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Friday, January 29, 2021

Logical questions

 if I wasn't doing work under contract if I wasn't doing well at it to having nearly completed it and demonstrated it works why would I have the videos I do?

More so I've got historic evidence I can set up an organized apartment the photos are already here the videos are on my YouTube and I cared for Bonnie and Clyde rabbit and early 8 respectively.

Why would it be that all the sudden I have trouble even getting a place to sit established if not for what I claim and the pictures that support those claims

Paul and Marlene are doing sick things almost as sick as the government that supports them as in the police force of Maple Grove and st. Cloud sometimes not in entirety.

But on average and the overall message of bacon kill you if they want I guess my next section is listed criminal state and federal laws violated if I don't fucking die or kill myself this is so fucking wrong

I need control because I want control appallism

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