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Minnesota Unsafe Regardless of Race


You have confessions of fellony level thefts , forced labor and danger to Life conditions 

in the words of a nurse practitioner (medical professional) who violates the law to create them


The police would rather detain you in a mental ward than allow a report updated

Then what are your odds of escape?

Seems to me escape takes money.

At min wage after tax take-home is like 1100 a month.

Add rent electric fuel and food and how much can you save?

Does it matter if it can repeatedly be stolen ?

What are the implications when the party doing so also claims outright to own you?

How would you feel  if maple grove police flat out told you 

"It's not illegal to say you own someone"

While participating in basicly human trafficking, ignoring check fraud mail fraud , theft of 6.3k in services and 42k of personal property

Only to prevent reports of two subsiqent fellony level thefts

Not allow reports of falsified police reports as weapons ?

While threatening the mental hold they've already done it once.

MN appears to use the med system to make its liabilities go away circumvent probable cause search and seizure and all limits on detainment.

If you as I did get out and call the State bar association which has a hotline they might tell you as they told me

No one touches these cases

the police in the state appeared to have zero accountability and near unlimited authority. If you want to see the horrors of the medical system they will drop you into Google the death of Dan markingson

2 ways mn excuses itself from all but violating you

You like violation right? It enthusiasticly consents to the lotion it puts on its skin or it gets the... Court? Again?

worth noting that we assume drs trustworthy.

With psychological diagnosis the DSM doesn't have objective explicit criteria for many of them. Some of the easiest to discredit with also match that of severe trauma. For example pstd has many symptoms in line with schizophrenia.

Part of what's supposed to make western medicine Superior is it supposed to be based on evidence in science. Anything lacking those objective explicit criteria should be taken with a grain of salt but it's more profitable to prescribe something like an anti-psychotic.

They might as well label you a witch. Regardless of labels or criteria there's no real way to appeal your medical records. The doctor that decides if you're free to go or not is under no obligation to even review evidence. what's labeled a 72-hour hold you might find out doesn't include weekend hours.

and yet calling people a which is all fun and gamesi except it's a bit more dangerous than that because while no one's being burned at the stake your medical records are being modified

between 100000 and 250000 Americans die every year because of mistakes on their medical records

The second one in Minnesota has to strip your rights is called an ofp. There is no statute of limitations AKA  nolimit on how long after the alleged event you may apply. In some cases you won't even be required or get a trial unless you request it and you'll probably get less been 6 days notice via summence served by a sheriff.

I joke about this because the two parties that simultaneously filed on me literally stole my ID and lightly sabotage my transportation 6 days before filing in the court an hour and a half away by car

The joke I tell these you could probably change someone in your basement and then get them labeled the abuser.

it's a one-sided restraining order supposed to be about fearing eminent domestic violence. The two that filed on me the day after the hearing I could not attend drove 45 minutes from their house to sit in my parking lot for the next two weeks 7 times two welfare checks then a month later they stole the felony amount for my garage

You lose your second amendment rights which never really mattered to me until I didn't have them in someone is literally trying to kill me someone who was literally planes to own me. Also after these past you become arrestable without a warrant in many cases.

What they won't tell you is police won't allow anything filed against the person who has won against you. so if we base anything off statistics by police we should probably take him to account that nothing compels them to even take a report and quite a bit might be there for why they would not.

This started as domestic violence against women or violence against women law. The criteria has now been opened up to any blood relative any current or former roommate or anyone you claim you had a romantic relationship with. so pretty much anybody on anybody at any time and there's no fee to file.

Any job that requires security clearance is gone afterwards and like I said you could probably be chained in the accusers basement.

if you think nothing that crazy is ever happened a state away in Wisconsin it's worth noting that police once brought back one of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims who had managed to escape. Yeah they brought him back to Jeffrey Dahmer.any system without controls produces results like this. It will even with controls but without it begs for them.

if you think about it from an economic perspective in states that don't produce energy this is bound to get worse as financial hard times occur or worsen. With the distribution of wealth States like Minnesota are dependent on keeping well or attracting it.

Andy stern referred to internationalisation as the race to the bottom as far as the American worker was concerned. Similar concepts are at play here. with our current financial system the states cannot make their own money regardless of whether that would be good or not that's the point that needs to be made. The state governments are dependent on the citizens and or the company's more so the companies to pay the citizens and then extract government funding from the citizens. Extracted with things like various taxes.

