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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Minnesota one-upping Wisconsin for future Jeffrey Dahmer

 For those unaware one of his victims managed to escape only to be brought back to the killer by Wisconsin police.

The way Minnesota has set ofp law and especially with the way Maple Grove Police will allow a year of their salary destroyed for someone else threatened for someone else well pets are threatened well they denied or censor the ability for one side to file a report I don't really see how there's anything like equality here what I do see is at some point there's going to be an ofp filed on someone who is literally chained down

Maple Grove Police actually make the situation more hilarious there basically ensuring I die.

after forced labor under threat to everything mine which is still being destroyed because then Marlene and Paul just filed ofps

So I'm blowing out black ship alone without any of my kitchen two summers in a row now I haven't been able to get my bike the first nine months in the first summer was cleaning their f****** mold card reversed three of that Maple Grove Police helped ensure that I didn't even have the full face respirator I already owned

But when I tried to show officer Hanson who might as well be Jeffrey Dahmer

Tried to explicitly show him a picture of what I was made to breathe. He responds I didn't see that put the phone away

Is Sergeant jackass is it not in your mission statement John Force the laws with equality and without bias do you need those words defined?

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