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Mn legal slaves

 This might not be how the laws are written or their intent but it is probably how you will find them enforced in mn

How To Buy You Some Human Property in MN

we gonna learn you right quick how to puts a worm on the hook  how the northerners do it. (the struck text is something I once heard while kayaking down a river in VA. Dense trees on the shore made it take a moment for the grandma and grand son to come into view. I looked at my gf at the time and hummed dueling banjos to indicate we should probably paddle faster. 

If you can steal from poison or otherwise make someone dependent, especially if this is your adult offspring. police will overlooked crimes that may leave them dead and contribute to creating and or  maintaining dependence. The dependence will then be justification for overlooking all else. If you are unlucky in a state where it might make you a criminal to even file a police complaint and no one audits the police; you might find police have enforced something like a 0 notice lock out and even your pstd therapy companion animals are now in control of someone who "want(s) to make you suffer" and another "I own you", "I need control because i want control". extremely unlucky and you might first look like this for 16 or so months

, emerging and a great body of older research is painting a picture that abuse someone can not walk away from with out harm to things like diet, stress level ability to exercise or one is forced to endure (like any form of detainment) can contribute to flipping genes on or off as well as mental instability. in 1944 a study done in Minnesota raised the question or rather realization that its probably not in line with medical ethics to prescribe psychiatric medication with out first addressing dietary deficiencies yet mn police playing sherif combind with mn family court could leave just about anyone in a stressed to the max starving position and the police in general seem to have little qualms about not just bending the 72hr hold laws and peace officer hold laws but out right tieing them into a pretzel while someone claiming to own you physically assault you and police grant them all of your assets. this would stress anyone even further. its a bit like blowing your own sail only its more like creating the prisioner or mental ward patient by overlooking, participating in and or enabling criminal and threat to life behavior then using hearsay to justify detaining even if the person still holds on. this is important because stress alone can cause issues in gene expression and activation of dormant conditions like schizophrenia is possible. pstd is likely some permanent loss of function as well.  mn has programs like snap for food but if someone can be moved around in a manor like human trafficking while even amounts earned externally during this can be stolen multiple times and labor commanded... the police and by extension state may leave an individual dead, disfigured or for lack of a better phrase: 

utterly fucked in the head for life and or disfigured to disabled. MN Police and Courts are enabling brain damage to potentially already abused, robbed and terrified citizens. When we let the old do this to the young I think we might be a bit further than sold down the river. have no fear I think i see ss incest throwing oars overboard and dropping anchor next to me-ma and worm hooker, stui is rumored to come on with the band at half past moonshine. 

I think fat baby might have been a metaphor for corp welfare to detain and drug citizens and or the states civil asset forfeiture account stocked by privateers. 

i think that moon shine must be going to my head. that or i cant read the screen clearly due to total lack of ergonomics and malnutrition for 3 years while maple grove pd  help a 70 plus year old child steal his childs bike(with everything earned via work and anything ever given by anyone) 

the u of m somewhat unsurpisingly missed the mark but helped give what i expect to get worse a name. perhaps in the spirit of the toilet dining car has plugged plumbing (dont shit where you eat) they focused on MO. the concept is predatory state governments

I get into it a bit better bellow but the missing the mark part is also because civil asset forfeiture is the tip and titanic is already out of life boats with the lights flickering.  less metaphorically. police outright forced me to an ambulance under threat of force and walking through the door the doc ive never met signs off stating I must be mentally ill "paranoid and suicidal threats to dad" . After complying with the command to step out of the car or be forcefully removed I was searched. The officer was also interested in making sure it was a clinic/org i had visited before. hmm how does that clinton thing change data sharing with the police? not many know but that consent form most sign gives police full access to records generated at that clinic. 


Hip, hip hop, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. DAMN YOU SCUBA WILLY!

this link is more here for me later, someone once said these random bozoes were important or something... apears they have tried to define predatory state or something
less sarcastic... i really haven't read this one yet. 

 Regardless of how anyone else defines it , Regardless of how anyone else defines it (CTRL+O) double speak off. 

Orwell as far as i know coined the phrase but the tactic was already old when Joseph Goebbels renewed it.  what is a gov passing laws billed for protecting ones self from ones self. compassion and care for the arbitrarly judged ill. now never you mind rights and things just a quick pat search before your hearsay  3 day detainment against law under threats of force from officers with no one to complain to but other officers. 

just a we bit of health care welfare and circumvention of the constitutional protections citizens are supposed to have. through out this especially when Sargent hanson is involved the mission statements bellow look like a joke that might be funny from any other perspective. except its kinda like dark humor when paul wuethrich claims to own you and police wont allow reports or heavily censor to their negative. oops i mean dark humor is like food... not everyone gets it. 

