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MN inequality , MN enslaves ,MN kills people and slaughters ethics

 Police allow one party repeatly robbed while disallowing even a report

Police refuse to allow violence against the same party on a report despite 3 occurrences.

Police uninterested in evidence reports are being falsafied as weapons

Other than to state if part of that convo were true we might be liable. Then it seems the arbitrary orders get worse

Police try to build case party robbed assulted relocated forced labor and robbed again is violent 

Other goes to civil court claims to feel threatened 

Then Steals a fellony amount again 

It puts the lotion on it's skin as we beat it down again 

It comes out as one side can do anything to the other and the victim is liable for the feelings the party beating them to death and terrorizing the has 

My computer stolen April 2020 was worth $700 hardware wise and one software suite alone was $2000

With that a brand new mig welder worth $400 at min to replace new and $250 compound miter saw. 

March 2020 they had taken even my id id before filing for the ofp restraining orders. With it a fellony amount I listed a few pages back on this blog.

More importantly police had been enforcing a 0 notice lock out starting 8mo after I moved in causing me to be shuffled hotel to hotel and a mental ward with a car as only consistent place to keep anything 5 times in total that was emptied by the parties that then filled the ofp. Documents o would have needed to hope to defend ..

I would find execution via asphyxiation more honnerable than the events I continue to be put through.

One of the parties involved quotes:





"We are the same person"

"I get what I want when I want"

Furthermore I once had everything one needs cook wear wise. Link on the right even shows how I used it. MN knows better than this. Why?

 Mn did a study during ww2 to help those rationed and starved in Europe recover. MN citizen volunteers were starved to determine effects of Mal nutrition and starvation and how to optimize recovery. The Cognative impact was so significant some volunteers actually amutated limbs. Emotional impacts were profound and easily sumerized as Blunting and decreased inhibition.

What is mn doing when police create conditions the states own research shows make one extreamly likely to at best say things in anger ..while actually being put at risk in many ways but civil court and police can further punish strip rights and abduct/detain for the result of their actions?

I have no criminal record and a short civil record with the only relevant parts being what this created. 

This is insane

Furthermore they have caused me to be unable to maintain obligations to paying customers some of which were also in my social circle/support network. Their house spread what made me I'll and nesicitated the move in when I lost my lease after 8 mo trying to figure out what hit me and maintain obligatioms

They steal to make sure I put in work on things cannot have anything cannot accomplish anything. they threatened with the police help them steal to command labor for 9 months.

One of my two pets that I've had since 2007 is in my freezer because of this the other died while I was being shuffled between hotels because they decided to change the lock without notice even though my mom and said she was my landlord as I move back in $6,300 of services I've performed professionally since 2004 were rendered over 8 months. The city of Plymouth has their price per square foot of residential rent a online. It's about a 1.32 if I remember correctly. The Minnesota handbook for police by the home line association even mentions oral leases and services for rent. Even have a dollar fifty to be safe because I couldn't find Maple Grove's exact rate the roughly 10 foot by 10 foot room I was in for those eight months if you subtract market-rate rent still leaves a felony level theft of service.

It leaves me - $43,000 of things I worked very hard for with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and Clyde in the freezer   of apartment.

it leaves me in charge of trying to hang on to things that can prove what I say well it's shown that they can continually violate laws to terrorize me let alone commit felony level theft yet I'm responsible for if I say fuck you or if I say something violent if I say it if you don't stop hurting me I will hurt you I'm supposed to be responsible for this while I'm being killed fucked you

They steal & my name to command my time. They open my mail they hold my mail my other rabbit Bonnie died during the hotel. Her remains were addressed to me at their house. Not only did Paul open them and still hold them along with Clyde's favorite toy Bonnie and Clyde's favorite toy God damn this is sick

he pretended to lose them while asking if his car was done yet the labor I was being forced to do

If you're at all familiar with psychology Russian guy named Pavlov's had some dogs. what allowing these thefts is terrorization this commanding of time by signing my name making things I have to trace down well they're stealing things I need keeping things I bought with money I work for that made modern Life or adult life possible this conditions terror this conditions helplessness because anything you do no matter how adaptive it is is answered with do it again because we committed a crime to make it so you have to

More recent medical science has a term neuroplasticity stress and malnutrition greatly impact the brain's ability to learn to change. Every bit of what I had going for me what I was working for what I had work for just being destroyed my health is being destroyed

I didn't eat the standard American diet I had taught myself how to cook better than that you take the first three letters you'll note it's sad and that really says quite a bit about it. What have I been given when I can't use what I've learned even basic health wise to try to secure a longer life especially when I worked once to pay for the things required to utilize that information.

We don't have a system of reform we don't even have a system of honest law we are letting the system create the crimes that it then locked people up for.

