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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Loose criteria for emergency medical holds a gateway two political prisoners and fascism

 In Minnesota you might get a 325 day detainment illegally executed by police officer for hearsay or for virtually any reason they want. It might include a search with zero justification

when you get out you might like I did call the bar association legal advice hotline only to be told no one touches these

the real factor that for me made it cross the line to state-sponsored terrorism was felony theft assault and poisoning being executed to make sure I starve while doing forced labor under threat to myself and my animals trying to get a confession enter to a police report resulted in the officer asking via a statement if I'd like another emergency medical hold

The statement was rather than allow the confession on report he needed first meet with me to evaluate my mental health which is hilarious because Minnesota in 1944 did a study that was intended to determine how we helped the Europeans and the Americans held in concentration camps recover from starvation

the study determined that one of the worst things you can do for mental health what allows someone to be malnourished to starve

When police are this corrupt and endangering of human life well everyone has to eat I think Tupac released lhe guide on evaluating cuts of pork. The Donner party  probably has a cookbook as well

As for federal legality you can thank slaughterhouse for the lack of reinforcement you'll find

The irony is palpable

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