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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Minnesota No Adult Let Ahead

 I'm about to lose my ham license for non-renewal at that point Paul and Marlene will truly have destroyed nearly everything or are still making sure everything I have ever worked for has been destroyed. Along with anything I've ever been given and I'm talking both monetary education personal property as gifts from family friends the ham radio I worked for the ham radio my great-uncle w0bsi gave me when he died anyting and everything

The screwdriver antenna that was something he made for HF and  Mobile communications

Maple Grove Police if you lie to them you can have nearly an officers yearly salary of something belonging to someone else and the free to destroy it while threatening it to extract labor and the police will help you. Meanwhile I hear things like you can't file theft you gave them your stuff moving out

I didn't move out I moved in January 2018 the lock was changed August 2018 without any notice that was happening. $6,300 in skilled services were performed off and on demand not request. Things I have billed for professionally since 2004 and I'm talking at market rate.

But here's a big brain question if that means literally nothing what did they give me at all because where I learned that should mean something is school they paid for

School I could have easily gotten the loan to cover. I don't see on the LA books where it says if you accept anything that is offered and this was more forced to very subtly but in 2006 when I turned 18 I had an $11 an hour regular job with commission. It was doing mortgage refinancing or rather the telemarketing calls to get people to refinance if the loans cleared and you made quota you didn't just get $11 an hour you got a small percentage of the profit the company expected to make on the loan the few times I did that they were ubstantial checks.by that time I was also charging $75 to show up to do it support 30 to 35 an hour after the first hour. As I've said in the past I probably could have rented in Maple Grove just fine I probably wanted to have because ico would have been way cheaper or somewhere around that area. But I would have been just fine I have 4 regular business clients I've more or less regular business clients one of them was John C.  Aka the now-deceased owner of freeway motors. Actually last I heard Kathy has it now. And I onlyname him here because well all this is happening we attended his funeral. I'm watching people I worked for that could vouch for me literally died while my parents try to rewrite history to make it so I've never done anything and steal everything including my health my credit and my credibility

One of the other not regulars but I built a website and a computer for was one of my dad's co-workers at SEIU local 284 his name is Russ Lewis he ran for representative of MN 50b I talked to him around 2013 I think he was still using the now 6 year old computer that I built for his campaign and was still happy with it I was intending to use him as a reference I was out in dahlgren Virginia actually Ashland when I talk to him. I was applying for a PHP programmer position at caci in dahlgren. I wanted to use him as a reference.

I've listed more and less of different jobs in other posts on here I shouldn't have to do anything in its really pretty meaningless anyway because part of what police are helping be destroyed is any records I kept.

along with what I say 43 Grand that's a really rough estimate I've been starved 30 days in 2019 I still don't have my kitchen stuff what I got was lies about when I'm getting it back if I'm getting it back threats that if I don't do work I don't get it back but all of that doesn't go towards trying to prioritize literally a bed 3 folding tables and my pet of over a decade in the freezer when you're making up all these classes with no intent to keep only intent to leave to mislead then you're starving the person it shouldn't have to be an argument that this is insane and not conditions one can budget under but then they've changed that even if I managed it.

Then I get Rory Hanson or rather sergeant notficer like I said they owe you nothing what are you doing here John. I sincerely doubt if he was subjected to the conditions he enforces I don't think he'd hold the calm that I do I don't think he has it in him

but anyway I started this post because I read this link about the technology starlink is using. Starlink is Elon musk's plan for ubiquitous by broadband with a huge on Preston Lee huge constellation of low earth orbit satellites. Traditional satellite internet has been God awful terrible part of that is because the satellites they've used are so far away from the surface of the Earth that you start talking speed of light or speed of radio wave delays you end up with nearly a second of latency just to go Earth to satellite and then satellite back to base station providing internet.and that's a that's a limitation of how quit radio waves propagate and how far away the satellite is. the reason they've done that is if you put them out far enough you can have them rotate with the Earth and stay over the same spot. You'll on win a different path and it's pretty cool how we did. Rather than have one set stationary is like going to be a web of them that circle at a far lower orbit and use an electric propulsion mechanism well I think it's an ion thruster if I remember properly so mostly electric propulsion system to boost their own orbits as they decay. When they're closer they hit fractions or molecules of the atmosphere not very dense but enough to start dropping them so the solution is much more efficient thruster.

but somebody just dissected the base station antenna for the homes that subscribe I just I can't even watch this stuff anymore. I watch it knowing that nothing will stop these freaks from taking everything of mine and they've already probably taken decades off my life for things that were decided about their house when I was in elementary school by them.I taught myself PCB design printed circuit board I taught myself enough of the electronic engineering principles to make microprocessor-controlled custom electronics and then I built the hardware to do UV lithography and rapid prototype those in my apartment. I've had classes in software design and programming then some business classes all of that work all of that I taught myself I haven't had any formal training in electric engineering. What I have had is training and how to learn and a hell of a work ethic that means absolutely nothing if I can keep nothing i earn

but it makes me sick cuz I watch this thinking I want to be a part of it and I can't even touch my computer let alone my ham radio or any of the work I set up to have any electronics lab or litchi repair I can't touch anything I can't even ride my bike

Maple Grove Police help parents steal and destroy their adult offsprings bicycle like a playground bully


I get worried if I ever drive through there again they're going to want my lunch money. But even worse it's been demonstrated Paul and Marlene even after getting the ofp s have coming stolen felony amounts and I can't even be allowed to put a report in for confessions on a report that I tried to have created I would assume was created but I don't know that for sure because when I called to update it it was suggested I need a stay in a mental hold instead of allowing the report to be updated

I don't feel very much like a free person if you're always working for the same thing stolen repeatedly you might as well... There's no point

I've covered reasons why I think there's predatory policing in Minnesota before. But it just hit me now police really can't protect or serve if they're acting on hearsay. They're not supposed to be judge jury and potentially executioner but if the most convincing lie told first causes them to act and an act further to endanger life but reduce the risk of liability we definitely have privateers not police

I've gone through efforts to point out places where personal property is required for protecting life I've neglected the obvious for Minnesota things like coats and described in another article how when it hits 9230 a car on idle will not always stay above freezing without having the throttle depressed idle from the engine isn't sufficient

Police are willing to separate you from any number of dollars measured in tens of thousands in property and toolsbased on hearsay are definitely playing judge jury and have the potential to accidentally play executioner this isn't 1900 we know things like 3 years now nutrition will have a great impact on most people's future and lifespan

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