If you think school make it in school or get what you get I'll ask you a question where did Tesla and Edison graduate in their electrical engineering class? There wasn't one. I won't claim to be on that level. What I can logically say is Minnesota eventually shoots itself in the foot if it doesn't respect the ability to keep what one has earned and it locks up people based on hearsay accusations give some labels that further impact their future

Unless you think we can export policing I don't think the image is very good for that export at the moment

On top of that I am not the two parties hurting me I do not by any law or any power control them. We've given police that power they choose not to utilize it. Reality is when the party doing this has more disposable income in the party suffering it if they don't stop it is highly unlikely one can get away from this.

at one point I posted how this compares to human trafficking and I didn't even get that point then but from the federal list I had every characteristic there is

Marlene my mother is a nurse practitioner she's recorded admitting the conditions they force are a danger to life. She by all I can see should be irrelevant medical professional. I respect her a lot more than she has ever respected me a lot of that has been lost but the point is I paid a lot of attention and even in 7th grade I was converting her teaching curriculum because she worked at the college of saint Catherine's as an adjunct professor and needed to convert overhead projector to PowerPoint. I also listened and most of the conversations at the dinner table growing up where medical things I know quite a bit but even if I'm not allowed to make decisions for my own health I can't believe when she's recorded imitating both the conditions they forced by of the crimes they do are danger to life and that another recording she says she's I deserve it because I'm a man but the police aren't interested in it they are interested in painting me as violent William being killed there are interested in standing between me and recovery of any of my things while they are being destroyed. They aren't interested in the fact that nearly officers yearly salary is being destroyed that's like a 10-year sentence when it comes to disposable income to recoup many of those things ironed above minimum wage by using most of what I spent on was tools.

Why should I spend it all though that's condition to be insane as well because there's unless you're willing to gaslight like crazy there are things needed to maintain any level of adult life those things cost money.had I known someone could not only take them from me but continue taking what I get after I think every purchase I've made on Visa was coerced at this point

I also think there are some insane problems with the 1968 Court decision supreme Court..

How do you ever hope to prove something in court if the police can order you to destroy the evidence? Is there any limitation preventing the police from detaining you the hour of the court date or ordering you not to enter the courthouse? How do you hang onto any evidence for anything when the police on hearsay will allow you separated from everything? I just bought what I work for I can't have that without a little more now I never wanted to be dependent but I need to regain my health I need to make good on my obligations that I put the work in can show work and then Marlene and Paul just took them away other people paid for it.

One of those other people was a US Marine

I wouldnt doubt with certain parties Paul has played up his service in the naval reserve. I've

 been told since a child  thhe joined to avoid having to go to Vietnam. I was told by the US Marine he was a commander and served in the Mideast.

You might say look at the arguments and making how can you claim cognitive impairment but if you also note neuroplasticity I'm not telling you anything or much of anything that I learned to say it now. It has taken this long however to get stable enough to recall most of this. I wasn't familiar with the Minnesota hunger study before this or starvation experiment but very little of this I have very limited ability to research anything I have a laptop where the battery is past life  zero charge and has a loose power jack the desk and desk chair. Actually it's not a desk it's a folding table from Walmart growing the mold from the car I was forced to work on for 9 months and so is the chair my bed is 

w White

but now Brown.

There's something else I find very peculiar there's documents indicating what Minnesota Ames for from federal grants I found the one between 2017 and 2020 ofp is listed quite a few times. That Grant money is the office the federal office of violence against women. I found am not alone police when it comes to anything that might look or be made domestic have been telling people everything criminal is civil but as I experienced the moment the ofp came into clay they chomped at the bit to arrest and that's as far as I can tell a civil act. I think it's highly likely there's Federal money in the arrest once that's applied but if that's only for a resting men when women have claimed it against them how can we have any claim of equality why are police more interested in a civil order than criminal law?

Actually I should rephrase the bit about what I've learned versus what I've known. Then 20 16 I believe I had business law at St cloud State University. I knew almost nothing about la before that and a lot of the stuff that I've tried to talk about on here is stuff that I've looked up during this. But if I hadn't had that class I would be entirely lost. I'm not so sure it matters though because some of the things I've uncovered RV on disturbing there enough to be pstd on their own but I haven't just uncovered it I'm experiencing it. I'm suffering it.

Among that evidence I'm struggling to hold on to are confessions from people I work for or work with that Paul and Marlene were contacting them one of them was told how to most likely take a client from me. 

Literally everything on the list that ofp claims to prevent or be about has been done to me and continues to for the last three years William held in an empty contaminated shithole.

The police participate in this and sensor what is even allowed on report

Which should call him question any statistics on violence against anyone because the police are controlling the reports and if the statistics are based on police report data them not allowing a report whether or not they choose to investigate afterwards they are feeding the issue manipulating what the problem appears to be

if any of the ideas I've brought up on this blog disturb you keep in mind I'm by far not the smartest person around. A lot of people remind me I am pretty damn smart it's hard for me to hold on to that but the reality is statistically speaking there are people way smarter than me.

There are people way smarter than me and way less ethical to the point where I would think weather smarter or not you would have seen violence from the majority. 

From what I can ascertain about law it would seem to me Minnesota has done a lot of odd things that seem to pit what has been long known and not even recently discovered.. what I'm trying to say is non-contested medical knowledge psychiatric knowledge seems to pit everything we know about human nature today against the citizen it possibly does so when it to make financial gain from doing so but it's also advertising land of the free in all of these protections that don't exist or will be applied where the state sees fit to profit.

You don't have to look very far to find murmurs up to people who participated in creation of the DSM talking about how much of a monster that's become and the corruption in that world if you look into the u of m Fairview track record dear God what are we doing the people


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