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Minnesota Nice Maple Grove 4million

Hennepin county seems to find it all in good fun to allow everything an adult has worked for taken and destroyed by parents then multiple subiquent thefts of fellony level the police in won'tmaple Grove wont allow reported . Nor will Maple Grove Police allow attempted murder let alone three accounts of assault on a police report.

Around October 2019 Maple Grove Police mentioned they might be liable if what I was saying was true and then the same conversation informed me that it's not illegal to say you own someone.

I don't know when you allow someone to repeatedly assault and steal felony amounts forcing physical relocation in the police will show up to demand you leave public property outside where all of your things are being destroyed I don't know what's much different then actually owning someone in that situation. if I can repeatedly take everything you earned in the past everything you've made sincewell stalking you will physically assaulting you and the police will help me I might as well own you were talking f****** piles of s*** two piles of s*** but the police want to label what they assist a fucking Rose

If anything it's more like a chrysanthemum. Which in many places is the flower of death

People have been killed and killed over way less than this. Over a year with a pet and friend in my freezer while remains of other held and threatened by pale and malice (Paul and Marlene )

I woke screaming Clyde's name again today after a dream I was playing chase with Bonnie and Clyde then on waking a flash back to waiting up literally on top of my friend

I should kill for this Maple Grove Police kept me from even having the cage for him

rabbits require some special things for care and empty apartment with just the bed is not okay

they might as well have been my kids you put someone with a f****** infant away from everything they owned then try to tell him anything is their fault while you're threatening everything they owned forced labor on your time schedule the police back you you f****** nasty swine

The only thing that makes me want to hurl more is the Maple Grove Police

I propose eye for eye except I've lost 3 family members and I don't think Rory Hanson would last this long under forced labor toxic conditions

Rumor has it to save money instead of having actors playing Stormtroopers fire and Miss Disney just tires Rory he moonlights as a part-time peace officer intimidator the Stormtroopers actually the real job

Short of trial for treason I'd accept the state of wi fining his family to the street for crimes against humanity by his dads lack of pull out game 

Id rather this stop

Yeah Sargent mmmbop they gave me enough alright. Enough death for two. I'd appreciate if you're going to insist on what they give me that you at least take some of it

Cowardice bastard

I wonder , with out using actual explosive if you could trigger the bomb squad to say detonate 4 million plus of cars in the city gov center ...if they would be so giving with their own property 

I figure with the force the size of 55 officers squad cars and personal cars about 138 cars they probably figured low for the cost of squad cars. There's probably support personnel that work there as well and you probably won't catch everyone there at the same time to be clear I'm talking no explosives. Just look alikes let the bomb squad do the blowing up

Let insurance companies point to this post

News just broke of a NASA official transferring ip to China 

Intel and Boeing are both in trouble. 

I'm not saying I could save either of them.

What I will say is micro to macro when a young adult buys an occilisocpe only to be posioned by his parents mistakes then police allow everything he ever worked for taken repeatedly while he's starved and relocated.

America has systemic issues that are going to cost a lot of lives and any power status 

Mean while during the George Floyd protests police were actively damaging civilian property and stranding them 

We have police we can't fire, can't disband, can't count on to take a report can count on killing a non violent citizen before trial with out them personally seeing a trial.

The lesser asked question

How do investigations ever get done if police can refuse reports ?

What happens if we implement software like Chicago has to identify hot lists of people to harrase by police but yet we let them bias it with selective data entry?

Software with limited data is just as faulty as the human feeding it and the rights are just as violated

In other news Minnesota and us gov actions may have made Orwell corpse surpas the rpms required for digging to the core maybe a hard plate of rock deflects him at some point he comes out under yellow Stone and ends this shit show police imposed demise with the release of the caldera /s

I'd be ok with it.  Facing death already and not a quick one

But one where someone who claims to own me is stalling stealing has asulted me and got me labeled the problem.

Wonder if seiu cronyism through ctw maybe plays with I don't know the police officers federation?

That 4 million is estimating 30 grand a car I would bet I was pretty low on that squad cars probably what 60 Grand?

As shity as this sounds if you want to play crony f*** people over the only way to do it without f****** the country is to it to the elderly not the Young. Of course most Americans would prefer if you didn't do it at all


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