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Monday, January 11, 2021

Minnesota state liability

 Restraining orders if the police are enforcing them or the government is enforcing restrictions on movement I would hope in any sane world

We didn't overlook that people might lie create one-sided restraining orders your cultural values to distract from how dangerous that could be and now we cover it by not allowing the actual victim to file police reports.

The state takes action based on hearsay they've done things that I would say are in line with ensuring the wealthier of the parties is the one to petition or the one the state will end up backing

This originally struck me as there's no safeguards they can tie you down you should be chained in someone's basement while they petition Court just now I realized that ensures police don't have to do their job the person already winning can just put the other one in jail or kill them

I would bet they count on how much damage they do. Especially when the state law allows for putting people away for angry words. Sweep it all under the rug into a mental ward jail or an urn

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