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Maple Grove Police Manufacture Arrest, Commitment and Detainment. Minnesota Slaves

This could also be titled when separation of powers fails and governments profit from criminalizing being normal or being harmed. When they do so with great demographic disparity and prejudice or outright discrimination.

This focus is on Minnesota and Maple Grove. A little bit of st. Cloud might get added later. This is largely the actions of Maple Grove Police department although I've run into some people from all around the State Rep reported similar. My story differs in a few ways but I've covered that elsewhere.

This article is about criminalizing being harmed. What police departments in Minnesota and civil laws and abused are doing to citizens. what the police department's more focused on civil issues then criminal law until criminal laws violated in they tell you it's civil. It's quite uncivil to experience. But hey it's imaginary property anyway right?

Let's get really basic here food stamps right do you use any personal property to cook with something that doesn't provide hot meals?

Malnutrition that couldn't do anything to you right?

 In 1944 Minnesota did an expeiment to determine what happens when humans are starved and how to if possible reverse it: 

Among the conclusions from the study was the confirmation that prolonged semi-starvation produces significant increases in depression, hysteria and hypochondriasis as measured using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. Indeed, most of the subjects experienced periods of severe emotional distress and depression.[1]:161

The rehab phase proved to be psychologically the hardest phase for most of the men with extreme effects including self-mutilation, where one subject, Sam Legg, amputated three fingers of his hand with an axe, though the subject was unsure if he had done so intentionally or accidentally.[6] Participants exhibited a preoccupation with food, both during the starvation period and the rehabilitation phase. Sexual interest was drastically reduced, and the volunteers showed signs of social withdrawal and isolation.[1]:123–124 The participants reported a decline in concentration, comprehension and judgment capabilities, 

If police seperate you from the ability to cook and especially acting on hearsay (possibly  ofin violation the law, ) it would appear that for about seventy some years now there's been indication that might impact quite a bit with your mental health. yet all anyone needs to do to further someone's harm in Minnesota is claimed they felt threatened. Real threat or otherwise this could play both sides. Not in a way that would benefit anyone that doesn't earn from the Justice are enforcement or mental health system.

Another way to think of it iswell what are you spending your snap on? But even in that case where it's unlimited to food and cold food so basically ingredients what happens all the sudden if someone can steal anything from you cuz you're not still conceivably go hungry why are we risking this win anything from commitment to criminal charges can be brought especially after a low standard of evidence ofp?

why is the state willing to contribute to what the state will then put you away for?

The nasty thing with ofp is without even a trial you lose second amendment rights and some rights to arrest without even requiring a warrant. That's not actually the nasty nasty part is the accuser still come near you call you but you violate for answering the phone or going near them. Even nastier part is this becomes a criminal trial at that point. What's not read examines to criminal standards is was the civil trial just. Was there any valid claim at the civil trial? you're the one on trial not or if you did anything harmful but for violating the civil order if I understand correctly.

not only are we creating the worst-case scenarios that we know or science points to create the problems rather than solve them well endangering lives we're destroying standards of Justice to do it. There's some indication that in some demographics against others the state might make federal funds for the arrest there's a link to that further down.

If you're not familiar with how governments work you should look up the idea of cost buckets or resource allocation buckets. I can't say that I'm sure this is how it works in Minnesota but I remember as an intern for the business department doing their it hatton North Dakota college one of my bosses explain how it's not really about total nuts across the University or even the specific college funds get divided up into separate pools that can't be touched and must be spent. If this applies back to a state level it doesn't matter if imprisoning that person ends up costing more as long as it's past somewhere else to a different bucket possibly brought some income into anotherand when the money is mainly helped by large corporate players I would guess there other goal is to keep those players in Minnesota or to attract more of them.

throwing healthcare mental health patients by court order would be a great way to do that. Can you think of any other heart medicine where there's a higher margin? How many stents stitches Staples are you using in a mental health department say you might be doing something wrong the answer is a locked and what I'm getting at is consumables. Especially if your large and have a facility already.this doesn't just allow you to have your cake and eat it too it floats the profit margin on your goat.

