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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Minnesota Lawless incest hell hole explosives

Blowing up minneota.

I wanna blow stuff up. Can't say who's stuff but stuff may be blown.

Maybe my stuff, maybe your stuff, maybe the state,maybe you, maybe just my copy of the board game guess who.

No I'm just kidding I'm not allowed to have stuff or own stuff.

Also I don't think I can blow up the entire state but there are ways to accomplish similar ends. Speaking of means:

Paul says I am stuff Marlene says she wants me to suffer . As law is being applied with extream prejiduce and discrimination Soon I won't have a heart beat and police censor the contents of reports to paint a different picture. 

Which leaves me looking at a black door away from the light and wondering if I should paint it red before passing through 

The law books(state revisor ) site says several fellony level crimes have been committed

Marlene (a nurse practitioner) says these conditions are a danger to life 

The police say they might be liable 

Maple Grove Police department also says " it's not illegal to say you own someone"

Maybe thats who I want to blow up

You know blow sky-high elevate their Fame

Blow up their kids YouTube subscriber count.

Maybe Monticello and redwing deserve fame and elevated potential energy potentials released. Put a 75 mile circle  with a 75mile radius around either or note their location in relation to the Mississippi. Only good things for MN and the nation. 

Kinda funny none of the zombie movies or shows have noted this hazard. I guess glow in the dark walkers aren't as Scarry.

Even if they have been upgraded to feed themselves, I thought it out and there may be a wealness. Has to do with inability to isntantly restart.

They could test this out but there's one big thing about that. One really big thing about that.  Dah comrad a bigger thing than Dr Boris is a Блять 

 I won't say more than that.i can't speak to his mother I don't know her.

 I did stay at a holiday in once and I guarantee  that if you've picked up on what I'm putting down and can verify with relevant expert I'm not blowing smoke up your ass.

 It's filthy I wouldnt  put my lips near that

Ambiguarity is as ambiguarity does

Put Paul near fuel oil ..Jesus why did they let him drive school bus?

What's not ambigious is how I feel

What's not is also everything I learned and everything I feel says I am not in good shape health wise .

The reasons I left for a hotel Aug 2018 was Marlene had a surgery and I had a webserver that took credit card orders to set up and secure. 

Marlene was following me around the house screaming "YOUR WEIRED", "YOURE NOT NORMAL"

she might as well have been saying "IM COROSOSIVE"

They would hide my keys then the screaming would turn to leave forcing me to ask or beg for keys to do so

I want to blow this up and the police resoposible

Using actual explosives seems more acomplishable than the legal system given the conditions are similar to human trafficking and I'm not sure my health holds out 

I think this might have been what Bush lite was reading to the kindergarten class on 9/11

Remember no matter what anyone tries to tell you:

Bush did Dallas 

Debby did 911

Clinton did Monica 

And one of these things is not like the other.

Also a word for maple Grove pds Sargent Hanson 

Rumor has it she wore a yellow raincoat and did manage to stand up for a moment.

John Lennon was watching and the rest is lyrical history....

Here comes the sun...

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