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Level soon to be dead head


It's not just that paul and Marlene have stolen felony amount even since filing ofps or that the policerefuse to enforce the criminal acts well chomping at the bit to act on the civil one

It's the fact that what they have stolen keeps me from dealing with the toxic mold problem

Minnesota has a toxic police problem. They will tell you everything is civil therefore not their issue.

Except after overlooking a laundry list of fellonies that endanger life they chomp at the bit to arrest over a civil ofp

The issue when pre ofp they censor what's allowed on police reports is multi fold 

Esp when you consider much of the justification for overriding what traditionally consitutes rights and protections is studies on violence against women. Many of those studies cite police report data.
I'm not a sketch artist but this might be the perp described

Any evidence mn trys for that grant money? Funny you ask:

Why it's unlikely to stop or totally makes sense depends on understanding bucketing of finances. pools one can't dip from for anything but purpose of pool and the fact that states with out energy export rely on taxing the employed citizens and or things like fedral grants to fund state gov. 

In this case it starts to look predatory to dark.

Go far enough back on this blog and you can find the recorded phone calls where my mom states o deserve it because I'm a man. You can find her admission the conditions they force (through crime) are a danger to life. She's a nurse practitioner. She might still end up caring  for your sick newborn if you choose children's hospitals and clinics of saint Paul. But the point is I think she qualifies as a medical professional. 

police are more than happy to follow up on the civil court's decision and create an arrest. but the court doesn't seem concerned if it in any way made a just decision. It's also not concerned from my point of view or observation if someone changed you up to prevent you from reaching it while they claim you are the abuser.

what's more disturbing is even having recorded admissionof the felony-level theft that occurred after the ofp the police have suggested I need a 3 to 5 day detainmentare medical facility rather than updating a report with that confession

That call is also further back on this blog

this isn't actually a new trope or archetype either...

It's just a new spin on the Star of David, The Scarlet letter or the accusation of witch.

Maple Grove MN, Police help a couple steal a fellony amount of services and nearly an officers salary worth of personal property then human trafic and force labor while continuing to steal fellony amounts of property bought with money earned indepdently since. In doing so also ignoring former seiu local 284 vp Paul also claimed to own his son and couple met definition of assult and battery 3x.

Would be my idea of an accurate but unlikely to happen headline.

MN the state of terror and slavery.

Even Jon Oliver in an episode with a segment about civil asset foriture hit the bigger nail on it's head.

Athority sans accountability

Rarely produces good outcomes.


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