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Looking at an empty box

 The box for my northern tool klutch 140si which was stolen April 2020 from my garage 

Police won't allow the report updated with texts indicating Paul did it . 

I have to wonder if such a high quality box should just be thrown away or if it's large enough volume wise to be repurposed for say holding a crooked murderous cowardus officers body

It's sitting next to the cage for Bonnie rabbit which was delivered about a day before Clyde died 

Pstd is basically brain damage.

I really don't need to see a doctor while the conditions persist that caused it what I really could use is felony theft law enforced so I might be able to resume the diet and activities that would allow me to live long enough to maybe see a doctor if I need so after I resume the coping mechanisms I already know because what I had a problem I dealt with it by seeing a doctor

Unlike Sergeant Hansen who appears to have dealt with it by searching for a badge and killing people

Remember Minnesota finds incest to be the best but only second to police creating starvation and trauma

Cuz like the world is flat right? Any state can cut taxes to attract healthcare or any industry.

MN goes above and beyond

I wouldn't doubt that the u of m had some role or continues to and things like MK ultra

That's actually the only thing I hesitated before hitting post on

But then I figured ..why? I'm dead anyway

A note for rorey. I know it gets confusing but if the Sargent saves this jpg life might be better. At least for Karen. They have pills for dealing with the postpartum he is likely to experience sans bovine.

Cnn once broadcast a more mechanical solution 

Rectum? Damn near killed em. On the plus side Sargent Hanson will no longer require a note from mom on days he has leaky boots 

  • Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrhea and his boots leak.

Not sure where I first heard that but it's probably been stuck in my head for a decade due to the unfortunate juxtaposition and logical possibilities (outside of it also being a rainy day)

Though I'm not sure anything on the flag is sufficent there's no question in my mind the Sargent is violently anal in application of personal judgment from a position of power. 

It spews forth as of he has a diet that consists of taco Bell and exlax .

When ones head is that lost and the personality is of jewelry (a pendant)

I almost think maple Grove police department deserves praise for being forward enough to hire leadership that may or may not identify as anal beads

I often wonder what situation caused Elon Musk to tweet pronouns suck. Imagine it was same drek different location

Related news: if Maple Grove implents 911 as a pork rack dilevery service I think there may be a good argument for an ethical use of both radiation technology and ammonia slime


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