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Malnutrition Murderous Police

 I was talking to a boomer the other day and he knew what many of that generation know diet affects the body's susceptibility to disease.

I not only had tons of kitchen stuff I worked to afford I used it.

You can realize this or not but it doesn't change the reality that Maple Grove Police in St cloud Police have decided for me how long I live rather than enforce criminal law

Working to re-buy the same things as their stolen isn't really much different than slavery

Then when you add the elements of poison...

Some of this is recoverable by eventually being able to eat a proper diet again. The bigger problem is the parts that aren't. This is going to sound gross if you're not aware but if your Google stool transplant... What isn't recoverable because it can't Spawn from nothing is the microorganisms that live in your gut. The good ones have a symbiotic relationship with us or their host. They consume food as it passes through break it down and what they shit out ends up being nutrients to us. Usually the best forms of it. If they get starved and die they don't come back on their own. People literally pay doctors to pump other people s*** down a feeding tube inserted through their nose to get this back

The medical term is gut Flora. Stool is the medical term for s***  feces scat, officer Hanson wait what?

the reason it's so hard and why that process is so bizarre is making a colony of the good ones survive is no trivial task because stomach acid has a thing or two to say about it. Having the good ones also physically crowds out any pathogen that comes in through your mouth and tries to avoid usually they survive much better.

It's also known that the standard American diet often called sad as a nutrient balance that allows some of that you need but not a lot of to grow out of control leaving to things like inflammation which is often the precursor to much worse

Maple Grove Police knowing or otherwise enforce the opposite Bush's no child Left behind. 

Beat the f*** out of anyone we think at any advantage in getting aheaduntil statistically they're likely to die way before us and disfigured when they do

Not everyone grew up with an np mother or transferred her curriculum for teaching nursing from overhead projector to PowerPoint.

Term key to that article and put simply

vivo = a test in the body or a body 

vitro = a petri dish

But you should probably also consider that antibiotics were discovered in vitro. Also mold is fungus, bread mold happens to be known as penicillin. Fleming if memory serves me 1938? Noticed that a bacteria culture on a piece of bread all the sudden was dead and mold was in its place

But if there's any truth to that and several other studies claims that the toxins admitted are able to weaken the immune system. combining it with something like malnutritionwould be bad on its own but we're not all the same some people deal with some things better than others. Different research indicates that might be one in four people but don't deal with fungus very well.

It's more than an allergy reaction the toxins can be toxic to anyone

But an allergy reaction can also be lethal

But if you're Marlene and your son feels like he can't breathe just call him a baby then call him delusional. Even know when he was a child in elementary school you noticed hives that amoxicillin produced. Months on end and still intermittently claim that he only suffers because he won't get an allergy test.

As much as the CDC obscures it, the truth about mold at least what we know occasionally comes out when there's notices that pet food might be contaminated with aflotoxoin 

In human history it said that the witch trials in Salem were likely the result of ergot contaminated rye.

Which is kind of sad because one of the methods to determine a witch was have them eat a cake.. rye was one of the ingredients.

The most worrisome to me is it seems that the government is dead-set ton defining things like murder and abuse as fists weapons and claims of feelings by who makes civil court first 

I think we are entering a dangerous to be an American era when the thought someone might outright poison someone is likely to produce a laugh from an officer and it might hold no weight in court to make an argument that science suggests.

Meanwhile family Court which is a branch of civil court does not play by criminal justice standards. Yet  it gives an Express pass to criminal.

If I understand correctly violation of something like in ofp you don't end up on trial in criminal Court for anything other than if you violated the civil order. The civil order was opposite of normal criminal justice standards. In other words it's never re-evaluated via the more stringent standards. The only thing evaluated is did you violate the possibly perjurious claims that resulted in the order.

The burden in that civil court is on the accused not on the accuser. Minnesota has made it so the accused doesn't always have a court date by default. You have to request it passes in your absence automatically your absence is predicted. And this doesn't create any restrictions for the person claiming it. It's like putting the school playground para behind The sibling that says stop hitting yourself while they're actually hitting the younger sibling

An ofp is a one-sided ban where you're arrested for answering the call of the accuser but they're allowed to call you and come around you all they want

my experience for the year and a half before that as police kept me from what was an oral lease and service for rent to the extent where even after rent subtracted it would still be a felony theft of service, that experience was somewhat odd. I've managed to find that if an ofp is filed it's not at all odd that police all the sudden will not allow reports against the accuser

In other words in practice if you have someone that abuses the system victory much game free reign to terrorize and commit felony crimes against the accused.

