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like ownership of humans ? Minnesota has a place for you try Maple Grove PD

 Maple Grove mn is the state for you. Police assisted human trafficking on call 24/7 and if homicide is required they won't hesitate

Maple Grove pd prefers you refrain from the s word but with ctw affiliation you probably can anyway.

Black white yellow doesn't matter.

In Minnesota your adult offspring are your property. Doesn't matter what they earn, pesky things like protection of their signature or mail hi lated as an adult. If you want to poision them assult stalk and repeatedly steal fellony amounts while they live with nothing but your toxic mistakes and therapy companion animal friend in freezer. 

Minnesotas maple maple Grove PD is here to help

I blew this out two nights ago.

Minnesota with lead city maple Maple Grove and Maple Grove PD. Building our states future one police assisted post term coat hanger abortion at a time.

Marlene's bedroom door before a shift at children's st Paul. Maple Grove PD appears dedicated to the goal of population reduction. If you are poor or someone wants to make you poor, good luck.

After 9 months of forced labor on a car you refuse to give title to well Maple Grove allows you to repeatedly steal felony amounts and threaten $43,000 of personal property. Threatened the remains of a companion animal and friend had for over 10 years

Your little human property might be blowing out this s*** just like I am

It's rumored the officer of Maple Grove PD have formed a rock band called death camp for cuttie. It's a dark humor side channel expression to blow of steam from the murder trafficing and forced labor they didn't need to but wanted to participate in.

Leaked image of Sergeant Hansen's mother in route to rub the little killer stomach and call him a good boy

remember for a discount with Maple Grove PD or for 50% off the bris while Marlene is working at children's saint Paul 
Paul's discount code :Union Yes Massa

or for body disposal call waste management and try Rory's code of : I didn't see that put the phone away

if you want to state that really puts Justice away well it puts away the children you own when you're finished with them consider Minnesota. Maple Grove makes an excellent choice. But we prefer you don't s*** where you eat so please store your human property in an adjacent town

For a limited time only the University of Minnesota partnership with Fairview is set to allow you to have anything diagnosed as delusional.

See doctor Boris and mention discount code: Блять or just tell him you met Rory's mother

It's rumored next summer Britain's Shire Corp is setting up a summer camp in partnership with Lenovo for the media center experience. If your little human property has attention issues shire Corps camp has your back. Do mind the showers


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