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Saturday, January 9, 2021

NPD with out law

 Parents with NPD often seek to sabotage their children into adulthood. They might seem like the concerned typeor caring but what they really get from it is the attention from the post which comes with anything except the adult child being independent.

I find it hard to believe that one would need to make this argument with anybody in a quart at any level. That argument being if theft was identity protection mail protection if none of that is enforced parent to adult child Independence becomes almost impossible if a parent is sick in that way.

The reason I say this is even on the ofp petition form which was originally devised 4 wives that need protection from their husbands, you can petition the court to order money from the accused.

So unless tangible assets or personal property is free and none of its needed for ideal or could contribute to adult function or lack thereof it would seem that being able to steal anything everything any amount as many times as you want while the police refuse to allow even a confession on a report...

but no let's just read them while we enable parents to enslave and destroy their children

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