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Monday, January 18, 2021

Not an extreamist, might get extream


I can't even have my ham radio gear for non-criminal use for my personal use 4 sake of I achieved that accomplishment when I was 13 then have to work for the radio

My plight has nothing to do with anything going on in the capital but if I'm going to die I might blow something up especially if I'm going to die in poverty with my friend in the freezer because of the actions of Maple Grove Police

When we have police that will help a couple forced labor basically helped make off with a year of an officer's salary and leave a person with nothing in a town they have no one that's bad enough but when valve in cover that party stealing assaulting attempting murder physically and with poison that sort of behavior breeds contempt contempt breeds violence either against the officers against the parties they're protecting while they violate Federal and Minnesota criminal law in multiple ways to endanger someone's life. We cannot have any sense of equality when one party is allowed Free run of possible human actions and decides they're going to go along the lines of those that take a life and create terror if that party has police and government protection but the other parties words alone are a threat no one is equal

I think this country has problems about worth revolting over one thing that worries me is most of us don't realize how damaged we are. I've yet to see any side with a clear plan for what baven stand for at least not anyting improving on or even in line with the Constitution which is a great document but is showing its age

I can't say I condone this I don't even have the help concentration anything left to figure out if such a parties out there and I don't have anything to offer them either

Other than build a logic but I don't see that happening what I do find amusing is people getting pink slips from the FCC well they're planning revolts

it's almost like being able to keep something you work for being able to even use it being able to use something you made with your own hands to make other things prepare them I was making tools

Maple Grove Police acted in error and now act  myto risk life

This is why the police need the controls that I've spoke of in several places. I mean organizational controls. I have no doubt there are some we don't know about as civilians or average citizens. When there's not an external transparent system though it's not doing much of us much good. It's way more likely that someone abuses the fact that certain crimes bring money to the state the department like there's no real case for someone abusing the transparent system right now you can basically abused the police or abused the legal process to have it murder for you this is a problem because the people carrying it out will act to protect their own before during and after they kill you without a trial

People like that should fear for their lives

If we paid more attention to psych and raising healthy children instead of neglect and disciplinewe

 could have it so they wouldn't be people like that 

It's not a mystery what causes it

Instead we have the goddamn cancels which as much as I love them they are the victims of abuse

It's a hell of a lot easier to go out with a bang than it is to even stay sane under the conditions Maple Grove Police St cloud Police Paul and Marlene and Hennepin county late to the party 4th district having forced. They've done so without any concern for evidence any concern for my safety any concern for the ability to own anyting any concern for me to be able to keep the two beautiful friendly rabbits I had my friends  since 2007.

A creative Force labor day created slavery

now I just made up an invisible friend called Tanner I just asked him everyday if if I'm right am I right Tanner?

Was that shave with the cheap aluminum razor or shave the aluminum?

Yes a very hairy can.

Actually I'm pretty sure I could do it even without that. Especially cars cars are easy

Clearly I'm referring to canoodling in parking lots.

What the f*** is canoodling? I don't know ask the police.there was recently a news article about not f****** I mean canoodling in parking lots

I hear that officer Hanson can describe canoodling like a pro.

 Just ask him what he lets the cows do when no one's watching.

AYE son O my that would be a shot fired except I'm already bleeding out. And it was an excuse to try to introduce isonomy and re introduce the Sargent to allegedly.

Allegedly not one person can walk straight after being cannoded by a bovine .

Jurry is still out on if you can dial 911 for pork rib delivery service but..

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