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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Keys jacked (months ago)(pondering)

 I can't say for certain but I would bet the event that prompted me to break the window on this car was Paul happened to be stalking and seized the opportunity when my back was turned when I was asleep I don't remember exactly how that key went missing.

I do know that please make sure I have keys for cars that none of us have any more every time he takes the keyring off

Enforced 9 months of labor for setting he didn't have to do (stuff snow on vents of the 09 Taurus

He has  3 or had the April 2020 fellony theft stuff stolen 

The ofp his last claim I was working on his car forced labor in the garage he picked out. 

I had lost a key. despite my ability to have the foresight to foresee have a more than one key

What's either gas-lit here or people not wanting to understand welsummer not willing to understand they are trying to hurt me.

Drop all assumption about parent other than they the temperature to create the image otherwise

It's aspd, NPD BPD cluster b by definition 

Paul literally claims to own me. Both have said we're the same person. Paul needs control because he wants control verbatim

When it's something that you have created the need to interact when you deny even what you said before and seriously tell the person that was never said that never happened and the answer to its recorded is f*** your recording

This is problematic

When the police and Court have no concern for that is how these people are

I didn't ask for this I didn't do anything to deserve this

The city of Maple Grove and the city of saint cloud participate in human trafficking through the actions of the police officers. With some exceptions. Sadly not the majority

 notable non exception is Sergeant Hansen was the promotion criteria self assured cut dry dehydrated litteral turd? Hitler's youth? Revenue generated ?

or that fake smile?

He really puts derp fuhrer in the mission statement. 

It would be funny if it wasn't real life and hired not elected positions or the police aiding and embedding crime to cover misconduct and endangerment based on buying a liar's lie. Police abducting people well nearly a year of the $60,000 that says police start at is being destroyed. That's not disposable income. That's like a 10-year sentence if I'm lucky to work for those things again but the thing is you guys won't allow on the report the multiple felony-level theft after the fact.

The attempted murder. The poisoning attempted murder still continuing. The murder of police ethics with every paycheck Rory gets, assuls, mail fraud, check fraud, forced labor in hazardous conditions made worse by the fact that I had personal protective equipment but part of that illegal eviction Maple Grove participated in...

Clyde should not be dead.

You know what it's like to care for a pet for 10 years or more just to have wild hogs kill them and you? I'd suggest Rorey tries it .. but no half-measures see it through till the end full narrative then we won't have to worry about anybody else

In the meantime everybody in that City is 1lie away from

The wrath of mmm bop

And with Paul and malice around ...

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