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Metaphoric description of narcissism contagious nature

 We know stress can lead to changes in genes.dormant genes can go active active genes can go dormant some of these changes might be possible to the next generation. Heritable. There's also indications that trauma causes scarring in the brain.

I found some research that indicates the vast majority of children are born with functioning conscience empathy sympathy and the ability to learn or have other experiences that might interfere.

A lot of people probably have the concept of a fuse. Any electrical wiring fuses help stop fires and or protect the device or the system from over current events. If you ever look inside one that's made of glass you will see all it is is a thin piece of wire to complete the circuit. What it relies on is i^2x r is roughly the heat generated where I is the number of amps are is the ohms or resistance. That metal wire piece that single strand that comprises most glass fuses is size so it will melt and burn away disconnecting when it gets too hot. That equation and a few others help determine what size wire to place in between the terminals of a fuse. That's pretty simplified description but we're not going for every detail here trying to build a metaphor.

Basically there's a fault condition or short too much draw something went wrong it melts it disconnects and the circuit is off. If it's a non replaceable fuse as far as most people are concerned the device is now landfill. In reality a $30 soldering ironmight be all it takes with the addition of a screwdriver to save that $1,000 TV.

But as far as the brain is concerned I think metaphorically speaking when someone comes up in an environment or experiences later extreme stresses outside of what their conscience their sense of morality their sense of fairness tells them if this is repetitive the fuse on those parts of the brain blows 

and now you have someone who predatory or otherwise is a danger to interact with.

they likely still have high expectations if they ask for something and or as both of my parents say I get what I want when I want.

But as far as the actual feeling of the relation that I took something from you now you can't eat...they might be able to logically deduce that but it doesn't cause any sick feeling within them they might not care to even attempt to relate what they're doing with what it causes.

When police will stop you from recovering the stolen property without so much as I've seen asking them to knock it off...

Well gee if only I could stop them from stealing from me if only I could make someone else stop doing something is the really only way to stop that because I can't ship money and moving away from them cost money. The other factor that's going to be true there is I'm not doing this to myself I don't think I can say that enough. I cannot choose for them to come and take a felony amount from me. By extension though relative to me they have nearly unlimited disposable income. The odds that anyone in this position can move far enough away from someone else who wants to terrorize them and is also granted the ability to repeatedly steal assets from them or seemingly violated any law or the police try to paint the party with less means as the problem this is extreme torture this is extreme cruelty this is deadly

and if you failed to construct it I realized I didn't fully complete the metaphor. Object generating the fault or reason the fuse would trip is the interactions with the narcissist or possibly just bad times causing bad actions from otherwise okay to good people possibly bad people. You can't really know another person stops you can assume and a lot of people don't realize how obvious they make it but no one cares in those educated enough don't seem to have the power to do anything about it but a lot of people will tell you things like oh you know. Yeah you might think you know you might be right 90% of the time but you still assumed or made an educated past history based guess. You did not know the other person's thought automotive

But traumatic events cause the loading on the circuit of the brain that tends to create a Hydra from empathy sympathy conscience centers and I think eventually they burn out if this condition is held or the fuse to them the links that allow their activation from sensory input to processing in that region refuse their blows. the good news is if we were concerned about this as a people instead of normalizing it there's probably ways to fix that. There's been some studies where they confirmed people had these issues some of them both brain scans and history analysis some better somewhere else but not just hey are you a narcissist you want 50 bucks when do the study there was effort put into determining. They used active brain scans and found that people looking at pictures of faces which normally triggers an emotional response in a neurotypical that didn't happen with narcissist or sociopaths. The hopeful of evidence is some of those studies determined you could get those areas to light up by talking to them to trigger what they would feel if something was done to them in line with emotion they're looking at on the other face. What you sounds complex but really what you're doing is dissociating and creating a habit. Usually for behaviors repeated the wiring required in the brain reinforces it becomes dominant pathway so it might be possible to retrain this.

There's also technologies transcranial magnetic stimulation that rely on a focus magnetic pulse to create the electrical pulse inside the brain with the advantage of you apply it outside. I'm not sure if we can both activate and deactivate with that technology it's one of those things I think is somewhat guarded by patents at the moment. I know I could make one it's basically my spot welding device but would require higher voltage mosfets to get the right current in a short amount of time to generate the needed flux through the coil. I was actually able to find more info on the electrical operating parameters then I was on zactly the capabilities of the machines. but if this can activate regions then that might be even simpler because by controlling where the pulse hits by a placement of the external coil on the scalp or above the scalp you don't have to talk them into the association you can maybe just zap it on while they look at the photo to aid the association

