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Wednesday, January 6, 2021


 A warning to Elon Musk:

As much as I applaud the fact that stating you're not cash soluble with Latin prefix got you out of that situation

You should probably take heat of the fact that we've been programmed so all that matters is how something makes somebody feel at the moment

Along those lines no one knows what il does to the word....but liquid ? 

sounds an awful lot like it might be related to moist! makes me feel uncomfortable 😂

As does you not properly assuming my preference on pronoun or stopping an important meeting to ask it and remembering everything every time perfectly.

Wait did I just use the word preference?

 oh my God my head's going to explode 😂

I s*** you not: 2005 in AP English the teacher told us it might not matter how the message is intended but only how it's interpreted. 

Narcissism is so deeply ingrained in this culture I think it's going to implode

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