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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Maple Grove murders Hennepin county covers it up


Note not only are these things pretty basic there are things that have been stolen from me since forcing where I live
Many of them will be required without the extra problem of falling Marlene using their mold as a bio-weapon. The rest of this is about what on the ofp is they playing with me being irrational or erratic in Maple Grove while they gas-lit the major aspergillus and black mold problem that caused my move back there. Apparently building custom electronics for contract is acting erratically apparently anyting but letting your molesting father touch you is acting erratically
no worries though Maple Grove Police and Hennepin county are here to make sure they can finish what they started when you were young when you didn't ask to be born they can kill you for their f****** mistakes

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