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NPD Parents Tactics

 Note: in several places this cited article talks about knowing your rights.

In MN it's been repeatedly demonstrated police will allow fellony law violated and censor the contents of reports in favor of the parent.

I've seen it once before in a case other than mine as well. It's not easy to hang onto such memories day to day though.

If you have to argue that repeatedly being able to steal felony amounts and threaten the stolen property or that the inclusion of loved pets would not make it incredibly difficult to impossible to escape I don't think you possess ethics. Or a grip on reality

Adult children of narcissists go through a lifetime’s worth of abuse. Narcissistic parents lack empathy, exploit their children for their own agendas, and are unlikely to seek treatment or change their destructive behaviors long-term (Kacel, Ennis, & Pereira, 2017). Their children often endure severe psychological maltreatment, as their parents employ behaviors like bullying, terrorizing, coercive control, insults, demands, and threats to keep them compliant (Spinazzola et al., 2014). This form of trauma places children of narcissists at risk for suicidality, low self-esteem, depression, self-harm, substance abuse, attachment disorders, and complex PTSD, leading to symptoms similar to children who were physically or sexually abused (Gibson, 2016; Schwartz, 2016; Spinazzola et al., 2014, Walker, 2013).

If children of narcissists choose to remain in contact with their abusive parents, they will continue to encounter manipulation even as adults. The same tactics which were employed to control them as children can still be powerful even when they are adults – perhaps even moresobecause these methods cause them to regress back into childhood states of fear, shame, and terror.

8 years in Fargo North Dakota I never saw a car do this. Right before the lease starts in 2019 I turn on the car in a hotel parking lot and snow blows through the vent system. Paul has all but directly said he did it. When I went to check if there was a cabin filter I found that the defense that usually hold the glove box from falling all the way down were already undone.

A Fargo apartment. Worth noting they have helped move into none of my apartments.

Back in 2014 when their mold first made me sickmy nurse practitioner mother who knew I was allergic to penicillin started with the whole delusional I need to see a counselor. They will do anything they can to force their will. Mean while they destroy everything I worked for they make me feel like an object will outright telling me they own me this is fucking sick this is incest this is disgusting I want to kill myself every day. It's been demonstrated fishing steal felony amounts that I have learned since and the police would rather give me an emergency medical hold then allow it on a report this state is slavery. This state is police in forced incest slavery.

This is actually the message a few days after the ofp hearing that I could not attend where I walked outside and all the sudden I'm getting the text asking if I'm going to eat they live 45 minutes away.
They held my mnsure packet I'm unsure what they sent is they signed my name changed my insurance by the sounds of it didn't tell me when it was coming in the mail and this is well 3 months before it was supposed to arrive three months after I asked for it at least once a week sometimes once a day to be forwarded this is while Maple Grove Police are bothering me access free any ofp I still have nowhere to do any fucking organization. I don't know what to say it is true or made up but I do know if laws were equally enforced I would not be in this position.

Below is the apartment I had before this started in St cloud


This was one of the texts after snow blew through the car.

Month  earlier maybe two I managed to fry the transponder key. I had already been starved 30 days the year before stranded me at a gas station Paul insisted it must be the battery. Then six days before they filed the ofp charges mysteriously the car breaks down I have the report of the repair he's referring to the second line says metal shavings in engine needs an engine but he spent to have the battery replaced the alternator replace the key made for the dead car he was a mechanic for quite some time he tries to sabotage my ability to even care for cars make sure I have one key all of this is while sitting on enough money to it but either of those cars or both of them in my personal property worked
 for. While threatening even Bonnie's remains.

There's more than one way for the police to murder someone. Maple Grove Police In their mission statement want to be the leaders of the industry

At one point they reminded me it's not illegal to say you own someone. That maybe but if you read over what is happening to me then compared to human trafficking how likely do you think they are to pick up on that or to do anything about it?

it's also in their mission statement to enforce the laws something like equally I forget the exact language it's more of a public relations or propaganda statement by the looks of it


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