Maple Grove PD steps it up a notch though. bold move to claim derp fuhrer of the industry. if there are no predefined criteria for evaluating actions based on said mission statements and values and more so if there is no negative consequence for violation that page is as worthless as the single 8x11 its not printed on. its PR at best Propaganda at worst. 

MN is also known to leave a lot of laws totally ambiguous. if the prosecutors and the police are uh... shacked up...

this is wonderful for convictions. for the average Jill, Joe, Attack Choppa or Other this means you better have every sort of lawyer affordable and researched before turning 18 and contingency for if mentally ill parents empty your bank then maple grove pd leaves you on the street the moment after you turn 18.

remember its your responsibility to adult regardless of how the state enables criminal law violations against you. if you cant adult to maybe adult and work for the same things stolen repeatedly expect to be judged for not working harder to be set free (where did we hear this phrase before?) possibly by a real live judge at a commitment hearing. alternatively you can walk away in maybe -30f weather and again face a commitment hearing as a corpse or minus limbs. 

Meanwhile you can get shot by non psych evaled potential officer socieopathic skitzo torrets for him imagining you complied and not liking that and whats most likely to happen is, you become ashes, he gets paid time off or she, lets not be discriminatory. 

our own great war v2 effort 

Can We Just Burn Them at the Stake Already?

But if this doesnt get you your abuser can still run to family court and get you and abuser label. with the lack of concern for the fact I was stranded an hr and a half away and had 4 days notice I would be you can chain your victim to a wall after they are served. not just that but hand them a cellphone the day before the court date, it wont make a difference, boom second amendment and many job options automatically ruled out on pure hearsay. the burden is on the accused. toss them in the river and if they drown they weren't a witch?

Witch Craft and Abusive Men ...the only violence and cause there of?

Seems fair, no innocence harmed right? 

sometimes they baked a witches cake that included some less than appetizing ingredients, among them was rye. which all though the cdc will run you in circles and your doc likely hasnt been educated on what fungus can do to even healthy people... wait did he say? yeah, ergot poisoning  . 

something is wrong with modern courts when to maintain sanity its healthy to picture the family court judge chowing down on rubin sandwiches pre hearing. 

but it not 16xx anymore. unless you want to contest that lead and or mercury can cause psychological symptoms including making one more likely to act in a manor fitting to OFP, 72 hr hold and or civil commitment and or human trafficing forced labor conditions could do the same then mn should know way better than this. my laymen ass... was not involved but the mind at the other end is typing all of this besides the links from stuff i read up to two decades ago, some more recent but nothing was looked up for this. Actually when I was a early teen and part of the lexicon was asking people "are you tripping?" id mix it up with are you eating rubins... rare was the person who understood that then on now. 

If police allow let alone assist in stealing 10s of thousands of dollars in property and thousands in services once let alone repeatedly starts to define salvery as well.

Unless all it takes to survive is ur body and you can poof/teleport a to b to go to a potentially different place then the above where you repeatedly are relocated with in the state forced to start from nothing

Working for the same basics the same party keeps stealing from you while police want to give u detatainment In  a mental ward rather than allow confessios on a report

What's best on the sick joke column is the father doing this to me was VP of seiu local 284 for 25 years. This is probably accurate plus or minus three years. From as early as I can remember as a child  the seiu international convention was our family vacation. Only payroll and or leadership of the locals attend that convention. But they offer a discount if you want to bring your family with. In other words you pay a little more but instead of sticking to union members in a hotel room your family shares the hotel room. Which isn't really relevant except for the fact that by knowing that only leadership and local payroll goes to the convention that's how I can estimate the 25 years. 

For much of that time Paul was officially employed by robbinsdale area school districts but he was the union Stewart and the vice president of that local. I also have to wonder if that's some of the reason the police act the way they do. There are three police Union locals in three SEIU locals in Minnesota. They're both partners under an organization called change to win abbreviated ctw.

A few people I've talked to have pointed out it's awfully odd that the police always stick around bullshiting with my dad afterwards and the number of officers that generally arrive.

If you think about it in organization with no external audits and controls and one that is tasked with enforcing its own rules and doing its own internal investigations has basically no mechanism for preventing that sort of thing.

