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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


 Nothing on needs list met. Most of it is stuff they stolen and or problems created by forced labor and human trafficking conditions.

Other things as I've pointed out things I've earned with in the past and or I worked to afford and are somewhat crucial of not highly beneficial to adult life 

The entire summer of 2019 I wanted my bike back

Vit D. 

Exercise (mood lifter mind clearer general health ,coping mechanism )

Method to move faster than walking with out set mpg cost

Had mold car for much of that time so transport to allow mold car worked on while biking to get meals because my kitchen still consists of Clyde in the freezer. Not much else except a pot a neighbor gave me.

2 * in front of Maple Grove Police it was agreed it was my bike and should be given back never any follow-up I still don't have it

As 2nd winter rolled through and it started to get warm out again right before the ofp is were filed I felt worse than I ever had in my life and I mentioned to my dad I can barely make it up the stairs and you won't even give me my bike back it's starting to get warm again

His response and I've posted this text login several places

Why would you need your bike back if you can barely make it up the stairs

hey a****** why would you need to literally f****** kill your son because as you said you need control because he want control what the f*** is right with you?

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