If you got health Care already in your state wouldn't it be nice to be able to throw them government funding via Police created holds?

Any state can cut taxes so can any Nation when it comes to corporate taxes Minnesota seems to have found a way to go above and beyond

At the expense of liberties and any protection for its citizens. But of course they've PR spun it so that to your legal rights are your responsibility no matter what the government is taking from you doing to you etc a week and a half hungry homeless in -30deg given no time do you even sell your possessions you better be able to afford a lawyer and make court. Even with police ordering you away from public property.

it's rational and reasonable to assume that if someone can access your bank accounts sign your name even on the back of a check from mail addressed to you then you're always going to be able to afford a lawyer right?

Which is where the zero notice eviction thing sort of hits hard. It's funny that in the United States we consider businesses citizens as a business school they teach that physical assets are less liquid but still a store of value. Yet the police have no qualms separating you from everything well not enforcing laws that would protect even money in the bank

You know Minnesota has issues when someone without even a college degree just aligned reviews of the seiu's retired executive director with things closer to libertarian views.

It probably helps and hurts bad by my estimate my dad was vice president of SEIU local 284 for about 25 years. I say hurts because there's three SEIU locals in Minnesota I believe there's also three police federation unions. In Biden terms he's probably more of a big fucking deal than I realize. even in retirement.

 yeah that's the same person who claims to have bought me and owns me. Vote union yes massa.

Sure is a good thing my healthcare records say delusions of mold
I told the doctor who said this that I have on my phone and email with the mold pro who confirmed the problem to be real.

Only to hear patients aren't allowed phones on the ward.

This is kind of like don't mind how much people and how often people steal from you just keep working for what?

20/20 Paul my father and my mother at the same time claim that in 2018 they kicked me out of their house which was really 8 months after I moved back in from what turned out to be problems from their house...
They claim I was acting erratically so they kicked me out and I wasn't taking my meds which I'm still to this day not required to take any meds.
despite the fact that Marlene tried to push me over a railing then assaulted me another time and Paul assaulted me once I'm now labeled the abuser. So Dad you have a son that you claim needs to be on medication in 2020 yet in 2014 You had me at a private Union event where I could have been front row here I chose to stand and back because of my height. That doesn't look like anyone important in Minnesota at the time does it?

Before and after or rather still continuing. The one on the left is on the third floor of an apartment without an elevator.

isonomy is a pipe dream in Minnesota.
 we have first come first serve justice.
I could have gone with due process too but that seems like the low-hanging fruit.

If you're lucky the police won't first allow you stripped of even anything you might sell to afford representation.

Minnesota doubles down on how to get to you

 GAAP or generally accepted accounting principles (bear with me here)

  require external parties audit and review the books. Abstracted this is known as a control. Or what you learned in school as a check and balance. Battalion concept is conflicts of interest. an external party without any financial ties is supposed to be the one who reviews the books for an audit. This control helps keep things legit. Because if the reviewer had financial ties to the side that stood to gain from any business transaction they have reason to lie.

In Minnesota if you file a report of police misconduct guess who you file it with? Yeah precinct where the officer or officers is employed.the same entity does the investigation but Minnesota found a way to make that even worse. The way they did it is it can be a misdemeanor crime for reporting misconduct. Lawyer sites suggest you hire a lawyer which is yet another way of putting a price tag on who's allowed the possibility of justice.

It seems in a sense we are familiar with controls on processes. You just won't see them implemented in the citizens favor.

The coup de Tete is served via backhand. 50% of Minneapolis Police fired end up rehire due to the union.

 The process is called arbitration.

guess who pays for that process? Yeah the taxpayer. 

So best case scenario your complaint or literally you getting beat to death even if that officer ends up terminated 50% chance some of your tax dollars are just used to get them rehired.

Are we having fun yet?

I set the site up because dead men tell no tales. The domain name will last an arbitrary number of years but blogger and the content will stay online indefinitely. 

it's hosted by Google.

I'm sure with the lack of controls getting me in particular where there's a will there's a plenty of ways.

But lest you think out to get me is an accident in wording... I was alluding to some of the DSM criteria when I was thinking of this. We can have that though right ?The thinker? I'm f***ed

Worth noting something about ability to understand sarcasm and satire being linked with intelligence?  


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