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Minnesota voter fraud

 I'm sure this isn't the traditional definition but when police can enforce a zero notice lock out of everything you own and everything you love or everyone including your pets

And then proceed to order you repeatedly order away from public property outside of where's the thieves are storing it that's bad enough but then when the police cover subsequent felony-level thefts during what becomes human trafficking and forced labor due to threats to tens of thousands or any arbitrary amount over the felony limit in the state law...

I think there might be a basis for claiming that I couldn't vote because of that

There's also some amusement in posting this stuff because I believe it was on my vengeancetech website and its first incarnation I mentioned the first time that I've been ordered away from public property outside of it and all the sudden the police got real specific about I don't have to leave Maple Grove but I can't stay where I am which is a real specific point to be less clear. Because as I think about it now that change wasn't actually clarifying the situation it was obscuring it

More importantly though there's not a real good argument for how police can create order or hope to create order when their actions might include putting you out on the street acting on hearsay and lies acting as judge jury and potentially executioner. The moment you start to finding a system where police order you away from not only stuff you earned via hours traded for working but stuff that to replace requires more hours working

The moment that happens you've created an injustice. The scale of it isn't something I want to debate but the general rule here is people wrong there's a few ways they can respond the likelihood of them making Court to deal with that it's pretty low with the scale of what they're separated from especially when you realize there are statue of limitations that limit how long they have to do so

but as far as I can see some of the bases for law against a free people are over a free people was preventing vigilante justice or offering an alternative means to it and that is where the order came from so when you have police creating the Injustice 

and little clear limit as to if that can extend to preventing you from entering Court by direct order

the reality that in the current system even if they did that unlawfully it's the same department you would have to complain to or in other words why would they make themselves more liable or conflict of interest is the general idea

Minnesota further zip by making it possible to have criminal charges brought against the person who filed a complaint against the police if the very same department you're potentially complaining about then doesn't investigation and concludes itself to be innocent

the system is beyond broken

It's things like this that are causing the mass violence

The advice on legal websites is if you're going to file a police complaint or misconduct report in Minnesota you should really get a lawyer to do it

but when you're being forcibly relocated absent of everything and especially when someone is then allowed to continue stealing felony amounts from you how likely is that? Lawyers also get to choose if they take you. Even if you can hold your wherewithal enough get together the evidence that they might have separated you from which is another but even if you get selected by a lawyer that cares and trys

 there's no guarantee you make court . and human nature wise if you've got someone bullying you in ways that can be lethal or was that can cost you your life your job anything if they're also breaking criminal law but the police actively refused to do anything about it it's pretty easy to see how that would exacerbate or could exacerbate that behavior by the other party

neither of them the police or the third party in this scenario would have anything to gain by you making Court.

the system is beyond broken its does nothing to prevent predatory behavior by the system

I don't think it's hard to argue media covers their backs either. Because when's the last time you heard the breaking investigative hard-hitting journalism point any of this out or ask questions about this? But they do offer you a lot to fill the void about women making $0.20 and some cases less on the dollar but not exactly what the case is are. Overall it's not really going to matter much even if you pay them $0.20 more an hour if the police can help take it no matter what or regardless of the demographic

Similar issue to making what happened to mr. Floyd about race. Or about excessive force alone. There's a little more chance involved with not being suffocated by A knee on your windpipe but what are you working for if on a -30 degree day with zero notice police allow someone to just put you on the street without chance to even pain any of it to maybe afford a room. -30 degrees Fahrenheit without a jacket you can die in as little as 10 minutes and survive longer than that you start exponentially running the risk of being a quadriplegic

Both of my pet rabbits are dead because of Maple Grove Police not directly but it's hard to argue they going to play a large role. It won't it be unorthodox to make that argument either because if I recall correctly everybody's always a little at fault in a car accident right? Knock on proverbial wood that hasn't been me.

 Actually there's been a few times it could have been but quick-thinking averted it situational awareness the most recent was I would have got rear-ended had I not been watching the rear view and let off the brake it would have done significant damage. But by closing the maybe two foot Gap I had to the next car at idle I lessened the blow by giving that car barreling down at me more time to slow the speed and less differential speed

Another such time there was one icy patch and the car stopped about half the car length behind where they had to at a stoplight. I observed the road where I would have needed to do the last bit of stopping. Within a split second I calculated I don't see their eyes in the rearview mirror they don't see me coming they're not going to move up so I turn to the left and press hard down on the pedal to make sure that I didn't bounce off when trying to climb up on the snowbank rather than rear end them. Worked like a charm. I literally ended up parallel to them as if there was another Lane there but I was on the embankment this was outside of the staybridge in Maple Grove. Worked like a charm except I trying to get down from the embankment afterwards. But the other driver is looking at me like I'm the weird one go on nose but half a car length too early stopped. before the police arrived there was actually some dude in a van got out and was trying to help me I don't know if I got to thank him I appreciate the help from the officer as well I actually might have been two of them if I recall correctly. But that also came with the assumption that was going too fast repeatedly stated probably judge by the amount of time it took to stop visible in a tire track in the snow. Except if you read for detail had I not put the throttle on to jump the curb I might have still had the crash

this might seem a topic or rambling at this point but the point I'm trying to make is without considering how things are interconnected we can easily come to false conclusions or commit atrocities