Suppose I should check if the FBI is Union but the FBI doesn't give a s*** what state police officers do. At least on the small scale. When I mentioned check fraud, the agent wanted to know how many 1 produced a laugh. Should be 2 fedral crimes though as it was presumably taken from mail addressed to me

Regardless of any esoteric factors or complete absence, if no one holds the police to their stated rules or state law and especially with the nothing to do with my plite facts the union adds to the police, there is little to nothing to stop police against you. What o mean is some 50 percent of police terminated end up rehired due to arbitration

There's another article where it states one officer had 18 excessive force complaints in 9 years. You should also keep in mind that in Minnesota the police handle complaint investigations internally so you're complaining to the organization that spawned the complaint and Minnesota law allows misdemeanor criminal charges if your complaint is found false. I would bet that deters some people from complaining. We also have civil asset forfeiture laws that allow for or at least allowed they might have just changed property to be seized without a charge let alone conviction of the person who owns it. but one officer 18 excessive force complaints nine years was fired over the 19. Arbitration restored his job and the stated reason was long good work history. 

beating citizens? The overall point here is if you can f****** that much end there's a good chance even terminated you didn't actually lose your job there are no real negative consequences for pretty much anything as a police officer. I'm guessing maybe from what I've been able to scrounge up talking to people it might hurt their promotion path. But we're talking the ability to take lives take livelyhoods permanently disfigured people.

 Minnesota has a known history of cops that actually kill people don't face trial regardless of behavior of citizen or nature of charges that would have been brought.

Here's a question that might she'd light on the potential seperation of powers violationtion and put it in more clear focus if police are infact above the law.

Have any ofps been granted against current or former police?

Police have a higher than general population domestic violence rate last I checked. I would find it highly unlikely no one has tried to file one against an officer. But as this law has entirely subjective criteria and seemingly no standard of evidence it's ripe for favoritism cronyism and rights violations. I've read that it eliminates the possibility you will be able to get a job that requires security clearance it also eliminates your second amendment rights all on hearsay. All without regard to your history or lack thereof. I would think the part about not being able to own guns anymore would rule out remaining a police officer if one is filed against you in if the judge who is supposed to be a separate entity from any given Police department happened to allow it to pass. What I would see is they have been attempted but for whatever reason anybody looking would find that none of them were granted. That is entirely speculation on my part I think if I'm right about the higher than general population....

In general I'm all for unions.

I'm Pro labor. 

Fair work = livable wage with some comfort and preformed  in as safe of conditions as safe as possible, collective bargaining and arbitration are generally great things.

When it comes to police unions I think our lawmakers let us down. Intellectual and logical work should have been done to decide how the powers of the union interact with the duties of the police. How it interacts with the ability to retain control of a force granted power over other citizens.

 Work needed to be done where freedom and prinipals of justice intersect with what a union provides to an employed person.

I think we all lost because it was not.

Things like collective bargaining are great.

Successful arbitration to protect citizen badge and vested powers income over normal citizens life... Athority with out accountability how often has this worked in humanities past?

And I know it's not a safe job. What most people don't understand especially non-americans might find this crazy: police officer last I checked was the third most on-the-job fatalities with electric line person being the first.

 How many calm citizens have electric lines people killed with their knees let alone a bullet? how about on the job?how many millions of dollars have they stolen from citizens without even a charge level let alone a conviction?

at a time where we know a lot more than we ever have before about controls an individuals and groups and the outcomes in behavior that they produce or do not we haven't implemented any of this but I can see in our police force. 

I think what keeps most of us safe is most people don't want to hurt other people. Police are people. The problem here is we also know narcissists and sociopaths are drawn to jobs with power over others. A position of power attracts them.

(note: medical term for sociopath and psychopath  is aspd or  antisocial personality disorder. It's part of the cluster B personality disorders. I'm not sure if it's officially a mental illness or just a disorder there's quite a bit of evidence its literal brain damage. the it I refer to is any of the cluster b.

 Google or Google scholar: "abnormal gray matter prefrontal cortex" if you want to see some of that.)

Take  Paul Wuethrich talking to me

" I need control because I want control" (Contextwas of my life.)

I should also say I've run into many police that I would call upstanding. .

Along the lines of the double standard or police above the law in Minnesota we've also given police the ability to throw you in a mental ward as a 3 to 5 day detainment.

 off hearsay despite your appearance and manner at the time of aproach.

 even if they do violate the law in executing hold the State bar association hotline is telling people

No one touches these cases. 

