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Jumping to conclusions

 Ever notice the guy in office space who invented the hit new game jump to conclusions ended up unable to walk?

The car that T-Bones you might be the police or the joke we called the healthcare system

what I'm realizing is just how setup they are to prey on people who have been hurt bad if not the worst which one it be me but a few people have told me I'm probably up there.

What I mean by this is specifically you have someone harming you committing crimes against you they will while they're doing it to your face tell you they aren't doing it

Problem is they did it and now too many healthy mind it has to be at considered especially after another time that they will do it again the problem becomes drawing a line with what they do and what they don't do it's really easy to generalize or to assume

Mallard ducks like Boris at Riverside can easily assume on that point or even without it that it's all in your head because they don't need any objective criteria what they might get is a third-party pharmaceutical bonus for prescribing you something for the thing you don't have. What they surely get is job security because especially if you get court-ordered to them or if you've been abducted by police their corporation basically is getting a handout there's no incentive to do right by the patient there's no incentive to do right by the victim. it's very easy and easier the more abused you are to then start attributing everything to the abuser especially when they're doing s*** like breaking into your garage

what's wac is from the survival point of view when things are stacked this way killing the people hurting you becomes a safe remove because you either stop it and get away with it or you stop it and go to jail either way there's no more terror

Good example of things that are less directly their fault still pretty directly and I consider abuse by the police because they'll want to know why I can't care for myself ignoring like for five violations of criminal law or federal law but they're all up in my ass about a civil thing when someone is violating law to create it and that's a fine very suspicious but right now I'm hungry despite 2006 to 2017 having three Banks one that I didn't really use but had the cards for having a credit card since 06 having good credit till 2017 I'm down to one f****** debit card I can't find it because I have nothing but a goddamn f****** mattress and f*** you f****** pigs oink oink your b**** let me coming to your house and do this to you you f****** sadistic whores you would have shot me by now every police or military I've ever known would have had a gun on me if I was doing to them what they do to me. We can't have police like this and be a free people whether you remember that or not it's going to be too late for me really soon here f*** you and your children

what I wanted to make was I've learned over all those years how to organize things so I don't have these problems but someone who is allowed to take everything I work for with anything ever given by anyone

Then come back and steal more things several more times any police officer telling you that work doctor telling you they can't see how that would affect your ability to care for yourself should be shot on sight then shot again just to make sure they don't get up

or perhaps tried with treason by someone with a calmer mind who has been less abused then I have

figuratively but not by much and after literally having tried to kill you by assault and assaulting you other times they will do other things that endanger your life and sit there telling you they're not doing it or telling you you deserve it until you can't do anything but scream at him and then they get this happy sing song tone to their voice because you just gave them something they can use the f*** you more

and I understand the government's going to do what the government does because that's what government is unless the people step in. I just wish that the spineless c********** would have the f****** honor to admit to what they do

Be really sad today humanity is extinguished due to communicable narcissism and brain damage

Like Paul the penis touching cop assisted molester former public school bus driver 9 months of cleaning their mold problem that Marlene drove that car into work for 9 years at an NICU 9 months of course labor on that then he's stealing f****** vacuum cleaners the garage door remote like the f****** deadly piece of s*** cowardice f****** predatory molester he is

But then the insulin Dad should a f****** beat him harder what the f*** Grandpa piece of s*** has already starve me because of this is now stalling everything and then vacuum and he's asking why I don't keep the car clean implying that he's been here to look in it and while he's making sure the garage I set up to do the forced f****** hazardous labor on f****** school bus driving child molesters f****** car that's the sort of s*** I'm talking about telling me I don't need a bike if I can't make it up the stairs even though it's my f****** bike well he says he f****** owns me

and the actions of the police in the medical system help destroy any evidence otherwise even if you can manage to get it and try to hold on to it

There used to be a joke about if you got two bullets a lawyer and a rattlesnake in the same room what do you shoot it was the lawyer twice

I don't think that's so true anymorethe moment you graduate from high school you better be able to afford one even if the police help your f****** molesting parents take everything you worked for and save to move out and from what I've seen that's not even just an if for a might happen or could happen fantasy I would not doubt in any sense it's happened already several times

Which if you can't tell im basically saying you're f***** either way cuz you can't afford a lawyer if someone's emptying your bank account

The person who did is well set with Minnesota law to f*** you up more

 I mean hell I can't believe no one's claimed to a f*** their child as the relation to get an ofp

I wouldn't put it past Minnesota to allow one granted for a 25 year old mother with a twelve-year-old son pregnant with his child and then issue child support rulings

I wouldn't put it passed someone like dr. Boris to prescribe muscle relaxers and Viagra to the mother

And even if I would or wouldn't the most disturbing thing I think for anybody who thinks it through is there's not really the oversight there to punish it even if the doctor was involved and they were all admitting to what they did.

We have police that will hurt you more if they figure out they're liable

We have turned accountability into something we push it the lowest on the totem pole even if it's your own children while you f*** them literally or figuratively court is there to help

Not the abused child the incest parent


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