Kind of like the Injustice we're not only did I not get to vote oh, both of my rabbits are dead $43,000 of my property by my best estimate is still being destroyed that stools that I've earned within the past that's things like my kitchen stuff,cheap safes I've bought and not included in that is things other people have given me I don't think you really can replace French children's books or cartoons there's not really a monetary value to that that's not something that Paul and Marlene gave me that's not theirs that's not the fucking pig Rory Hanson's place to decide anyway what enough is what is taught in la if you go to St cloud State or I'm guessing any school with the business program is someone is legally obligated to pay if you do service for them especially if it's something you've performed in the past are known to perform professionally. what's taught in contract law is absent of a price discussion or specification on a contract market average is considered the default.

Maple Grove Police department will tell you everything is civil while it's a felony level theft by state law

so I don't really want to hear the argument that this is civil when not only did they helped steal all that they helped someone accept Android demand $6,300 in IT services and then Maple Grove Police gave them everything I ever learned and the rabbits I loved but also pets that I had cared for since 2007

We have made the playground bully into the officer with a badge and a gun and no accountability for their words or actions

that doesn't even get into the fact that the forced labor was on something my doctor my primary care doctor told me at the start of 2018 or end of 2017 he told me to get away from that and you will get better. Every time I did that was demonstrated.I also owned a full face respirator from what I'm mixed acid to etch circuit boards. It was bought mainly as the face shield as once the acid is mixed there's not much within the range of temperatures it would have experienced that would have created any gas risk. But the point is 9 months forced to remediate a moldy car the first three months the police helped hold on to my full face respirator. Which was a respirator made by 3M and the absolute bare minimum that you would use if you did a job like lead or asbestos or even mold remediation but certainly something you could use and be within all OSHA specs to do so. It was not ideal to have me doing it at all nor would have been the ideal face mask full face respirator you would want but it was definitely qualified to be personal protective equipment for any of the jobs I listed. I was forced labor to Deuce do one of these jobs under threats to all of my things well Maple Grove Police helped the thieves hold on to my PPE that would have been appropriate and that I already paid for

They are fucking sick

And no I don't just mean cuz I'm angry I mean munchausen's by proxy is a known mental illness.

I'm not saying it directly applies or attempting to diagnose anyone the general concept is it's a mental illness if you make someone sick. there's some argument that they might have done it for money but I've covered that elsewhere

In Minnesota quiet town called Maple Grove Police assist slavery when a dad literally claims to own his adult son
All those pictures above are within the last month what I'm now blowing out. As I predicted it eventually contaminated the apartment because an empty apartment isn't ideal for anything expecially when you've lived on your own before had all the things required but Maple Grove Police make sure you don't. I have Clyde rabbit in the freezer and if you want to further argument for munchausen's Maple Grove PD will create the pstd that might then then turn into why you're given a mental hold or if you end up committed could luck getting your unlawful order case to court from oh I don't know inpatient mental Fairview u of m Minnesota. Good things happen there right? Ask Dan markingson.

or read about how those employed there talk about a culture of fear if they speak out
I'd love to be doing something productive if you look a little deeper on here or go to over to vengeancetech. Biz that site is hosted on a server on the floor of the otherwise empty apartment it's set up to run most of what provides Amazon web hosting services it was intended so I could launch a product in the form of a service with a product with less capital then would be required to pay a company like Amazon to do the hosting from the start it would have also help with development instead it just sits there like a fucked up business card because anything I buy has been demonstrated they can steal it and the police won't even allow a report

the other thing I'd just came to mind is I'm pretty sure not reporting a felony is a charge in and of itself could you actually face double Jeopardy for this. I'd feel it or something similar in concept if not double Jeopardy in and of that. But the concept is or general the moment police start censoring reports or refusing to make a report how likely is that person from a psychological conditioning standpoint they are being put In harm's way two actually killed and police won't allow things on reports that contribute to that police will stand in the way of getting them back... But to follow law you have to report a felony how likely is anyone to call the police when they're experiencing that sort of treatment? It's conditioning not to call them so regardless of its the two lineup it's pretty predatory to have police able to do that and allow that can put you away for not doing that.

and if you want to say why am I not doing something right now that earns money well first of all go fuck yourself why would I do something if I can't hold on to anything I make for doing it II of all B u of m School of business Carlson center for business whatever there's a report that probably done a lot more grammatically correct than the transcribe I usually use for this but it looks like a sophomoric or elementary School attempt on the topic that's already been done predatory policing through civil asset forfeiture with most basic of basic that there is. So why not tell them to do something of value why not accept you're not supposed to be the judge of what's valuable to other people or that diversity in all aspects of life in a society generally creates better results and youre infringing that even by publicly speaking against well just about anything but judging someone where you shouldn't that's wrong for other reasons to unless you're eating your Mac keyboard but then again that Apple did have a bite out of it

On a lighter note maybe the turtleneck hid that Steve was really Eve


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