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MN slavery work for death . Police enforce death camp. Timeline

 Work to have everything you earn taken before and after.Well the person doing it literally claims to own you. Will police break all the rules to detain you for 3 to 5 days participate in what soon-to-be death


Everything taken by 2 people who made decisions on their house when you were a minor that endangered their investment them contaminates your apt

Cat you've loved since 2001 dies (cosmos)


You identify it as you move back after 8mo bleeding .

Lose a tooth that has been dead since 14 years old but wedged. It was a baby without an adult tooth under it. dentist tells you not to wait more than 6 months and you need a $5,000 dental implant as I write this in 2021 guess what I still don't have.

Professional mold pro confirms

Nov 2018 they had the house professionally remediated.

6300 usd worth services you have preformed professionally since 2004 exchanged 

Paul and Marlene's reign of assult and terror begin with false police reports

8mo of bleeding later they change the lock. 0 notice eviction.

It would be roughly 3mo later they got the house remediated 

Police begin participating in illegal lock out

11mo later you are in a mental ward while they pay to have their house fixed 

One of two pets you've had for over a decade dies they threaten the second (Bonnie rabbit)

While destroying 43k of your personal property they make sure car you don't have title to has water blowing through vents

Paul wuethrich 25-year vice president of SEIU local 284 now retired but that's not really the point. Paul begins telling you he owns you and has bought you.

Force lease 60 miles away then demand you fox the car in empty apt despite the near imposibility

Bleeding every time you get in it

Other pet (Clyde dies in empty apt)

Earn 2k from web server work for all biz all goes to car

Despite remains of Bonnie being addressed to you and sent by United States postal service making it a federal crime police give zero s**** that they hold an threatened after opening. Remains threatened to extract labor. Clyde is still in my freezer

2 felony level theft since that police won't allow confessions of might not ever even created a report

Several smaller incidents like letting 10 pounds of air out of the car tire taping over the light on the dash stocking

Stalking god dammit Google stalk

Police suggest you need another whole dinner in a mental ward rather than allowing confessions on the report

30 days hungry in 2019

police and the state very much get involved but only to allow the death only to allow the murder

Only to allow the terror

A government like this and its agents the arms of it should fear for their own lives when they take the lives of citizens and help those trying to kill them

Anytime the government help steak directly or helps another party take what you earned and the value of your labor there's a problem especially when it takes the value of your labor to the extent that you cannot even eat or replenish to be able to labor again this is execution

This is degeneracy

This is Paulwuethrich Marlene Wuethrich state of Minnesota Hennepin county Maple Grove PD saint cloud PD

I am John Wuethrich you can run a background check I don't have a criminal record there's been no indication of violence in my life but March 2020 Paul and Marlene went to Hennepin county family Court and I'm now labeled the abuser they sought of peas I am in a Man out moldy apartment without so much as a place to sit

This is police destroying evidence or allowing it to be destroyed

Police destroying lives

Minnesota and at emagine elsewhere in the United States access to court or ability to do anything about it is guarded in three ways. you need basic things like a printer a desk transportation to court even without a lawyer to do anything about it on the civil side. Boyer's stand as another guard because I have money or not they can decide whether or not they're going to take your case. 3 the court the judge it might be over before you started

We have the illusion of freedom in the illusion of Justice they might as well be a death camp

Clyde's tomb

In Minnesota it might require Union connections or leadership. But from what I've seen if you have a child you can work them to death poison them assault them steal everything that their talents can bring them everything that their labor brings them. Especially in Maple Grove the police will be glad to help.


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