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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Minnesota state enforced human property

 In my three decades plus of existence the police have been helpful 2x. Once was I took a snow bank to avoid a collision. Another time I called 911 realizing my dad was experiencing medical emergency. The first entity to respond was a maple maple police officer. The snow bank was 2018 the med emergency was 2004.

In 2019 a St cloud resident tried to force labor for free by using the threat of tresspassing charges and as soon as I put it in those words I was free to go. 

I realize trying to prove he did that and charging for that get complicated. I was ok with just being able to leave.

What I'm not ok with is the situation of 3 years starvation or malnutrition and human trafficking like conditions while police defend 2 parties forcing labor and stealing every dome I've ever made and everything I've ever been given

I'd say the propensity of evidence indicates that this sort of threat to life enangermeant and ultimately trauma is capable of causing mental illness

Yet the additional threat is either dying on the street or dying in a mental ward for not being able to overcome the illegal actions not enforced or prosecuted

which starts to define quite a nasty picture when you try to juxtapose it to a concept of freedom

Especially when the two parties doing it do everything on the list of what the charges leveled against me are intended to prohibit

A civil law based on preventing immemt domestic violence but with no required evidence or checking after it passes with out you present.

My parents were out side my apt the day after over the next two weeks 7 confirmed times, 2 police documented times once I didn't see them but walked out door to parking lot and got a text from my dad asking if I was going for lunch.

They live 45mim away by freeway. 

Is this the behavior of 2 parties that legitimently fear another ?

Then a month or so later they stole my desktop PC, mig welder and compound miter saw

Their earlier actions stole my if and battery powered roybi stick vac, 200 USD isolation transformer someone else's 30lb propane tank and $200. Power tool battery plus a bunch of other things from my car right before the hearing. In fact the timing is suspicious as f*** because the car breaks down and 6 days later I get  served.

They knew I had 30 days to find a new apartment we're actually 22 find a new one and be out at the time I was served

this was a year-and-a-half into human trafficking like conditions and forced labor under various threats to myself my animals than the remains of my animals all of my property and that still persist

Yet even getting confessions of the felony-level theft

St cloud officers suggest I need to stay in a mental ward rather than amending the reports

I have no criminal record there was never any indication I was violent to anyone. My civil record consists of speeding tickets. 

Mainly because of North Dakota and realizing that compared to a Minnesota ticket which is like you're not getting out of it for under 200 USD

A ticket in Fargo was like $18 plus 2 for every mile an hour over.

There's this modern trend of equating law & Justice and morality which even law doesn't support. Other than protecting people laws over a free populist are things that might cause harm to the populist and that it's pretty iffy the further into hasn't harmed the populist but theoretically could. Also there's the juxtaposition of how do we fund the police officer jobs.

Divorce court is telling people or rather the lawyers for it are telling people that sociopathy might be equated with something as simple as speeding tickets the site psychology today looks like pretty much propaganda for family court

what's known and unarguably hurts to kills people 3 years of f****** malnutrition and starvation with forced labor under threat to everything with theft that's there's a laundry list of felony misdemeanor and civil laws violated

but some of the research confirming how much it hurts someone was done in Minnesota as far back as 1944 this is insanity

Police help couple steal 6.3k service 42k worked for property(estimate) then cover 2 more fellony level thefts, forced labor and trafficing conditions , animal cruelty while asking victim why can't you afford to be independent

Mean while my dad literally claims he bought me and owns me.

I imagen some of the United States first police probably toyed with escaped black slaves . "Just work harder bro", "why can't you afford Independence?"

ME: sir are you arguing that if slavery was legal there wouldn't be a cost associated with feeding and sheltering that person?
Maple Grove PD Sargent Hanson irl "IM NOT GOING YO ENTERTAIN THIS CONVO"

Probably canned response trained for dealing with many situations while maintaining power in this case power that may prove fatal

this was for spot welding lithium ion battery packs out of individual cells. Useful for building battery packs or repairing them. spot welding nickel or copper interconnectors across cells is the industry standard way to build a pack.

We're about to see electric Cessna sized aircraft. Motorcycles and cars are going electric currently Minnesota doesn't want innovation it plans to export I don't know slavery

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