But when these crimes include making sure someone doesn't have the ability to cool and eat how they normally would 

It pretty much contributes to the odds or greatly enhances the odds that their emotional inhibition isn't there while actually killing them and then you get people like Sergeant Hansen who insist people doing it have given me enough they owe me nothing well there repeatedly stealing felony amounts of things I worked hard to earn or bought with credit that only my hard work earned. I'm left with the debt and none of the property that wouldn't have been repossessed even in bankruptcy situation because it was on credit card but I get all of the hurt none of the things I worked for. Starts to look a bit like police and forced indentured servitude especially when they refused on reports to allow felony theft of services felony theft felony theft assault battery and attempted murder both by assault and continuing by poison that would take financial means to escape

But maybe on related ofp la seems to have its origins in the federal violence against women act. Some old PDFs available on state servers back that up. they almost brag  about how nothing overrides it.many people don't know there's Federal money inserting arrests when it's claimed men have hurt women. a few places right now we're talking about policing for profit and only including the scope in civil forfeiture. I think it's way darker than that

Worst is it said narcissists and sociopaths often hide behind social norms. If it's true that on any level the police departments are allowing this to happen because the man on woman arrest generates money from the FED for the state that's exactly what the state is doing

What I find perhaps most scary though is how little we've noticed how much we've changed. About a decade ago maybe 15 years all the rage was thought crimes.

Machine learning sounds complex but it's really teaching a computer to look analyzing how things work.because this really starts to order on intelligence it shouldn't be a surprise machine-learning off and is the same as artificial intelligence

Very recently there was an experiment

a human subject was shown in the image on a monitor and told to concentrate on it they were dry external electrodes on their head

Basically the shortest thing you could integrate into a hat like a baseball cap

They were told to concentrate on the image on the screen or shut off

Using the electrodes and the signals they captured from what her brain was doing machine learning was able to reconstruct the image from their brain patterns back to a computer screen it literally read their mind

and the reason I pointed out a baseball cap would be all it would take is because there's a lot of devices we either put on our heads today or hold up to them

Outside of the nefarious it would be a multi million to billion dollar industry to be able to precisely determine how long someone looked at an ad and if it registered in their brain

But the privacy concerns are insane yet our culture today is happy to make people criminals to transfer massive sums of wealth to screw over children or adult offspring on claims alone parents

We're in for dark days

And this still might get tinfoil hat from some people. The same people who don't realize there are usually n 2 m + 1 microphones in every room. And plus one would be the Google home or the Alexa the n is occupancy of the room. Actually it could be worse than this because many of the greats who have the companies that eventually got us here used to do things like wire speakers in their mansions to be reversible as microphones technically any computer or stereo or surround speaker can do that but ones that we already know or actively set up to continuously listen for hey Google is what I'm talking about

The other thing that is spookily absent and a time where we're talking face recognition we've known what fingerprint recognition is even right now the text I'm typing by a transcribed that isn't being done on my phone my voice is going to a Google server which crunch is it with more CPU power and less concern over actual power consumption than my phone has. But what you don't consider in that is my voice is being streamed to Google servers to create this text companies like Google and apple is another baby because if Siri Amazon is in there as well they can literally identify you based on your voice but you hear nothing about it why do you hear nothing about it

I'm not talking to Jess I'm talking the amount of data these companies have on us in voiceprints alone would be a spooky degree of accuracy. And things like this keyboard that does transcribe what we don't realize is every time you do an actual correction to it where it gets award wrong you are training it on your voice. Some companies are very advanced now at well let's put it this way friend of mine said at a large tech company they had a room 5 years ago you could go in talk to the computer for maybe a minute and then you could type anything you wanted and it would be read to you in your voice with your inflections. Do you think Google has more than a minute of your voice? This technology is probably already there and better than it was then for video as well there's a camera looking at me as I say this. We have a society and a population totally unaware of where tech is at and things like audio and video are still the gold standard for evidence if they're even needed any more nothing about where we're going is good for individualism is good for freedom is good for anybody being safe from anything

The one thing I wish that friend with answer and I'm pretty sure he knows the one thing I've tried on my own to find evidence but it's being worked on if using the same machine learning techniques to the tech machine generated audio and video. The only thing worse than this sort of wars being in the dark about it. Although maybe not because like I said standards of evidence matter less and less anyway on the bright side paranoid is the reason to detain you

I'm a little far from where I started but I think it's all related and none of its related to anything good


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