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Wednesday, January 13, 2021


 I've seen possibly a growing trend to justify potential harm to put right murder based on normalcy

I think it's important to point out  normal to the myans was sacrificing Innocence

Any ethical use of the concept of normal is as an observation of adulterous behavior not as and enforcing future guiding it

I think this is also a way to play with social controls because normal is highly dependent on the specific subset of the region or the geographic area. In the South normal is different than in the North.

take Sweet tea for example.

Or go a bit further south + 900 people seem to find cyanide fruit punch pretty normal. If I understand correctly about 18. Bullets.

I don't bring this up just to the McCobb. In the clean-up operation within became aware of how traumatic that in and of itself could be and furthered our understanding of how trauma can negatively impact human existence and psychology


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