But from an average citizen perspective I can't help but see this any level of this as something straddling the line between slavery something like freedom. How often were slaves druged for-profit though?

Iink it gets cruel and unusual to lethal is when they begin saying things like they need to evaluate your mental state rather than allow the confession of fellony level thefts on record. or even before that doing things known to decrease cognative and decision making abilities as well as endanger life while questioning if the citizen can care for them selves instead of protecting and serving with out bias as mn law and maple groves mission statement claims. 

isnt it supposed to be that police are concerned with criminal law? how many medical detainments are criminal? seems most have a civil origin. but like drs with a zebra phillia and horse fetish maple grove espicially seems to have a fetish for civil law enforement, no attention to probable cause and will allow fellony amounts repeatedly stolen people assulted and poisioned while they claim its all civil.

its all crule and unusual should be illegal and might be lethal. also it seems in minnesota get accused of excessive force 18 times from a postion of power and your title is officer.

get accused of someone feeling threatened as a non officer and lose everything including constitutional rights sans trial. 

but the most warped thing is if everything civil till someone is dead and civil outcomes are one sided even if you tie someone down to prevent court....

even if you dont its always in the favor of accuser. if they bring the case/patition they did it on their time frame. the accused then has 4 to 6 days notice or might have to request a hearing, its passing with out them getting one by default. yet criminal law violations unenforced do what to cognition and judgment if mal nutrition to starvation is involved? 

isnt this pretty much pay for defense from predatory justice or be prepared to lose even your freedom? how can you expect to hold onto any evidence required when no laws are enforced? 

protect yourself from every possiblity would seem by definition to be paranoia and mal adaptive. except once demonstrated law enforcement will allow you assaulted and poisoned its reality at least for the person unfourtiante enough, yet mn law allows paranoia to be enough to justify police threatening force then a dr signing off on a hold.. actually it doesnt  but the state bar told me "no one touches these cases"

or apparently conflicts of interest cruel unusual profitable and lethal 

maybe... conflict of incest? like if we dont allow this conflict the offspring might not become a bone to mandate to mental health and social worker services? wealth might not transfer to lawyers and judges? or state coffers from fed in some instances?

Orwell would be proud of the language on that page. it all suggests but skirts "money for arresting men"

which is weird because take men out of the pic and picture

im all for gay marriage at gov level, letting churches decide if their brand of god will allow it at any given church. i think that is inline with capitalism and seperation of powers plus church and state. ultimately i want to see people happy and if thats gay good for you! that said the fact that relations with out men have higher than hetro dv rates should probably indicate gender is not the driver in this dynamic. 

but hey lets let women ruin their children if the state might get a buck for the arrest eh? in the mean time the apa knows trauma drives personality disorders and addiction. so win win to let it go right? leos probably end up with something out of it. 

woops where did the middle class go? we dont know last we saw they were paying lawyers if they could over civil express passes to criminal then charged as criminal for alleged violation of basless civil orders. 

er... dont look behind the curtain at prison focus on all these lawyers judges and police they look well paid right? keep focusing while your  their car drives away. good news a lawyer can help you fight that!

worse news especially for parents harming children and adult children is this:,turning%20genes%20on%20or%20off.

another friend from long ago was studying epigenetics. ive come to realize almost no one knows what that is out side of a subset of med world. which is really sad because seems every psych problem and cancer is attributed to these set in stone genes. when they arnt. that view is like 40 years obsolete in many if not most cases. but which sells better? its genetic life long treatment dont worry your kid has it or doesnt nothing you did or if you do these things they might not see me for life?

decisions decisions... paging medical/clinical ethics? huh seems to have left the building. 

when jamestown personified seems like a more likely path to prosperity and freedom you might be in mn. mention this to an officer near you and get a 3-5 day all expenses paid abduction. OH YEAH

yelling at your kids over grades should help though right? but if the news focuses on that and if your teen is trafficked not why the gaping hole in them might lead there... ignore this right? sure hope prefrontal cortex development isnt dependent on support net with freedom and boundaries allowed to exercise and strengthen good path ways... surely it just poofs into existence at 25 no? maybe 32 multi variable calc? shit im late. 

