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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Life is what ever we take from you

 The Paul and Marlene story. This includes rights to your body and anything you earn

Minnesota does this hate and switch thing. The laws on the books are significantly different from what police will enforce and dead bodies tell no tails.

Informed consent? You don't even need a pulse where we will send you

Anything uncomfrotable logivly? Pretend you don't understand concepts like if everything you earn is stolen there isn't much hope for escape.

Maple Grove mns mayor never got back to me on how much one has to make to have impunity from investigation let alone prosecution 

The ags words should really read in MN we prostitute folks robbed by other folks

If you like having human property this is the state for yoi

Paull the child molesting person owning former SEIU VP make sure you don't even have a place to sit down while he poisons you.

He assures you he owns you bought you and decides what hurts you whatever you want to call it. The police don't care though Bill and you'll like jail because you can have a boyfriend Maple Grove Police assist people more wicked than the turpins in murder

Hey assistant torcher if not participate because well ignoring your signature is being forged on checks your mail is opened to extract the check another documents your ideas being stolen they'll ask why you can't control your finances tell you it's not illegal to say you own someone I've shipped more honorable dumps the number claiming to protect life

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