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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Minnesota Enslaves


Family Guy maid in court

In the video above the attorney represents the state of Minnesota its law enforcement and the whip cracker. Accept the reality is when you face this hearing Minnesota police might have kept you from all evidence you would need to demonstrate expenditures earning medical claims for a year or more.

They could either re-appropriate your lemon pledge to someone who stole it and a felony amount or declare your lemon pledge part a  crime and and now it's their lemon pledge.

 either way you should bring more from home. 

If you can't see the embedded video: scroll down to the bottom. click the circle link.

yeah we took you from your home and have been human trafficking you for a year but seriously why don't you find more time to work and buy more lemon pledge so we can keep you from it?

Why would you be angry you must have a mental disorder.

In between working minimum wage from the street for the lemon pledge were going to take from you anyway how about we had a commitment hearing and some court-ordered counseling sessions for your anger over us shortening your life to outright killing you. Know this isn't equal society but you need this counseling. No why would you think you need what you worked for instead that's that's ours don't you get it.

How dare you threaten that if I don't stop you'll do to me what I do to you that's a terroristic threat. Know my actions aren't relevant your words are relevant everything else is ex parte


Deceptive one goodles paintball gun sentry turret and envisioned such a device with a lithium ion battery pack and a high-velocity or even just pistol round... you couldn't theory at least until ammunition was depleted or the battery dies have such a device to shift to the home of the officer enforcing this madness if you included some speakers and a pre-recorded message asking how it feels to lose everything or be barred access to it well you're still doing in prison or just getting executed but maybe stop and make them think.

If you Google u-blox you can find a gps module for $10 on eBay. To conserve battery life have the device enter a sleep State and maybe wake up every hour to check where it is until it's at the predetermined coordinates now you can really see what brown can do for you.

Along a related line I think the fact that we have tasers has greatly skewed where the public allows the application of police force. It might not matter anymore because with how strict the media control is getting and the focus on sites that allow you to post your opinion I think we're about to hit an age where police could massacre an entire crowd and the likes of private but open to public posting internet services could decide that because the news won't cover it it's not factual so you could not communicate it to a crowd or to your personal friends network via that site and the whole thing would go unchecked unrealised on cared about because it was unknown. But assuming it doesn't go down like that there's still this problem that prices like tasers offer a way to use extreme force to force compliance but they usually don't produce death although it's very possible for them to do so. especially in the world where most people are conditioned out of our brain damaged out of seeing anything between black and white the police injuring someone is generally rubbed off as well they must have deserved it I quit death still produces a bigger reaction. I think there's a relatively easy way to remove the taser from the police arsenal. All you need is an explosive vest that only triggers when it sees the tasers electrical jolt. Ideally you put a metal plate behind the explosives between the wearer and the explosive and you still probably kill the wearer but what you do is you make it lethal to the cop who pulled the trigger as well. Obviously this would be an optional thing to wear and it's not intended to be used repeatedly what it's intended to do is psychologically remove the willingness to use that tool to exert Force.

because well you just blew somebody up or rather they blew themselves up but I'm sure that'll be up to be debate d and from the perspective of a police officer word goes around that if you use that device it might be the last time you do anything if the media wear to cover it..

and the point isn't actually killing anyone that would be tragic if it was ever executed like that. The point is a lot of people might end up dead when compliance all the way to the extermination or murder is doable piecewise by people who psychologically don't think they've really done much to anything to contribute to it. And that's kind of what the taser enables as things start to crumble.

Force should be applied as sparingly as possible and the taser does prevent the death risk both from cardiac arrest although minor and also anytime you fall iwan fals from head height have been known to occasionally death potatoes are drops people like a sack of potatoes.

A while back I was walking back from St cloud bars after bar close and I believe it was Halloween or very close to it I had passed two people in an alley they looked maybe 18 maybe they were given down to 14 or up to 24 that range is very hard to tell. Especially at night. What wasn't hard to tell us they were holding toilet paper. I went one way or was going one way in the alley they were going the other by the time we reach the opposite ends of the alley from there and I could hear stop police. I stepped into an open garage that people were playing beer pong in and shut the door figuring it was better than being in the middle of the ensuing footsteps turned run behind me. As I did so I was so close to the trajectory of the taser barbs that struck the fleeing toilet paper er that I heard the wirr of the wires go by my head. I could almost feel how hard that person hit the ground even though I only heard it.

My only moral hold up in designing and or re-releasing such a design would be making sure it doesn't activate with a false positive.

The other amplification of such a device is if your intent to tase one person and instead there's a possibility you take out everyone around them them and yourself...

We can March towards the world without guns in the hands of civilians I just don't see that as helping anything but what the far-right thinks it will. I voted for Obama twice before you try to paint me as anything.

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