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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Minnesota funding for discrimination and teaching discrimination against men


The nasty game at foot here is it appears they like to use the word victim a lot but when you remember the context of this document it's violence against women but all of the people who respond to any crime or even medical event what they're discussing is training them to only identify men having committed crimes against women

my personal experience has been police won't allow reports of violent crimes against men

If my experience is at all the norm then none of the numbers are very trustworthy if we are going on crimes reported to police as long as they are allowed do not answer the report into the database

Actually let me guess crime management system? Things like that or like even bloggers that I'm on right now often referred to as a content management system but they provide basic functionality like searches Access control formatting some more needed than others but a database for the police wouldn't be much different except it could be of Justice was actually of concern

For instance calling 911 or the non-emergency number could open a ticket number or a case number and the audio of that call would be associated with it. This would make not putting at least alleged details on the report pretty hard to do because the audio would be there to show what the officer refused

My guess is we'll never see anything like this that would actually be too equal

even collection of as much data as possible isn't really the problem data isn't the problem it's how we allow it skewed or the steps we take to keep it from being skewed and what we do with it that's the problem

We're about to enter the age where AI tells police who to harass

Which for most people might as well be magic

Problem is it's not magic and if it's only fed bits and pieces of the story it's using complicated wizardry to distract from a new justification to override your rights

Chicago is already doing this


  and I see we can only address this from the race perspective mit is doing the same thing. God help us all

Try not to forget absence of race absence of gender if one person is trying to kill another even if there's outside organizations involved or gangs whatever you want to think.

But for the moment nothing is involved one person wants to kill another

Putting either one of them in jail or prison probably prevents that right?

okay but there's some that can reach into prison because organizations are real

yes but at the same time won't it still decrease it? Isn't it more of a challenge to reach inside of the prison and execute something like that?

Or another words in either case even putting the innocent person that's being persecuted behind bars G20 report that you decrease violent murder?

Probably cheaper than actual investigations right?

Nah it's like the gal in the video that if you can't see click view desktop version

I want it to be about race and gender race and gender

Ma'am the HTC Evo will solve those problems and many others

Race and gender iPhone 4

I don't care I want Federal funding I mean iPhone 4

Anybody put an optical RPM sensor on Orwell's corpse?

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