Which might not be true but that would keep the majority of people from having any course of compensation for the damages that can come from being forcibly detained for 3 to 5 days.

Mine included a pat search with pocket rub then a 3-day detainment. 

I had been working quietly in a hotel room. 

But the relevant point is the police able to use this as a tool to circumvent rules on engagement, probable cause and search seizure then detain days not hrs 

Worst yet Minnesota police aren't required to have ap eval. without officially stating it put the police above the law and with no oversight. Short of actual slavery this sort of thing is very unlikely for things like abductions unsolved murder cases trying to escape a cult trying to escape a gang

They might end up enabling people that want to harm other people and nothing is set to stop this or from the police harming directly. when we start forcing confrontations with doctors who have absolutely no obligation to review even expert testimony and may drug a patient I think ethics are gone. but on top of that 250,000 Americans die every year from  medical records errors.

So when were allowing police to force doctor's visits the state parent Lee wants absolutely no responsibility in yet another way for potentially killing you. If you end up committed after that it might have caused it. hard psychological evidence is out there that any sort of course detainment just psychological trauma. For about 30 years now we've had a study called epigenetics maybe before that even. The research concludes that things like schizophrenia can have a dormant Gene activated by excessive stress.

we also seem to have no regard for conflicts of interest because we've been able their jailers to get bonuses for drugging patients. Whatever 3 2 is rx kickbacks or prescription kickbacks from drug companies to doctors for writing specific prescriptions.

Is conflict of interest of foreign language now? Tu ne parle pas Minnesotant?

 after I got out of the mental ward the first question at the next police encounter was did you stop taking a knee required medications. This starts to make the police seem to be drug pushers. One hand jacks off the other or did I get that any of them wrong oh yeah it's like Arizona where the police stick something up your ass or have a doctor do it on request accept do not pass go do not get paid a million dollars. Maybe that was New Mexico.

My parents as I discussed I believe above this may be below this I'm adding this paragraph long after having published the original change the lock 8 months after I moved back in and they said they were my landlord. I would bet my life they are aspd and PD or BPD and both of them are full-blown not just high traits of. With that comes lack of or weekly felt conscience. In other words somebody with that will say anything and they don't feel bad about it. Both my parents have said verbatim I get what I want when I want. Often in a condescending tone will harming me. This extends to lies to the police. Lies to me and then you catch him in a lie they never said that you tell him it's recorded the standard responses are so what or f*** your recording. basically what I'm trying to get to is there telling me they're not keeping my things they're not harming my things I can just come get them but I show up no one answers the phone despite the fact that they're both home and then the police arrive being told any manner of things which I eventually got on to so I would sit on public property in the cul-de-sac. Without fail 10 to 15 minutes later Maple Grove police roll up three squad cars strong sometimes. To the point where if it was at night I'd already have my dome light on because I knew it was happening. And then all the sudden I'm getting ordered away from public property with no restraining order no justification for doing so when all of my valuable property is still inside that house but not only that people like officer or Sergeant Hanson are giving me the riot act while refusing to allow anyting about assault or attempted murder on reports doesn't care about forced labor but then goes so far as to personally judge it saying your parents don't owe you anything what are you doing here John I didn't see that put the phone away.

One last thing on the seiu in Minnesota:

I won't call this a definitive source, and I will say that I've seen an article that in California and other states the SEIU is calling to break ties with the police unions. note on the link below about the extra judicial murder response  the SEIU is absent from the list.

I've seen police give college fraternity members preferential treatment might blow your mind but it won't blow my mind 4 leadership in a related or partnered labor union to get it either. Even if retired. But I can't say I know that's happening for sure. I can say there appears to be absolutely nothing to stop it from happening. usually if it's humanly possible and nothing is likely to be consequence for doing so at some point in time it's going to happen. It's going to happen either way but what we call that negative consequence or even evaluation to see if it's happen would be a control on behavior and that is absent as far as I can see.

If you look up something called gaap you'll note that even accounting requires things like external reviews. Why don't the police?

