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Narcissistic personality disorder borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder are likely brain damage and may be contagious

 Corporate psychology sites and some of those that might be run by lawyers in the divorce industry (psych today?) Paint the averaged message we either don't know what causes these conditions and or they have genetic influemce.

The first is almost a bold-faced lie we have a pretty good indication of what contributes to them enough to where the average person probably wouldn't find it a lie to say we know with certainty.

And when you read the same site suggesting things might be genetic well we don't know do we but your real quick to bring up this concept of it's inherent you can't do anything about it insane it's probably genetic. Some of them go into it may run in families

There's an old joke that the first day of med school doctors are taught every patient cured is profit lost.

Psychology might have taken that to a new level of deviousness. I should differentiate corporate psychology. And this isn't hard to explain because in business terms any mental health department inside of a corporate healthcare practice or organization has very desirable aspects as far as profit margins for the corporation as a whole.

if your mental health department is leaving to put money down for syringes stents stitches bandages I would say they are probably doing something wrong. The lack of this expenditure probably makes if the highest marginal profit per customer of any aspect or branch of healthcare.

But information is power. Knowledge is power is the way you probably heard it. The bigger problem is without accurate or with misleading information one is unlikely to be able to act 2 Change it.not everybody presented with the accurate information will do anything about it because not everyone has the desire and even with valid actionable information not everyone has a concern or desire to act on it.

The moral issue is in misleading and misrepresenting one sort of creates a lock-in. As in if it's genetic well you better come to us for life and don't worry about things you could have done to make sure your family doesn't suffer this.

We don't just want you for life we want your kids as well.

Enough meta and moral do I have any evidence of this?

If you're not familiar you need to look up a term known as epigenetics. A while back we figured out genetics is not the set at conception lasts for life deal that we once thought it was. We should have known better for a long time I can't pinpoint exactly when epigenetics was coined or came to be a study but the way viruses work should probably be about the time we could have realized that. What we found is events in life can cause genes to activate or deactivate and worse yet these may be hereditable changes. Which for a moment my same to support the claim you can't do anything about it but that's not what it actually points to. We never found a gay gene. the best I can see that was entirely political and is not how genetics work. Genetics might work that way for eye color but when it comes to complex personality traits Gene's can only influence the chance that they are expressed a single-gene making someone gay doesn't happen.

Yet last I checked there were a few genes that if active and expressed greatly increase the number of people who have them and are gay. Jay is neither good nor bad it's not something I'm trying to judge I'm just using it as an example.

The real tie in   here is factors such as excessive stress possibly caused by a parent with a personality disorder or just life events but all it takes is excessive stress and that's one of many mechanisms we found that can flip genes. 

Or in other words you can start to build a pretty clear case that undeserved punishment to abuse and trauma or even neglect from parent to child starts to increase the odds that a lot of things go wrong for the child but on top of that if there is a genetic influence to cluster B disorders it's likely capable of flipping those jeans on when they might have been inactive otherwise.

And it shouldn't be that hard to swallow because the old conventional wisdom is that there's a duality of nature and nurture that make a person this if anything fits within that construct and suggest predictions for the future based on nature and nurture how it will impact the next generation.

This discovery indicates it is very important how parents interact with their children. Yet the only thing I see media pushing is this misguided belief that parenting is equal to authoritarian punishment and control. Sometimes it doesn't under the guise of your children might be unsafe if you don't. Anything--but suggest to an abusive to neglectful to uninformed Aaron that they might be doing something that you're not just screw up their child but literally wipes them out of existence by the probability that a genetic line does not continue past their death.

Where she at many narcissists are known to to put it simply get off on control and conflict. This message me very much exacerbate those tendencies and I really think we've lost sight of the fact that no child on Earth today ever asked to be born.

Someone wants pointed out to me that Jesus did. Sure but what I'm talking about is potentially making your children die for your sins is that really where do you want to go with that? I suppose you could interpret some of the Christian Bible to suggest that parent is God but there's also that lying about not holding any God equal or above.

But I figured that make a nice transition to the fact that as the trend seems to be considered adults children for longer and longer under bunk Neuroscience talking about a stateless prefrontal cortex that apparently just poof at 25 now you have it... We are taking sentient creatures that didn't ask to be here usually have a desire to try and putting them in hell.

but speaking of the prefrontal cortex and at the same time suggesting why that theory is straight up retarded  (I don't have to be PC I'm on Android) (also if that's where you went please tell me exactly which learning or cognitive disability I am offending seems like a larg assumption on your part)that theory is straight-up retarded because brain scans of narcissists have been revealing that their prefrontal cortex has look more like a few people standing in an auditorium then the interconnected web of gray matter that they are supposed to be..

