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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Maple Grove Police shake down robbery

 Want service and person alnproperty you don't pay for in Maple Grove? Have it preformed then call the police 

They tend to get so zelloue they will baselessly order your victim away from public property outside your house or business.

Minnesota , the state where police help rob you to death if they don't have you take a knee first 

43k of your 0erw9nqlnproperty and or solenpropritar assets arnt of concern but heaven forbid someone steal a bottle of wine from a shop

if this party that now has potentially all of your tools wants to keep stealing as you earn well in my experience police in St cloud will cover police and Maple Grove by not allowing confessions on a report

Maple Grove Police and St cloud Police will aidg

 And bed felony-level theft to leave you starving

All this talk of protected classes of people which a better word would probably be demographics unless it's truth in advertising that we are creating more classes arbitrarily 

it's really sick children don't exist as far as support for domestic violence is concerned or in other words the demographic of the person doing it to you matters as much as what it is or what it's defined as as her if there's any support for you if it happens to you

Minnesota and this nation have literally put the woman above the child even if she's beating her child

nothing shows parents are innately or hardwired to care for their children or to not harm them in the ways that a disturbed person might harm others. Personality disorders especially the cluster B tend to disable things like sympathy and empathy possibly conscience

no one wants to believe that a parent would do that but it's not about you if someone has a parent or both parents doing this it's not about you wanting to believe or how bad that is for you to think about they might be starving and beat to death

in my case my parents made mistakes with their house when I was in elementary school. Mistakes like putting a vapor barrier carpet pad over vapor barrier cement paint creating a place where moisture was just trapped on the floor.

January 2018 there mold problem was confirmed as I move back in after 8 months of bleeding at my last apartment

I had suspected mold for years before literally the worst concussion in my life the hardest I've ever worked in between followed paul and Marlene games that

They're the type of prickly where every time you let them into your life if there's not something wrong with you they will make something wrong with you they can't tell you anything is ever good enough or okay even with you they have to push you harder even when you have a fucking concussion if you forget what they did to you the last time the fucking rape you again

If I words to describe both of my parents in one word rape would be there theme song there were there definition and while they do it to you they will tell you you are doing it to them problem is the police I have no interest in actually finding out

I think the word rape is appropriate not in the literal sense but because we've been trained as a culture there's no question to ask about rape it's a one way street. You can't ask for rape and that's been instilled into us but it also makes some logical sense because you literally can't rape the willing

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