My first I.T. support client was a CPA office and that started in 2004.If you read anything on here you might pick up I also paid attention in business law. Which I would never claim makes me a lawyer but that's not why it's relevant. people like Sergeant Hanson have told me my parents give me enough. When it turns out that laws written AR maybe bait-and-switch because the police enforce what the police want to enforce and that might leave you dead. When the police enforce refusing confessions on reports of thefts even after the lock was changed by the same party harming you and who claims to own you. What I'm trying to say is if everything I've learned can be taken everything I earn since and felony amounts can be repeatedly stolen from me I'm working for the same thing over and over again just to survive. The laws and little bit I tried to learn in school doesn't mean anything so what did they give me? Versus they took everything I earned and have made 32 years of my life worthless ensuring that I'm on likely to have many more

Back on my plight:

Paul wuethrich has claimed to own one2x yo have bought me once and wanted me to repeate the word. Slave when I practiced what's supposed to be fair communication techniques and said dad you make me feel like a slave.

"Huh what was that just the last word?"

This is while. 3days hungry in an empty apt with a pet of 10 years plus who also happened to be a pstd therapy animal in the freezer laboring on their car for 9mo

I can't remember for sure if the school district or local 284 pays his retirement.  I know Carol had taken the Ed position and he retired shortly after and negotiated some money up front to step down early.

If the union is infact paying retirrment it wouldn't be a stretch to say the union finances slavery. Note the if though.

Mean while he does everything he can to show while destroying everything I worked for he will burn money to make sure he shows me I'm not to have anything but the hell he forces

Paul also has tolde "I need control because I want control"

"I decide Decide what hurts you"

"We're the same person"

"I can't abuse you you're a 32 year old man"

"Maybe I should put Clyde (rabbit) in the washer"(clothes washer)

Maple Grove minnesota pd supports human ownership,Forced labor and human trafficing. They cause the trauma they will use to detain you and med sci shows through stress related epigentic changes this can cause life altering or ending diability. 

This state is a death trap death camp. But I'm sure ma and Pa Turpin would fit In.

The most important thing after a substantial loss /of a loved one is purpose in life. Ie odds of not losing yourself literal or figuratively. Marlene has said she knows this but plays the same games he does and they both steal to make sure I can't complete anything I start or have anything nessicary for normal adult life. 

At one point after moving back in in 2018 she gave two conflicting  immediate. demands I can't remember the specifics. What I know is my mind chewed on it for a second and I responded mom those are conflicting directives

"I know that's the point"

She had said upon them onviti g me back that she is my landlord

They accepted to demanded aarlet value/rate of 6300 USD in electronic and IT services over the 8mo untill with out notice they changed the lock

That's fellony theft of service after market rate rent is subtracted.

The mn homeline renters advice group publishes a handbook made for police in MN. I found it as a PDF

Oral leases and service for rent are concepts mn recognizes 

It's illegal for a landlord to ever hang onto Tennant property . Its a criminal not civil act and that's spelled out clearly.

The lock change was Aug 2018 both my rabbits and all my high value property some things belonging to others were being held and threatened while being destroyed  .

I had managed to literally teach myself circuit board CAD then the concepts of UV lithography and duplicate them in the last apartment including mixing cupric chloride after building the edge tank from plexiglass welded together with paint thinner the same with the exposure box except it had one sheet of low iron glass to allow the UV to pass through and exposed the acid resist film for pattern transfer. I taught myself how to build microprocessor control electronics of my own design after building the tools to build them after the design was complete all this while doing repairs and setting up the shop on the third floor of an apartment without an elevator almost entirely alone I also managed to get contracts that should have had multiple paths to success except none of that is possible when police allow them to not only take everything from me but to repeatedly steal afterwards
The real kicker though what time is it all together is the state allows commitment and detainment in mental wards with criteria such as failure to be able to care for yourself or keep yourself fed and clothed. Well any amount of money stolen is no good any amount of property stolen is no good. Maple Grove in 2019 arrested a woman for stealing a bottle of wine from An arbor lakes my best estimate so far they are still insuring $42,000 my property is destroyed and assisting theft of 6300 and services. You told me that couldn't affect my ability to stay fed and clothed.

Actually it wasn't just an exposure box it was a vacuum pull down exposure box. In other words I had engineered a design in my head and then built it but it allowed for sucking the air out to pull the glass down and squash the transparency on to the circuit board to be. Which is ideal because any air gap causes like diffraction and then you can't get features as small as I achieved

When I started to think it was mold making me sick this is what became of the high-powered UV LED from my exposure box for lithography 

after 9 months of forced labor on their moldy car I was blowing this s*** out

This post got popular (relatively) quick
Esp when u consider it knows my devices so that 5 does not include my views and the post is less than an HR old

To the point of almost wonder if they are paying lawyers at odd hrs 


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