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Objective diagnose criteria

 If modern psychology is to carry any respect and especially if it's to be able to have powers of government like the ability to detain people it should be required to go by the standards it appears or cast the image that it does

Instead for many diagnosis in mental health there are no objective criteria

But what there is plenty of in the medical world is bonuses from third parties other than the employer for prescribing certain medicines

What people would call this when matters like this were of concern in the past 

Would be a conflict of interest

Or in other words if the doctor in charge of when you leave can get money for drugging you and their organization gets money for holding you and additional night these things are not congruent with the interests of the person being held or Justice or even medical ethics for that matter

unless medical ethics went the route that schools teaching business ethics have

because that class was taught as ethical is whatever's good for the stakeholders

There is a real cruel irony of that coming full circle in real life

I've been hearing that some Walmarts have realized if they up what they pay their profits and up higher because their losses end up lower

Real question is do you really want medicine to get to that point?

Or anybody who can hold you against your will able to do so without objective explicit criteria for when they are able to do so?

or how about Dell sign off on it automatically after cop uses the threat of force if you don't submit an answer the ambulance

Isn't non-compliance already a charge?

so I can detain you a legally or you risk being detained for not complying with an illegal order no that's not why would you call that fascism why would you call that power tripping police?

Turn and face the vehicle hands on the vehicle

That's funny the vehicle seems a lot like metaphor for the demise of a free people

The pat-down search that focus on rubbing my pockets after the pat-down search that was something special

Like some would call it special ed

I think he goes by Rory but Sergeant is probably replacement for special

On Doctor who Rory became a Roman soldier once when history was rewritten but he was made of plastic. Back in the real world we figured out almost an analog to human muscle made out of something called electro plastic which kind of suits this Rory pretty well

Conditions have been so hellish I barely have a place to write something down and so traumatic it's taking me a long time to put together when Sergeant Hansen was involved but I'm relatively sure I had the officers not labeled sergeant close to laughing out loud while I was countering Hanson reading what my parents told them is if it was possible and verbatim. All I did was at any pause insert the word allegedly. I've never seen officers laugh at disrespect to another officer so I've got to believe that's not what was happening there or not the way they took it. 

bet would be the amusement was I was picking up on one of his personality quirks despite barely having interacted with him.

Had another encounter where Sergeant Hansen wasn't present one of the officers said I haven't had a chance to meet you yet and then let on like we were part of either a weekly monthly whatever the procedure is for active for likely to be recurrent cases. I'm extrapolating that that's probably how that works because it would make sense and because of some of the words she said.

Logic is usually my friend. As is trying to respect people and animals. It's allowed me to for the most part walk alone and unaccosted in Minneapolis and several foreign countries

Most people don't want to harm you you start adding personality disorders to The mix and or positions of power by police or even doctors in Minnesota and no negative consequences likely for most of their actions some with incentive to act negatively towards Those whom they have power over and you don't have to do anything to end up hurt

Objective criteria is part of logical arguments if the institutions and people we give power over other people aren't required to make them we have tyranny

Here's issues with the u of m partnership with Fairview and specific to their psych Ward

On April 17, 2015, the New York Timesreported that Charles Schulz, who had recently stepped down as Chair of the Department of Psychiatry, had enrolled two residents of a sex offender facility in a study of quetiapine (Seroquel) for Borderline Personality Disorder.[55] According to the director of the facility, however, neither resident had a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. One resident, a cook at the facility, had crushed up a large quantity of Seroquel and mixed it into the morning oatmeal. According to the Times, this episode “did not seem to ruffle the university oversight board that is charged with looking into such episodes.” A complaint was submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.

On May 6, the university released the results of an investigation into the treatment of Robert Huber. It found that Huber had not been coerced into the bifeprunox research study, despite being confined to a locked unit under a 72-hour emergency hold.[56][57]

In July, Ken Winters, a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry, retired after admitting that he had forged a federal research document. He told KMSP News that the university had allowed him to retire without sanctions.[58]

On February 10, 2016, a consultant hired by the University of Minnesota found over forty critical violations of research and safety policy in the Department of Psychiatry.[59] The consultant also reported being verbally abused and intimidated by faculty members, and said university administrators had instructed her not to put her critical findings in writing.[60][61]

In April 2016, Rep. Cindy Pugh, Rep. Connie Bernardy, and Rep. Abigail Whelan, members of the Minnesota House of Representative Higher Education Finance and Policy committee, introduced a bill that would have research studies in the Department of Psychiatry monitored by the Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities.[62] Brian Herman, Vice-President for Research at the University of Minnesota, testified against the bill on April 13, 2016.[63]The bill is currently still under consideration

