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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Medical records where is the safety where is the transparency?

Signing an e release waiver gives police access to your records.

What I can't find an answer to is how often are hospitals required to audit who has accessed records?

What sort of intra org controls are in place to prevent unauthorized access or to even detect it?

I've heard it rumored that several organizations with online portals for the patient end up having the patient sign away the rights to privacy if they utilize the service.

yet even if they do there's no way to contest anything on those records but now they are free to be accessed by the police

which is a scary thought when you realized almost any medical professional might have full read-write access to your records.

Which isn't to say everyone would or many would abuse that but it seems we're giving a lot of usually government power to private organizations and individuals without proper monetary over their activities even.

Even outside of the legal context medical errors kill an estimated 100000 Americans to 250,000 Americans every year. what gets referred to as the electronic records electronic health care records are electronic medical records when you're actually add a provider what is going on is referred to as charting. If there's no system in place to allow a patient to contest or even point out in the error what are we doing?

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