury and also less likely they accuratly report a fale caused it.

I know from personal experience, doing so results in a weird look and might not even  make the med records. I wasn't there for that persay but during periods I've lived at my parents house and happened to go to a doctor I have reported my mom is abusive. 

Of course as an np she likely could edit my med records remove that and with out a system for auditing access logs on place it would go unknown

I think I read recently that Minnesota intends a larger prosecution of male witches. Ie I saw a headline that they might start using the med records to let the state go after citizens based on reports to a doctor or nurse at a clinic

This is a terrible idea as far as judtice.

It's great for slaying boogie men at the expense of liberty and justice though.  It's great for ensuring people are always abusing their kids and then that learned behavior results in more slaves to the state as adults.

Such a system could work but not with out controls for the cultural boas and human error. 

Medical errors including records /chart errors already kill 100k to 250k Americans a year. I'm not so sure this can be a good system to base charges against people on when it has a track record like that.

The city I'm from has a pop of like 73k. It's hardh to truly picture numbers this large. It's a known issue with being human. I want to say 8th grade sci teacher was the first to introduce me to that concept. I won't list their name due to the other content of this site and not wishing to bring hell on anyone.

 I use tricks like comparing it to a similar sized place/population to at least conceptually get a feel for large numbers. Esp when it's dead or incarcerated people.

This system already leaves at least one city larger than Maple Grove minnesota a ghost town every year due to error. 

we want it to be in charge of putting people behind bars as well?


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