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Sunday, January 31, 2021

Maple Grove Minnesota police terrorize

 If you move to the state of Minnesota keep in mind what happened to me is potentially able to happen to you

You move in somewhere 8 months later any arbitrary. Later the owner of the property with zero notice changes the lock

Now all the sudden police are ordering you away from even the public property outside of said property

But that's not where it ends if they realize they've done this in error

Or just want to be sadistic or some combination also possibly including cronyism

They can censor the reports to make sure nothing done to you by themselves or the party that's told all your stuff with police assistance is on the record

which is bad enough if it happens once but then if that party like in my chest decided to steal felony amounts to times since

the police won't even allow a recorded confession on what I assumed was the record created when I called them after one of them.

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