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Maple Grove Police, MGPD, Maple Grove PD human traffickers extraordinaire

 Maple Grove Minnesota, Maple Grove PD will help you forced labor from your adult offspring until they're dead. well helping steal felony amount three times and relocate some 60 + miles 2 times in two years plus three cities 5 hotels and a mental ward they will act dumbfounded as to why you don't have a job during this. human trafficking is hard to escape why? Well in Minnesota the police will help anybody but..

Just keep working every time someone want to steal even your $1000 ham radio 

Or 42k other things 

I wonder how many officers can one or several times take home a gov car over night turn up in the morning and do so sans car but keep job?

Almost like for most people not being able to hold onto large amounts would be a deal breaker 

Maple Grove PD supports incest slavery until murder

If you want to own your adult offspring there may be no better place on Earth than Maple Grove Minnesota.

Child abuse in Maple Grove doesn't have to end at 18

Call Maple Grove PD and your human slave can fear you for life

It's rummored they put the Massa back in union yes. All the feel of of standing on crony (coney) island none of the east coast. Much like a carnie game expect the mn scale of Justice equally uh...pre weighted?

Maple Grove pd, in helping residence kill their adult offsprings pstd therapy companion animals then making sure they can't mourn we effectively take the therapy out of the companion animal. 

On the plus side I hear that if you live in Maple Grove Minnesota and are looking for succulent pork...dial 911 for a half or full rack. Swine that has lived it's entire career relatively low stress

Order now, at 71k pop and 55 officers supplies are limited 

(763) 494-6100

I would never suggest one butchers an officer of the law. Don't worry that number won't call one either .

When Sargent Hanson was presented with a photo of the moldy car I was forced to labor on his response was I didn't see that put the phone away.

About 4 Mo later I pointed out one of my ham radios alone is worth 1k. 

He said probably civil and they couldn't prove ownership. Maybe we should call detective Strege or just check the fucking FCC universal license system against my name then Paul and Marlene's name.

 only one of us has ever had a license.

 That's apparently too much logic for a Maple Grove sergeant.

 Not sure if I spelled Todd's last name right there. Apparently my yearbooks are property of paul and Marlene as well.

 the last  I saw he was school liaison officer. also Rush Creek elementary through Maple Grove senior year class whatever you want to call it. 

Sergeant Hansen has been quick to assure me that because of whatever Paul and Marlene say they've given me enough. Yes Sergeant when it comes to death and lethal risk I am inclined to agree with you. To the point where I asked hey do you want some?

Quite happy to share it with you mono e mono or 10 miles Northwest of Sparta

We can meet up at your mom's house if that works better. I think I found the exit:

But yeah I'm blowing out this:

So starting the match with a sucker punch would be an understatement 

Bellow was Paul and Marlene's house 2018

Maple Grove police protect man who claims to own his son and woman who brought aspergillus into children's NICU for 18 years

Least that's only imuno compromised right?

If you go back far enough on this blog you can find Sergeant Hansen on a recorded call almost laughing that in no way is he going to contact the parents he has assisted in retaining 43 Grand worth of stolen property and stealing felony amounts two more times..

In no way would he contact them to ask if they could source a pizza

But when it comes to forcing labor under threat to that property Maple Grove PD is all about that.

 NICU patients don't have immune systems yet. What they have is from their mother but their own hasn't really developed.I know this because when I wanted to visit my mother while she was at work when I was a kid I couldn't enter because I didn't have chicken pox and I hated needles. I eventually got the vaccine I still hate needles

almost as much as I hate Police department's coward enough to murder
Via starvation and forced labor in hazardous infectious conditions

how much was the bottle of wine that a woman in arbor lakes was arrested for in 2019?


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