And there's a meta link here that I think indicates it's very feasible. It's something that was done by the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. It takes people with I don't know the scope of it but nerve damage like severed spine  strokes etc and basically tortures the fuck out of them. If they can't move limbs the limbs are repeatedly moved. The theory has long been held that there are pathways that regrow but the main problem is you need to reassociate how that connection how that is all interlinked in the brain. The link can reform but without the brain realizing hey this is the pathway to make that leg move it's the same equivalent it's not there. But it worked on the fact that by moving them and doing it repetitively the little bit of feedback signal generated what eventually recondition hey here's how I make the leg move

It's not quite a $30 soldering iron and a screwdriver but I can build you a transcranial magnetic stimulation device for about $500

I did two iterations one on a breadboard oneself etched non intended for power but demonstration of the circuit I intended to use and then I asked the board you see above and it produced actual spot welds. I know this because when I tested a weld to the point of failure a tore around the weld nugget. A good weld is actually stronger then the heat affected region around it. So a real Weld  tearsaround the weld.

But actually I can't build you anything I can't even hang on two things in my apartment but Maple Grove Police send police in Minnesota have decided that apparently I'm more value to the state in prison or in a mental health care facility for life or potentially I'm the most value to the state when I provide job security to whoever cremates my body after 3 years of absolute torture while the police aide and embed several felonies

but I designed that spot welder with eventually a multi-process controller board in mind and as such even that version actually has electrical isolation between but you min interface and logic side and in this design just a high amperage  switching side but I was envisioning controlling things like plasma cutters at some point or pulse arc welding so I included electrical isolation. It would likely be necessary for any TMS device. 

But assuming the clearance on the gate Trace was enough for high voltage device and I'm not entirely thrilled with the design you see above but it was one of the first pcbs I ever designed after teaching myself Chad and building the UV lithography exposure box than building the edge tank from designs I came up with in my head. You might note that there's a pipe coming off the side of the exposure box pictured above. I sourced low iron glass built a plexiglass framemade the bottom three layers thick so I could use a vacuum motor and some weather stripping from Walmart then the low iron sheet of glass and I could vacuum pull down the glass onto the transparency in laminated PCB.

the reason you do that is when the light that you need for your exposure passes through different mediums you tend to get all kinds of deviations from how you would like it to go through. Especially at boundaries between like if there's an air gap there because you don't have a vacuum pull down.

But hey if police want to create felonies in danger lives I can't stop them from doing it over My Dead body and that's clearly the way it's playing out

I can say fuck you pigs. And I can say I'm pretty sure if I stood on your porch and said nope I gave you some amount of money I'm telling you man I gave it to you all your stuff is mine go away I would bet I end up with a bullet in me maybe just I'm asked forcibly to take a knee but it's Maple Grove not Minneapolis

I just noticed the picture I selected didn't load of the exposure box I'll try to remember to add it later

Other information extraneous or otherwise I have no formal education in electronics engineering. I have never even used computer aided design software. I have a lot of credits towards a CS degree or an IS degree.

I don't see going back to school as an option. Even my TI-89 and 83 are among the things stolen. They filed restraining orders a year-and-a-half into forced labor and human trafficking me that are one-sided then came installed felony amount stock me do everything that's supposed to prevent and the police are more worried about if I might get violent while I'm being starved abused yeah I should be violent most people would have probably snapped by now this is fucking sick

Correction this is Minnesota

on the bright side the Maple Grove Police claimed to be the fuhrer of the industry

And if we generalize to conditioning and keep fusing mine well with the simple tie in of that damage made create the behaviors your arrested before it's probably good job security for the fuhrer

Oh it's a culture of fuhrers. I'm pretty sure they tried that with youth somewhere. That's odd memory escapes me.

Maple Grove Police, Maple Grove PD, upholding derp fuhrers culture is just one point in the mission.

And before anyone claims it's a baseless reference maybe try translating that word. But as fun as you would say you are correctamundo with the allusion but with the actual definition it's also probably a case of the shoe fitting at least in my personal experience.

And why is it in this post? The aim is so if I die tomorrow anyone searching Maple Grove Police on Google or major search engine...

Dead men tell no tales end silent tails rarely produce change let alone culpability.

Power without accountability is not a good scenario or congruent with a land that calls itself of the free

Worst thing is the people with this fuse blown are the least likely to be able to make that mental connection between how these concepts relate. Narcissistic personality disorder and all of the cluster B disorders to some extent have a damage of the mental construct of what let alone who another person is and some theory say that also extends to how it applies to object permanence. In other words the world and you exist in their head rather than you are independent entity with some same needs some similar needs some of your own needs what we start to have is a blurring of any ability to protect individual liberty and freedom

The state of Minnesota and the city of Maple Grove are doing what they can though just not necessarily in your favor


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