When I finally met with the doctor we talked not more than 15 minutes. During that time I was asked to tell my story I have not a mark on me because I had spent three months at various hotels. That should have been part of the indication what I suffered from wasn't environmental irritant or environmental causal factors. I told him that the mold he was about to classify as delusional was so real I had the hired mold pros testimony on my Gmail on my cell phone. I probably said an email with but I made sure to highlight the fact that it was a professional in the relevant field. I really enjoyed site even though I've only taken one University course I have read extensively on my own. I already knew probably 10 years before this conversation and not for any reason other than I came across that reading but there's something called matchbox syndrome. ekboms is another name for it or today at sometimes goes by Ziploc syndrome. The original was infestations that the doctor didn't believe to exist or we're likely psychological manifestations without real problems well at one point there weren't readily available Ziploc bags so people would bring what they called samples or their specimens in the best container they had which at that time was often a matchbox

I'm telling you this off the top of my head but I also seem to recall the band matchbox 20 shows that as a name for that reason

What I had read more recently at the time of that conversation what's that both pest control and mold professionals are sometimes or in their training instructed to send things what they call up the chain of command which presents a real problem if they haven't done that and the doctor doesn't want to see their testimony but is willing to describe what they have found to be real and they're as a delusion

To the extent that we're ready to diagnose after saying patients aren't allowed phones on the ward but we kind of danced around what my layman ass would be him trying to paint me as borderline. 

Again top of my headI seem to recall one of the criteria for borderline is excessive risk-taking. I never saw the paper he had but through some of the things he referenced The logical deduction process of who have I said that too recently which was made easier by the fact that I hadn't really had any human contact besides to abusive parents whose house made me sick in at that time like 2 years. So the list of who have I said anything remotely like that too in my mind is a pretty short list and it wasn't hard to deduce because the logical options at that point well this guy can read f****** mines or she didn't I say something that could be construed that way to my dad last week? There's something deeper than anything else here it's the I'm reading your private conversations I'm going to pull stuff out of that piece wise but not even tell you that that's what I'm reading how f****** dumb do you need to assume your patient is before you possibly profit from drugging them huh?maybe that's not what you do maybe it is and you justify it elsewise I don't know but this is credibly against the idea of any self-awareness in anyone.

I had reference to my dad how I jumped out of a plane the first time with no one strapped to my back and no tandem. could you label that excessive risk-taking well I don't know he labels things that are there delusional. But the United States parachute association allows it with a 5-hour ground course ahead of time or at least at the time I did it at a certified drop zone which is their lingo for parachute the time I did it that was totally legitimate within the regulations by the regulatory agency. But if we don't have to play by any f****** rules except s*** unless we're getting rid of logic entirely being in that room with him where someone wants to drug you based on their opinion not any f****** explicit objective criteria that's probably the most f****** biggest risk-taking thing there is except maybe running away because the people with guns will bring you back

Do I drop the mic or can I f****** nuke it? 

Yo Boris i flushed something more ethical than you this morning

Paging Dr Блять

As for the staff on that Ward most of them were helpful friendly and kind actually I can't think of one that wasn't. it probably helped that I was incredibly calm and polite the closest thing to dissent you could say that I did was pointing out when I'm 15 feet away in a common area I probably shouldn't be hearing other patients names and chart information discussed by staff across the room. If I understand HIPAA law correctly that's not okay that's also why there's such a big gap in the waiting room when you volunteer lead go to places because them talking about your information where others can over here it is prohibited

I did this by judging the distance then setting my vocal level appropriate to getting the staff members attention without being excessive. I didn't communicate directly to them but I would ask whoever happened to be next to me have you heard that joke about HIPAA. I got like three blank stares in one devious grin. The one that gave me the devious grin also told me that just about everybody in that Ward if not everybody is on Seroquel. I would I would bet I'm probably on a very short list of people who have been in there and not been forced to take it

Here's the real surprise the script was for Seroquel gee that seems to come up a lot with that organization

I don't know if I picked it up from my mom or reading on my own but the study that's reference with the oatmeal I haven't looked into this but when you write a prescription as a doctor especially with psych meds there's what's known as label uses and off label uses. My guess would be there trying or were trying at the time to get it approved on label for treating borderline personality disorder. It's an antipsychotic sedative. Borderline doesn't generally respond well to medicines my own personal somewhat self-educated theory is you have to heal the emotional wounds and traumas that cause that but hey that isn't this cost-effective is how are your meds doing 15 minutes in and out the door for life. Sorry it's not as profit effective neither for the institution nor the physician who might be getting a kickback for writing the f****** script.


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