basically studies suggest that when the police act as is some what common at least in maple grove, the evidence is there to show they may cause life long harm and the type they may then detain, have medically detained or arrest for. meanwhile the federal reports on esp mn indicate police look down on mental illness. odd culture when they dont require a psych eval for hire. did the pot cause the kettle or am i human property confusing animate and otherwise? odd seems babe might have just went fog horn leg horn and laid brain damage. 

not many professions can claim job security for choosing to risk brain damage in others. MN police must truly be one of a kind. 

Eminem laying the golden egg. which also was in tune...

embarrassed their parents still listen to elvis

they start feeling like prisoners helpless until someone comes along on a mission and yells BITCH 

dont worry parents if that makes you feel threatened... grab your coat hanger tune in and mn family court gonna family court gonna enter up ... 

now why i cant remember test answers like that... who fucking knows. 

but at least nothing like death comes from being forced to a doc with no obligation to review expert testimony and major conflict of intrest from being both incharge of detainment and able to take rx kickback profits right?,after%20heart%20disease%20and%20cancer.

only 250k dead from record errors each year...huh but  not like a forced visit resulting in a record indicating proven to be in the house major mold issue was psychological would present and ethical or risk to life .... 

im losing it in my sarcasm is 911 actually a pork rib to go service or who you call in mn to execute someone no questions asked? if paranoid is a reason to detain but that detainment.... the logic has become more gendered than the thrust from a rottery wing aircraft. LIFTOFF 

so if 2001 mailing white powder resembling soil bacteria was a terror act.... this in an envelop to elected officials? 

note before self care with out rage mode npd parents (left) vs Ragemode forced labor and crime to decide what i have dont have and must do (right)

im kinda ashamed at how much I helped these campaigns before I was aware. Sargent hanson reminds me that because paul and marlene claim to have given me things they will always have some control. while they starve poison rob and assault me. 

as my dad was paid for some of the lit drops i participated in... and can apparently break any law to harm  and take from me did I really have a choice other than to do as he says and help in the free election? first claim on the ofp he filed is straight up purgery. I still am not supposed to be on any meds. If i was what he says in 2018, why was I infront of most of mns leaders at a private function in 2014 with their families present and no security? kinda odd paul.

I could have stood in front, i figured im tall let others have it. I shook frankens hand (yeah thats gonna make me popular i know. be the change you wanna see? yeah i am, standards of justice and not playing condem past judgement with out them or judging someone entirely on one thing. not that its the same but odd thing happened last year. its along these lines. a friend of mine and a girl with the family name Farkash enlightened me to a few things. (I never figured out exactly where in that tree. its none of my biz) point that stuck with me though

some of the most secular govs in the mid east have been the dictators. 

different strokes but point is judge by emotion for claims you might hurt more than you help and we once understood that too. if we think parties are perfect might i again point you at koolaid james town above? OH NO!) I digress. I thanked him for defending net neutrality after the speeches. 

Hey Hanson; what did I ever do to you? (famous last words not mine)

i dont think my now stolen copy of oh the places you will go ever intended the watch lists im possibly racking up, c'est la vie. if they plan ahead they can buy me a urn with an lte modem and webcam. hard to protest as dust. god damn is this boy entitled. raised with a seiu vp dad and things he should have the right to own things he worked for while dad says hes owned ...when will i learn. when farm animals fly?

ima go throw up in my mouth a bit. hopefully multi variable calc and my prefrontal cortex finalize. even then does dolby give back the sock for house elf freedom or just work off an unspecified debt while being told hes property? for freedom neither way? 

maybe he drinks the pool acid and eats the tin foil? wait i think i heard this only gives your freedom the works if preformed in the parking lot of the walmart in Honolulu. with expanding belly and last words tell the greeter aloha snack..

aforementioned friend : hope you are safe. 


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