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Minnesota enabling human ownership of humans with police enforcement

 It appears that what Minnesota it does but will not communicate is there are esoteric or not known except to some criteria for when you are actually emancipated from your parents. The problem with that is it's hard to reliably indicate something like that. The unofficial nature of it means that it's prone to are more than humans are prone to air on their own it's a flawed system. Which whether or not it is real or bullshit excuse horrible sorry excuse that will really be enforced all of those are possible it's a bulshit excuse it's an excuse to harm citizens it's an excuse that makes it so some people die miserable lives after being terrorized the extent of them

and it appears that criteria which high school students maybe you should take note of it probably won't matter because the police can do whatever they want to you and if you can't make it to court good luck. More so it might exist but I haven't found it yet there doesn't seem to be a limit on police ordering you not to enter the courtroom or the building. Attempting to file a complaint mighty eagle criminal charges. You're not free in this state. But the criteria appears to be not just moving out but being able to show you have paid rent somewhere else. The logical problem is if you don't know this ahead of time or even if you do how do you hold onto that when you can be separated from everything yours Ravel isn't protected the cops won't do anything about them accessing your online account how do you possibly hang on to any proof of that it is absolutely bulshit it is an excuse for fucked up police to allow people murdered

It also does not fit with other aspects of law. For instance if someone buys you a cruise ticket you are entitled to everything the person who actually paid for it is.

Even to the point you may Sue even know someone bought it and gave it to you. You may file suit against the company I mean nothing stops you from being that sort of dick that would sue after being given the cruise ticket but..the point is when it's transferred to whoever you gave it to have fun on your cruise it is theirs.

Also in law it might be civil but so are most of the things that police in Minnesota fetishize on enforcing where anything they choose not to will be communicated as that's civil and not our job. Which starts to define your job as hurting people but that's a different argument.

if you performed a service professionally and are known to have done so then someone accepting that service let alone demanding it is obligated to pay.

But the police can at will lock you or standing between you and any evidence you need to prove any of this while someone else access is deletes it changes things to make it so you're constantly on the run and if you say anything about it they can or even if you don't they can claim they feel threatened while they're killing you

The real kicker is in men that might be accused by women cases if something like in ofp is saught

Minnesota likely receives federal dollars for the subsequent arrest

If you don't believe me check out the Federal office of violence against women and their Grant programs or here's a Minnesota document talking about how they are going to get and utilize what they're focusing on for those grants

Notice most of them how this works ends up being civil laws ofp is like an abomination because family court is a civil court branch the police will tell you well someone else assaults you batters you Steele's felony amount covered under Minnesota criminal law they will stand there telling you well that sounds civil even when I looked up what the values are stated what the values of some of the things were like single objects that go over the criminal value or over the felony-level value Sergeant Hansen stands there telling me that sounds civil but when they thought that this was active which is now is because they made sure of it they were chomping at the bit to arrest have to start the conversation a few other places on this block that happened between two officers. But ofp is a civil decision if you are found in violation you all the sudden face criminal charges we're the only thing of concern is was the civil order violated? That's a problem because these are designed where they pass automatically in your absence with no regard to if you can make court and they keep pushing to make it so you don't have to be there at all it's optional you get a certain time window where you can maybe be tied up and not be able to do a damn thing about it literally chained by the person who applied

In Minnesota the Maple Grove Police department and the Minnesota police with the Minnesota civil court system are not just killing people they're likely doing it for profit

Blogger is like lipstick on a pig but the reason I use Minnesota and Maple Grove a lot is to help the post come up if someone were to say search Maple Grove PD on a search engine. The term is search engine optimization. There's some efforts to make sure that it's going to be easier and easier to filter what shows up in results based on political desires we are entering very dark ages I would happily take the salt down for the chance did you have a shot at life that I worked for that law says I should be protected and having I don't think it's going to happen.

this lot isn't just incest this light isn't just discriminatory Minnesota law is all of those things but claims to be none little Jill you right off the face of the Earth will probably calling you a perv for making that reference

because you know they feel it's offencive and they feel their life or their opinion is worth more than your life
Which is sort of the problem with the feels when it comes to play mini quality feels can be very real feels can also be lied about feels can be very real No lie involved but be incredibly invalid

I mean I can feel that Walmart is an octopus but that does not make Walmart an octopus. I can feel that my actions that ensured you starved to fight despite the fact you worked for money haven't hurt you but objectively they have

Feels are a terrible basis for law


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