Gray matter in simple terms is thought to provide the conceptual abstraction & interlink between concepts and ideas. so as far as the prefrontal cortex or decision-making likely evaluation of outcome of decisions that part of the brain without gray matter I would suggest you get things like an inner monologue

I'm not supposed to stab someone 

They didn't say anything about putting this chemical in their drink

Where functional gray matter might links that back to how bad it is if say that chemical was a roofie to take control from someone of their physical body by knocking them out or if it was with intent to kill that might link the concept between poison killing bad

it's part of decision-making as well while all of this is but some people with grasp the abstract better than others. Everything I've read about good Neuroscience well-researched is try and error with a catch in between that's supposed to come from the adolescent years early teens late teens parents provide support if a teen makes the mistake but stop trying to make the decisions for them because in that trial success and or are is how you wire the decision-making aspects of the brain

We take 7 years from birth to ability to possibly fend for ourselves that's the longest of any animal and why that is is reason to be our big ass brain that come out relatively blank slates. 

There's some very basic functions wired one of them is monkey see monkey do. Even more basic is sample sensory data compared to memory while analyzing for association

Networking in computers as broken into layers Google the OSI model if you want more information.I believe we'll find something similar is going on in the brain if we don't know it already. The reason there's layers in a computer network is phone I'm typing this on is talking to a cell phone tower maybe a mile away from it. If I'm typing on my laptop I'm connected through an ethernet cable or a wireless networking link to a DSL modem and then?? But I want access to same content right? The layers allow systems that speak different languages to deliver the same experience or data that makes sense for how the system is used regardless of what the physical medium is traveling over is.

There's likely some differentiation and how audio and visual signals are processed in the brain. At the same time when you're reading this in your head are you doing it in a voice because you're looking at an image.

Microprocessors like Arduino are so basic that they're easier to compare were conceptualized as being similar to the basic function that a baby comes out with. When your programming knows there's a loop that is either called main or just Loop

Any commands you right in the code that goes in loop are just down the line repeatedly executed as fast as the number of cycles or megahertz or gigahertz of the processor running them

So the little creature you brought into the world has some basic coding telling it to sample or hey what are my eyes and my ears beating me for information. Sample analyze . Store compare. From that and intrinsic needs like hunger triggers pain we start to build everything. But it takes about seven years.

an example is the realization that the last time I made that noise somebody fed me. Now I'm not into pain state.

Kids rarely come out bad apples. The statistics for people born sociopathic or narcissistic it's solo you might as well in the absence of any ability or funding try to spend your life concern with what you're going to do when an asteroid hits the Earth. It's maladaptive to think that way. Or it's potentially dangerous because then once you justify or store the fact that you think your kid is just a bad apple if you start justifying being worse to them we start to paint a really shity picture.

At the time personality disorders became a thing it was also decided they shouldn't be diagnosed until age 18. that was also a time when most young teenagers were already working and go back 30 years a teenager might have been a full adult. The logic there was likely psychology realizing the duality of nature and nurture and saying we can't not do this without some line that would allow the person to demonstrate themselves as an individual first. Or what I'm getting at is up to that age or the age that they first start experiencing Freedom that person is Maurice some of the parents but that's not a good way to put it either.extreme behaviors weather caused by the parents are caused by pre-existing at birth brain damage are still likely limited by the caregivers up to that point also more flexible that's actually can of worms the more I think about it but in their wisdom this wasn't supposed to be something decided until adulthood. Most of what we thought we knew about when the brain stops changing has been discredited to disproven by the concept of neural plasticity so I'd still say between neuroplasticity and epigenetics the belief that corporate psychology and governments push that these problems are genetic people are criminals prison and counseling for life this is a slave society riding on bad information hurting people and creating a communicable disease autumn something that could largely be eradicated by education.

I can't claim a complete motive list if this is happening at all but it sure seems profit is behind it

If you got the part about control and conflict it's not hard to argue that these people that seek only The provident don't care about who is a harm we're looking at a reflection of their terror across generations and personalities of individuals it's like fusion bomb with a fission trigger of mental illness and the distribution apparatus is mass communications.

Facebook will never be more than a mirror of it. You can post about anything you want or at least that was more true until very recently. The concern with the bling keeping up with the Joneses that's not coming from the people posting that's them expressing what culture taught them to follow Facebook can exacerbate it and any individual can also buck that trend by posting about the research project they did in their spare time or what they invented even their flower garden or let's go with alpaca farm. Dirk.

How about esoteric proper nouns?$10if you can explain what context reading is in the comments and if you already possess $10.


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