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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Minnesota police support victim grooming

 The nasty part of it is if you go through this it's really unlikely you escape intact. The damage done is one where many people who end up this way hurt people or try to make them feel the pain that they felt

It's a zero-sum game in their head

Any happiness or success you experience is offencive to them they will try to take it from you. At best it's I went through it you should have to as w upell but the thing is there's no actual comparison there you could be getting literally stabbed and they had someone tell them they were wrong but that's all it takes sometimes especially if it's repetitive except the problem is it takes away the positive attributes of humanity we don't help build anything we help keep the rich getting richer and focused on subgroups while everybody loses. Everybody but the one and 10%

But the hardest thing to break away from is someone with inherent trust violating you parents are in a unique position to condition normal throughout their child's light healthy borders are boundaries are supposed to be allowed to go up starting in teen years failure to do so leaves the young adult exposed it's corrosive it's toxic to any abilities to succeed it's literally grooming a victim for life. The odds are not good but when police refuse evidence and tell you what the situation is while helping destroy it will help him commit a felony level crimes by the parents there's not really hope we're blaming people for things they do not do do not have control of they do not have control of them to the extent the police are helping steel felony amounts or cover it up the police are helping cover them being physically abused I'm not the only person I know it's happened to

I've seen very few police officers that recognize what these conditions are. Good cop bad cop is an old trope. It's hard to know but there's been a few times I've been as sure as one can be that there's been recognition. I've said in many places I won't point out those who have been up standing because I don't know the ins and outs of that world On the off chance I would throw heat on them within their own culture by doing so I don't want to do that. Somebody else might benefit from having them there.

But on a related note our whole culture focuses on only our domestic violence stalking everything that the personality disorders especially plus two bees tend to do to people but we only allow it to be applied to women even above their children even if they're doing it to their children

We have created a slave culture where you end up so damaged you do it to your kids

And the police end up locking the person who didn't ask to be born who they don't care what you say is the adult offspring they don't want to hear it I didn't see that put the phone away with Sergeant Hansen response to me attempting to show him what I have been forced to breathe well Sergeant Hansen helps hold onto and destroy nearly an officer's salary worth of my stuff I didn't see that put the phone away how many child traffickers are human traffickers do you think that department has let go un accosted or perhaps even assisted?

It's acknowledged within the feminist circles and it's very true it's just not true for only feminists but victims of abuse especially when it happens within families and when it is the children that are being abused that is normal for them they do not have an external picture of what healthy is they've got that from what they observe growing up it is victim grooming in every sense. Not only have the police not allowed the other side of the story on record or to be told there's the occasional from even other officers but frequent way in from Sergeant Hansen about who's right who's wrong which is a personal judgment everything that phone says they're not supposed to do that their own mission statement says they're supposed to apply the law equally about apply at yourself asshole I'm blowing out black shit you tell me that give me enough about you take some Rory you're picking boogers when I was 4200 miles away from Minnesota or your town in Wisconsin on a trip I paid for aloan at 18

You tell me what I've done and haven't done well enabling things that equate to another person taking my life with felony crimesyour

 nubile fucking cretin 

I go to Sparta help build a kitty carnival trout pond. Rory goes to Maple Grove and help steal $43,000 of my things and destroy them along with my health. if I recall correctly Sparta's about 10 miles Northeast of where hes from
If you ever get offered the stuff with arsenic and give it a shot I hear it's good really good for you really good for the planet

Before and after

Rory keeps telling me they give me enough I'm telling you man if you want some of this there's enough to go around.

Maple Grove Police department in the town of Maple Grove Minnesota helping people kill pet bunny rabbits been making sure someone lives with their pet in the freezer for 2 years and counting all in a day's work.
I'm sorry Bonnie I love you.

Maple Grove PD and Minnesota police in general seem to have figured out the state can throw the mental health or the healthcare industry bone by first creating the brain damage through excessive trauma and then ordering the detainment or dakshin to the mental ward. In between assisting felony theft and making sure records only the depictict what works for the police

Maple Grove Police robbing people in prison in people falsely imprisoning people abducting people killing bunny rabbits all in a day's work

Maple Grove Police I think I forgot poisoning people but Rory didn't see this

Mmmbop crooked cop ba dooo bop bleeding out by you bop

this was the car Marlene was driving to children's. Maple Grove Police protecting those who endanger sick newborns.helping them Rob and poison their adult offspring between killing bunny rabbits.

If you think that's bad

 they slaughtered ethics

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