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Sunday, January 10, 2021

Notficer Sargent Hansen

 I can't really be bothered to look it up again if it's en or on, stalen...

I was thinking over all the different times and ways he told me my parents don't owe me anything well $6,300 services were rendered and about 43 Grand of my stuff is being destroyed to this day

The whole reason we were having these conversations was I was told to come down

I do as I'm told in the interest of my things in the interest of my commitments to other people in the interest of my health

But the real question is what was Paul telling him what was Marlene telling him they work together to lie. I'm sure Maple Grove is figured this out by now I've brought it to their attention and that's when everything got worse just f****** nasty murderers with badges

Police can't protect and be peace officers if they don't right wrongs done to people and especially not when they will increase the level of harm as far as I can see potentially to avoid liability?

But what's really traumatic is the times are it was like I show up and all the sudden officer Hansen's they're asking what I'm doing here John

They don't owe you anything I give you enough

Well that's funny cuz does a father owe his son his word?

Do the police exist to help traumatized when pause word is come down all the sudden s***-face Rory's word is what are you doing here?

You get the aggressive really good dude like just start throwing some knees and you could probably get hired in Minneapolis. Or throw yourself off a bridge and do the world a favor. Corrupt SS agents is not something the world needs more of

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